A.N. I didn’t put an author’s note on the last part so I’ll have two on this one! Well Ash. Misty, Gary, Pikachu, and Togepi are headed back to Pallet Port to sail once more back to Hoenn to deliver the Wish to Nike. We now pop in on them.

“Come on! The next boat leaves in twenty minutes!” Ash yelled and hurried a little ahead trying to make to the port.

“And at this rate we’ll make it there in five minutes,” Gary told Ash.

“Come here and talk to me Ash,” Misty said bringing Ash back to the group.

Suddenly a huge thing seemed to erupt from the sky. It looked like a long green dragon. It was so big that our group could ride it and that would barely like a fly to us. It bellowed from sheer anguish as two other Pokemon followed it. Ash, and Gary pulled out their Pokedexs.

One of the Pokemon pursing the green dragon was also a dragon, but much smaller. It had purple wings, a mainly blue body and sorta looked like an overgrown lizard. It was called Salamence and that nothing was known on the Pokemon except it’s name.

The other pursuer was called Metagross. It had four blue mechanical looking arms coming from it’s body. The body looked a bit like a bowl flipped upside down and the same color as the legs. It had a large white ‘X’ over it’s mouth that didn’t cover it’s red eyes. Nothing except the name was also known on the Pokemon.

And finally the large green dragon was called Rayquaza, and you guessed it. The Pokedex had no information on that Pokemon either.

“What’s happening?!” Everyone yelled when the wind suddenly whipped up with the three powerful Pokemon flew by.

“Quickly grab my hand!” everyone heard from behind them. Turning around they saw who was there.

“Nike!” Ash and Misty yelled running up to her with Togepi in Misty’s arms and Pikachu right behind.

“Hold my hand!” Nike yelled through the strong wind which came from the three rare and powerful Pokemon.

“Wait for me!” Gary yelled and grabbed Ash’s shoulder when the disappeared, teleported to a much safer spot.

They were back in Nike’s office, where Ash and Misty learned of the Wishes. There seemed to be quite a lot of people in “waiting room” because everyone heard voices.

“Who’s in there?” Ash asked chucking his thumb over his shoulder at the cloth which separated the two rooms.

“The other gods and goddesses,” Nike answered summoning a couch for our heroes to sit on. They did.

“Now Ash and Misty. You have a decision to make. One. You can go with our previous bargain with the Wish, or two,” Nike said faltering, “Give it to us so we can stop those three Pokemon from earlier. You will still be kids, Ash won’t change into a Pikachu, and you’ll begin to grow again, just not back at your normal ages.”

“What?!” Ash and Misty yelled in surprise.

“Listen I could barely get in that. Some of them out there say just to take it and not care about these mortals. I’d like you to chose the second opinion. And there is another set back on that though,” Nike added looking back at the corner.

“Which is?” Misty asked.

“You need to bring the Wish to a sacred temple. We’d do it but no immortals can get in unless they lose their immortality. Technically you guys have immortality but once you step in the temple you won’t. Once you get the Wish where it needs to be you’ll began to age again, Ash won’t become a Pikachu and the three Pokemon will stop fighting,” Nike told them with a sense of rush.

“We’ll do it,” Ash and Misty said together without a moments thought.

“Good, now stay here while I go tell the others out there,” Nike said and left through the gateway. She came back and she gave Ash and Misty both small purple circles with blue buttons.

“What’s this for?” Ash asked staring at this device.

“It’s a map to tell you where to go and a communicator to me and your other. In case you get lost,” Nike said adding the last like an afterthought.

“Right, so is it just Ash and me?” Misty asked.

“Right. Only you two, none of your Pokemon or your friends,” Nike said nodding her head.

“How long do you think this will take?” Ash asked.

“A day or two. We can hopefully keep the Pokemon from doing do much damage for that long without breaking the code. But any longer then that…” Nike said trailing off leaving our heroes to figure out the rest.

“I wish you good luck!” Nike then added cheerfully. Transporting Ash and Misty to the entrance of the temple.

A.N. I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I usually update sooner. I’ve been really busy this week with after school stuff. I probably won’t update until next Tuesday or Wednesday next week. After that I’ll be back to try and finish some these fics and post some more. I already have two started. Both Other Trainers stories. One of them will feature Lewis, the other four new trainers. Jill: the daughter of Ash and Misty. Jack: A fire Pokemon trainer from Cinnabar. Bill: a good friend who has mysterious beginnings. And Liz: a new trainer from Hoenn. It will feature them in the Pokemon Trainers school in Viridian and their times there. The reason for a school is told later.