“Ah Verandiff Town! What a nice place!” Ash said sniffing the air.

“We just got here Ash,” Misty said looking at Ash.

“Let’s find the Pokemon Center. I’m bushed,” May complained taking the rear.

“I’m hungry!” Max said.

“When we find the Pokemon Center we can eat there too!” Gary said. “Amateurs,” he thought.

“Gary’s right. I think I see one!” Ash said pointing and running off.

“Ash!” Misty yelled after him.

“They like each other right?” Max asked Gary

“I think you broke the record for the quickest person to realize that,” Gary said smiling down at Max. “This kid ain’t half bad. It’s that girl that needs an attitude adjustment!” Gary thought.

“Better catch up to them,” May said starting after them.

“Wait up!” Max yelled following.

“Sigh, I can’t wait to get this over with and get back home,” Gary said quietly and ran after them.

At the Pokemon Center all the rooms were taken. Even the couches were being used!

“Now where are we going to sleep!” May said irritably.

“A hotel?” Ash asked.

“Do we have enough money?” Misty asked.

“Yeh! You guys may not have realized it but I got plenty of money! I brought enough that we could be in a hotel for a month and still afford to eat!” Gary said.

“Can we find a hotel that lets me stay outside of its Pokeball?” Pikachu asked.

“Hey! I understood that a little. I got ‘can, that, outside, and Pokeball!” Gary yelled excitedly.

“Ok Pikachu. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” Ash said smiling at his furry friend.

They found a hotel which was pretty cheap but still nice. They each got their own room except for Ash which had Pikachu with him.

“I heard their was a pool! Gary, Misty, May, and Max are going! Can we go?” Pikachu asked Ash pleadingly.

“Ok. But if they ask, say I can’t swim,” Ash said consenting.

Pikachu nodded then wondered if Gary could only understand him a little and Misty was the only one besides himself, Gary, and Ash who knew why did he say this?

“Humans,” Pikachu muttered and followed Ash to he pool.

“Are you getting in Ash?” Max asked.

“Eeeerrr, no. I can’t swim,” Ash said.

“Well take off that stupid cap!” May yelled from the pool.

“No! I like this hat,” Ash muttered and pulled it on tighter.

At this Max got an idea. He grabbed for Ash’s hat and almost had it when Ash’s hand stopped him.

“No,” Ash said looking right into Max’s eyes.

Max sighed and began to walk away when he got another idea. He jumped in the water and getting ready he splashed Ash with all his might. After this was over they where glad no one else was there.

“AAAAHHHHH!” May screamed seeing Ash’s Pikachu ears.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Max agreed.

Ash quickly rescued his cap and put it on. That did little to quiet them. At seeing this wasn’t working Misty grabbed May and put her hand over her mouth and Gary grabbed Max and put his hand over his mouth.

“Good. Now if you be quiet and come with us to the hotel rooms we can explain,” Gary hissed through his teeth and they walked to the hotel rooms in quiet. Pikachu right behind them.

“I say that I just shock them until they don’t remember and move on!” Pikachu said angrily.

“No Pikachu,” Ash sighed and he and Misty told them what happened.

“No way!” May said after it was done.

“You have a tail too! Can I see it?” Max asked who believed every word.

“Well he believes us,” Ash said motioning to Max.

“I think you guys are crazy! Come on Max. Let’s leave,” May said grabbing Max and walking to the door. She was stopped by Gary.

“What do you want? How else can we convince you?” Misty asked.

“The ears may be fake!” May said.

Ash sighed and took off his hat. “Here. Pull,” He said motioning to his Pikachu ears.

May approached cautiously and after some shouts of pain and Misty ready to hit May with her mallet she was convinced they were real.

“Well then. How can we help?” May asked.

A.N. So they know. My original idea May was going to be bothering Ash and pull off his hat running. But I changed it to Max splashing it off. I hope you people enjoy. And REVIEW!!!!!!!

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