An Unexpected Change

Part 9.


I was on the ship bound for Slateport in the Hoenn Region when I saw them. Two Pikachus seemingly unconscious. A Tentacool and a Sentret were bent over them checking them to see if they were okay. Something clicked and I realized I needed to get there. I looked down from the boat and decided to get a life preserver first. I hurried around and found one. Jumping in the water I realized it was very cold and hard to swim against the water. I yelled to the Pikachus at the shore. I saw one of them move their heads toward me but that was it. I watched them as I was being carried away with the current. I decided to find another way around.

After the ship docked I got to land and got my bearings. I used Ash’s Pokedex that I carried with me a lot. After some searching I found I was in Slateport. I remembered which way to go and started to leave. When I got to the forest and slowed down a little trying to find the cliff. I did. I almost fell from it to. I found a way down and to the north I saw the Pikachus, Sentret, and Tentacool I had seen earlier. I raced toward them and found them okay. And boy was I in for the biggest shock in my life, literally and figuratively.

After I had been shocked by one of the Pikachus who I had surprised, I found out who they were.

“OW! Who do you think you are!” I yelled from the shock.

The Pikachu faltered and said, “Pikachu? Is that you?”

“Of course I’m a Pikachu! Can’t you recognize your own spiec-” I began to say and faltered. Then I said, “Ash? Is that really you?”

“Yeh, it is. How did you find us in Hoenn?” Ash asked back to me.

“That isn’t nearly as important as how you became a Pikachu and where Misty is,” I said to Ash.

“I can answer one of those questions,” the other Pikachu said getting up. “I’m Misty.”

“You’re BOTH Pikachus?” I questioned disbelieving.

“Yeh, long story,” Ash said.

After proper introduction was made we gathered in a council. Turns out that the Tentacool had saved them. They fell on his soft jelly head. His name was James. Ash and Misty told the Sentret, Senny, James, an me how they became Pikachus. Suddenly James had an idea.

“Wait! I think I know what can help you! I heard of a legend of a berry that restores, anyone, or anything to their proper form. It is suppose to be on an island called Mirage Island,” James said.

“Really? But you said it was a legend,” Ash said piping up them becoming disappointed.

“Worth a try though. Otherwise how could three Pikachus, a Sentret, and a Tentacool storm the Rocket Base, which we even don’t know where it is, for an antidote that may not exist,” Misty said thinking it over.

“Yeh and James here can swim us there!” Senny said trying to brighten the mood.

“No go. I can’t fight the currents. Either we need to fly over it or I need to evolve. And that won’t be for a while,” James answered.

“Need a lift?” they suddenly heard from the sky. They looked up and found a swarm of Swellows.

“How much?” Senny said looking up.

“Convenient,” Ash muttered to Misty.

“Lets see. We’d need three of us so that would come to nine hotdogs!” the same Swellow said.

“Hotdogs?” Ash asked confused.

“Yeh we love hotdogs!” Swellow said back to them.

“Okay,” Senny said. “Follow me!”

They got back to Slateport and between the five of them they managed to get the nine hotdogs. When they got back they boarded and prepared to leave.

“Where you guys going?” the leader of them, Hans, asked.

‘To Mirage island!” Tentacool piped up.

“Mirage Island? Ok! You can’t see it from the sea but from the air it is relatively easy,” Hans said and took off.

The flight there was pretty uneventful.


A.N. Mirage Island? Did I make this place up? NO! I heard about on The berry is made up though. See Ya guys later!


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