We again find our heroes in the forest. But now May and Max know what Ash has. But even in the dense forest they are in Ash needs to be discreet because they never know who will jump in.

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all people within our nation!”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To increase our reach to the stars above!”

“Jesse!” a long red headed young adult {?}said.

“James!” a blue haired young adult {again ?} said.

“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

“Meowth that’s right!” A Meowth said jumping in from of the humans.

“Wobafet!” a Wobefet said popping out of his Pokeball.

“Who are these guys?” Max asked.

“Nobodies. Come on, let’s go,” Misty answered still walking with Ash right beside her.

“How dare you call us nobodies!” Jesse yelled bringing out a Pokeball.

“Yeh! The only one who can us nobodies is our boss!” James yelled.

“That’s what they say but nobody can call me nobody!” Meowth said laughing at his two human companions.

“Arbok! Use Poison Sting!” Jesse yelled throwing her Pokeball.

“Char bok!” the Arbok yelled and fired poison stings at the everyone.

“Danny! Use Mirror Coat!” Ash yelled bringing out Wynaut. {Forgot about him didn’t you?}

Danny came out from his Pokeball and used Mirror Coat which made the Poison Stings bounce off him and hit Arbok.

“Weezing use Sludge!” James yelled with Weezing appearing and about to sludge Danny.

“Water Gun Blastiose!” Gary yelled throwing his Pokemon into the brawl.

Blastiose complied and sent Team Rocket flying!

“That was pathetic,” May said seeing them blast off and giving the all to familiaer phrase, ‘We’re blasting off again!’

“Yeh. Sometimes they can be a pain though,” Ash said recalling Danny after congratulating him.

“Are we going to stand here or are we going to get going some more? We can probably get a few more miles before we have to make camp,” Gary asked.

“Yeh we should,” Ash said walking forward. Suddenly he slipped and fell down something. No not a hole Team Rocket dug but more of a slide. The first one after him was Misty then Pikachu. That left Gary, May, and Max wondering what to do.

“Shouldn’t we follow them?” May asked peering down the hole.

“Not if I know them as well as I do. They should be fine,” Gary said breaking out his camping equipment.

“So you’re saying just wait here for them to come back?” Max asked.

“Precisely,” Gary answered and pitched his tent.

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