Chasing a Wish

Part 1. Pikachu and Human Too


A.N. Finally the long awaited sequel to An Unexpected Change. This story will feature changes, chasing and several wishes. Plus I will be incorporating some of the new Hoenn characters in. Well on with the story. I hope you enjoy it. Charmander and Pichu.


He woke up in a cold sweat, he kept having dreams of him being a human again, except something was wrong. Whenever he was about to find out what he woke up. It had been a week since Misty, Pikachu, his new Pokemon friends, and himself came back to Pallet. He and his friends had been searching manuscripts, legends, and geneticts about changing him back. No luck what so ever. He wanted o be human again. So did Misty.

“How are you doing Ash?” Misty asked peering down at him.

“Same ol’,” Ash answered looking at a book he had begun to search.

“Well I found something that may help!” Misty said excitedly holding open a book. “It shows a spell to change you back. I think we can get everything we need to.”

“Really?!” Ash said getting excited.

“Yep, first off we need a nail from a Swellow. We have that,” Misty said thinking about Hans, the Swellow they met when they were both Pikachus. “Then some berry juice from a Shuckle. Gary has one and it will be easy to get a berry. Then some water from a Staryu, and finally a hair of a Meowth. It’s just the last one that we have any problem with. Gary is already making the berry juice, and besides you and me, he’s the only who knows.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone else?” Ash asked confused.

“Because if this doesn’t work I don’t want everyone’s hopes dashed,” Misty said picking up Ash. “Now come on, lets find a Meowth.” {Three guesses to who? The first two don’t count}

Ash and Misty went outside and into the woods to find a Meowth, and after about two hours of searching they still hadn’t found any Meowths.

“We’re never going to find out a Meowth. Where’s Team Rocket when you need them?” Ash sitting down.

“Prepare for trouble!” they heard.

“Right on time,” Ash smiled.

“And make it double,”

“To protect the world from devastation,”

“To unite al the people within the nation,”

“To pronounce the evils of truth and love,”

“To extend our reach to the stars above,”

“Jessie,” a long red headed, female, teenager said stepping out from behind a tree.

“James,” a short haired blue haired, male, teenager said stepping from behind the same tree on another side.

“Team Rocket blast off like a speed of light,”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

“Meowth! That’s right!” A Meowth said falling from above the overhead branches.

“Wobefett!” A Wobefett said popping out of his Pokeball.

“We found you!” Misty yelled and ran up to Meowth.

“What do you me found us?” James asked confused. But before an answer was given a few of Meowth’s hairs were pulled and put into a vial.

“Hey! Why’d ya do that?” Meowth said showing his claws. But then Ash just said thanks and sent them flying off again.

“I am going to miss that,” Ash said watching them leave.

“Well don’t miss it to much, now come on the berry juice has to be ready now. We have to do this over a full moon,” Misty said consulting the book.

They left the woods and found Gary. Together they collected everything they needed. Including some clothes for Ash in case it actually worked.

When everything was ready and prepared they stood around a cooking pan with a fire going in the woods. Misty then began to say the strange words.

“Susdger, Ferthery, Whatadorhs, Matduter!” Misty said staring at the potion which was beginning to form. When it settled down it made a purplish looking liquid that smell, strange enough, pretty good.

“Drink up Ash,” Gary said getting some of it into a bottle, careful not to spill the stuff.

Ash took the bottle and walked behind a tree. After a few minutes they heard in a human voice, “I need some clothes here!”

Gary and Misty showed a look of triumph and Gary brought the clothes for Ash, which he dropped as soon as he saw them. After Ash got change Misty saw what had startled Gary. He still had Pikachu ears!

“What?” Ash asked looking around.

“Your head,” was all Misty could mumble.

Ash felt the top of his head and found the Pikachu ears. He then said, “Well that also kinda explains the tail.”

“Tail?” Misty and Gary asked together.

“Yeh I got a Pikachu tail here too,” Ash said lowering his eyes.

“It must have been the berry juice, I said we needed to wait till it was potent enough,” Gary said shaking his head.

“Well if I wear a hat no one may notice,” Ash suggested.

“How about we just leave and find a cure on our own?” Misty suggested getting over the shock.

“Leave?” Ash asked confused.

“Yeh. Just grab a few Pokemon, some supplies and we can go to find a cure. Staying here isn’t helping,” Misty pointing out the obvious.

“I agree, lets get what we need and meet back here in about thirty minutes,” Gary said getting up. “But where to go?”

“Hoenn,” Ash said thinking. “No one knows us there and their might be something there.”

“Agreed. Meet here in thirty minutes with supplies,” Misty said walking off with Ash following, his Pikachu ears twitching at the slightest sound.

After about thirty minutes Gary, Misty, and Ash were back by the woods.

“I only brought Pikachu and Bayleef,” Ash said. “The only reason I have Bayleef is cause she followed me.”

“I have Blastoise, and Umbreon,” Gary said holding up two Pokeballs.

“I have Politoad and Staryu. I left a note for Brock to take care of Togepi, I didn’t want her to get hurt,” Misty said stifling a tear.

‘That’s okay Misty. Now lets get to the port and get an early ticket,” Ash said comforting Misty.

“Are we going or not?” Gary asked shouldering his backpack.

“Yah. Well lets go!” Ash said fixing his new hat so his Pikachu ears didn’t show.

“Oh no,” Misty said looking at the book which they changed Ash with, “It says here that we have only two years till we have to permanently change Ash back or else he’ll be a Pikachu forever!”

A.N. The sequel to An Unexpected Change is Chasing a Wish. I decided to start things off with a bang and made Ash almost human. Only two years though. I will not have what will be going on in Pallet, just with Ash, Misty, and Gary. I hope you enjoy it. Charmander and Pichu

See yah next part! Also that some of the new Pokemon from An Unexpected Change will be showing up. But only two will travel with them. Sorry if I take a while on updating this, I do have some other fics to finish.