“Are you sure about this Misty?” Ash asked looking into her eyes.

“Positive,” Misty answered.

“You first!” Ash yelled and pushed her into a lake that they had found in the woods.

“No one seems to be around so you can go swimming too. And take of your hat!” Gary yelled to Ash.

He rerungetly tossed his hat to his stuff revealing his Pikachu ears. He took a deep breath and jumped into the water.

“Was it that bad?” Misty asked splashing him.

“My ears are all wet and droopy now!” Ash pouted and tried to ring his Pikachu ears.

“Don’t be such a baby!” Gary said diving down under the surface and racing back up to splash Ash.

“Why you little!” Ash said and swam after him his Pikachu tail above the surface like a shark’s fin.

“Gotcha!” Ash yelled and tackled Gary into the water.

“No fair! You can steer better with the tail!” Gary yelled now floating lazily in the water.

“Then I’ll get him!” Misty yelled getting Ash from behind.

“Ack! It’s the dreaded Mistysaurus!” Ash said pretending to die and float on the water giving an act.

“Oh yeah? Well at least the Mistysaurus isn’t Denseasaurus like some of us!” Misty countered staring evilly at Ash.

“Don’t insult Gary like that!” Ash said a smile across his face from that comeback.

“No I am Supremesaurus!” Gary yelled beating his chest like a gorilla splashing around.

At this Ash and Misty just laughed and Gary was laughing too.

“Humans. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them,” Pikachu muttered, in his language, while napping by the shore.

“I disagree. We humans can be very helpful. After all we did invent ketchup,” Ash said to Pikachu.

“True,” Pikachu replied thinking it over.

“I need to learn Pikachu, otherwise he could be telling all sorts of secrets I wouldn’t know,” Gary said motioning toward Pikachu.

“Don’t worry Pikachu still hasn’t figured out the combination to your journal yet,” Misty said making a joke.

“Thankfully I have a key lock,” Gary said laughing.

“Time to make up camp,” Ash said observing the sky which was now becoming threatening.

They all got out and dried. Ash and Gary went over to one side of the woods while Misty went to the other to change. They returned and set up camp. They each had one small tent with the exception of Ash which had Pikachu and of course his tail to accommodate. They made a fire and Gary fried up some hotdogs which they ate. Pikachu had what was actually a hotdog with lots of ketchup but looked like a blob of ketchup which Pikachu chewed thoughtfully.

“That’s way to much ketchup Pikachu,” Ash said staring at his friend’s hotdog.

“Never such thing as too much ketchup,” Pikachu answered eating the hotdog.

“Whatever he said I bet it wasn’t unexpected,” Gary said finishing his hotdog.

“You’re right there,” Misty said getting up and heading toward her tent.

BOOM! Suddenly it started to rain and they all ran for their tents. They talked to each other on walkie talkies that they bought early on for just so an occasion.

When they got up the next morning they noticed another campsite not to far from them. They got closer and saw to people, one girl, and one boy. The girl had brown hair that was in two locks {I guess that’s what you call them} and a bandanna over her head. She had red shirt and a short skirt over some pants that didn’t quite make it to her ankles. The boy was much smaller and had slightly green hair, and a green shirt on. Plus a darker green shorts on. They seemed to be arguing.

“We are lost! Why did you tell us to go this way Max?” the girl complained to the boy.

“I told you that the PokeNav wasn’t working and you wanted to go this way!” Max said to the girl and turned around to find Ash, Misty, and Gary.

“Er hi?” Ash said waving.

“Ma-May!” Max said turning around and heading toward his sister.

“What? Can’t you see that I am trying to make breakfast?” May answered annoyed.

“We aren’t alone,” Max said turning her around.

“Hi?” Misty, Ash, and Gary said.

“Er, hi?” May answered back.

“What are you three doing here?” Max asked suspicious.

“We could ask you the same thing!” Gary said crossing his arms.

“I asked first!” Max countered.

“We are Pokemon Trainers and came to Hoenn to train and capture new Pokemon!” Misty said covering.

“Oh! Well my sister here is a Pokemon Trainer too believe it or not,” Max said motioning to his sister.

“Actually I train my Pokemon to win at contests,” May answered holding up one of her Pokeballs.

“Whatever,” Max answered bringing his gaze back to our heroes.

“Where are you headed?” Gary asked them.

“Fallabor Town. And you?” May answered getting up and joining them.

“Same,” Ash answered scratching his head. His ears were getting ichy.

“Where are you guys?” Pikachu yelled coming across them. “Oh their you are!”

“A Pikachu! So cute!” May squealed and ran up to hug Pikachu who got shocked.

“Pikachu doesn’t like strangers,” Ash told her laughing.

“You don’t say?” May said on the ground, now extra crispy.

“As long as we are heading the same way do you want to come with us? May isn’t much of a trainer and I don’t have any Pokemon,” Max asked.

“I don’t see the harm,” Gary said looking to Ash and Misty.

“I guess so,” Ash consented, his scratch now reaching its peak.

“We better get going if we want to make it to the next town in time,” Ash said looking up at the sky, which was a little clearer then yesterday.

“Right,” Misty said heading back to camp to get her stuff.

They all got packed and started heading to the nearest town. What would happen next and would these new strangers ever learn of the secret our heroes are keeping?

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