“Gary?! Ash?! Misty?!” Brock stumbled opening the door. Then he faltered and looked more closely at Ash and Misty.

“You guys look younger! And why are wearing a hat?” Brock ask confused.

“Let us in and we’ll explain,” Gary answered. Brock let them in and they sat on the couch were Misty’s sisters, Prof. Oak, Brock, and Lance all sat down on the ground before them.

“So what happened?” Lance asked breaking the silence that endured.

“Well we decided to go off on our own when Ash became mostly human…” Gary began and with frequent intervals from Ash and Misty the story was told.

“So after this you guys are going back to Nike and become your regular ages again?” Brock asked.

“You like look so like cute in those Pikachu ears Misty!” Daisy said wiggling Misty’s ears.

“Stop!” Misty said getting red.

“Well if you need any help son just ask,” Lance said to Ash. {Bet you forgot Lance was Ash’s dad? Didn’t you?}

“You must let me examine you!” Prof. Oak suddenly yelled. “This is the most strangest thing to happen in the Pokemon world since Mewtwo!”

“No,” Ash and Misty said bluntly.

“But-” Oak said.

“NO!” They yelled.

“Ok,” Oak said.

“Wait where is everyone going to sleep?” Ash asked.

“Well Brock, Lance, and Oak usually sleep over here, and Violet, Daisy, and me sleep in Oak’s house because it has more bedrooms,” Lily answered.

“Did you just say a whole sentence without like in it?” Misty asked surprised.

“Well yah. Brock can’t understand me when I keep saying like,” Lily answered.

“HOLD UP HERE! YOU AND BROCK?!” Misty yelled.


“That was completely unnecessary Ash,” Gary said rubbing his ear.

“Well yah. Brock and me hit it off and well we are going steady,” Lily said blushing.

“Where are going Ash?” Lance asked seeing his son get up and look out the door.

“Just making sure that this is our house,” Ash said getting back.

“Maybe I should start lunch,” Brock said and went to the kitchen and began to cook.

“I’m goin help him,” Lily said also getting up.

“So what’s been happening around here?” Gary asked.

“Not much. Some people returning to their homes but most people don’t come out except to get food and other supplies. If Team Rocket still exists then it is keeping low,” Oak answered sitting down on a chair.

“But you do have ketchup right?!” Pikachu yelled shaking Oak’s leg with his paws.

“What did he say?” Oak asked.

“He wanted to make sure we had ketchup,” Ash answered.

“Yes we do,” Oak said and Pikachu hurried to the kitchen.

“What’s like in your like hand?” Daisy asked Ash who was holding the bag that contained the Wish.

“Remember the Wish we were talking about?” Ash asked.

“Like yeh,” Daisy answered.

“This is it,” Ash said raising it in the air.

{After dinner}

“Goodnight!” Everyone yelled and went to their respective beds.

“Goodnight Mist,” Ash said getting in on his side of the bed.

“Goodnight Ash,” Misty answered settling down on her side.

It was a peaceful sleep where they dreamed of good things to be.

“Pancakes are ready!” Brock yelled from downstairs waking Misty and Ash.

They got up and went downstairs to eat. Afterward, Ash, Misty, Gary, Pikachu, and Togepi who Misty didn’t want to leave left to go back to Hoenn where their future looked bright.