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“Ash?” a red headed, blue eyed girl said getting up holding a small egg shaped Pokemon in her arms.

“Yes Misty?” Ash said getting up with a Pikachu on his shoulder.

“Where are we?” Misty asked.

They looked around them they found their selves in a woods. They had been in a city before hand though.

<Who’s there?> Ash and Misty heard in their heads.

“What? Who said that?” Ash and Misty said in unison.

After that they heard nothing and a young teenager came out. He was some what short and had hair a little above his shoulders.

“Who are you? Where are we?” Ash said staring at the stranger.

“Yeh. We know that Hork Bajirr are around here somewhere and an Andalite is a hard thing to avoid.

“Hork what? Andal what?” Misty said confused.

“Pika!” Pikachu said turning around and giving a mild shock near some trees. A strange creature came out.

The creature had four legs much like a horses and a horse’s body. He had the upper part of a human with two hands and two arms. The hands had an unusual amount of fingers though. His head had two large ears on the sides of it’s head. It had large almond eyes and two stalks on his head that were constantly moving. But it was the tail that you first saw. It seemed to be an ordinary tail until you got to the end. There it had a blade that was shaped like a sickle. You got the impression that if you aggravated it you would have your head rolling on the ground without even knowing it happened.

“AAAHHHHH!” Ash and Misty screamed at the Andalite. They collapsed and almost fainted.

“I don’t think they’re Yeerks,” the boy said looking at them.

Pikachu was sparking at his cheeks in vain to protect his friends. Togepi was still in Misty’s arm huddled into an egg.

“Yah! Don’t hurt them!” a new voice said flying into view.

He was an two tailed fox that stood upright at about three foot. He held up his fist ready to defend off the Andalite.

“What the? Another thing?” the boy said.

“I’m no thing! I’m Tails!” the two tailed fox said staring evily at the boy.

“Don’t forget about me!” a pink hedgehog said standing about 3 foot also and on two legs. She had a red dress on also.

“I’m Amy!” she declared.

“And I’m Marco,” the boy said. “Ax! Maybe you should morph to human form.”

<Are you sure?> the Andalite asked.

“Yeh,” Marco said. “I don’t think these are Yeerks.”

Then Ax began to morph. His tail was first to go as the spinal cord got smaller and his tail went limp. It was sucked into his body with an sickening sucking sound. His stalk eyes began also to suck into his skull as his front legs began to shrivel and get smaller till they were nothing. He was about to fall till Marco got him and held him up. He continued this change until he was a human. He was eerily cute in a strange sort of way.

“I just have this to say,” Ash said getting up, “Ewww!”

“I have to agree with Ash here,” Misty said a look of disgust on her face.

“Us too!” Tails and Amy said.

“Trunks! Stop doing that!” a new voice said falling into the ground near Ash.

“What?” a another boy said stepping out.

“You’re getting worse Ax,” Marco said looking at his morphed friend.

“Noooo! They just arrived! Aarrr! That is a fun sound to make with my mouth, arrrrrr,” Ax said playing with sounds.

“Yeh, I just love making the aaarrrr sound,” one of the young boys said rolling his eyes. He had purple hair and stood at about four foot. He had a loose green blue shirt on and some pants of the same color with a red cloth belt tied around his waist like a belt.

“Shut up Trunks!” the other young boy said to his companion. He had black hair that stood up everywhere but had a definite shape. He had orange shirt and pants on with a blue cloth going around his waist like a belt.

“Well I see everyone is here now!” a voice said from everywhere.

“Ellimist! Where is everyone else?” Marco yelled.

“Well you see it is a little hard to explain. First off. Well I’ll just show you,” the Ellimist said. And he did.

He should them the lines of everyone, the dimensions of space and time, and the reason they were here. And who else was here.

“Well why are we here? Misty, Pikachu, Togepi and I have no enemies here!” Ash asked when they returned to their plane of existence.

“I can not answer that but you must help them to return to your world,” the Ellimist said. “I bid you good luck!”

“That was helpful,” Marco said sarcastically. Just us against the Yeerk Army, an evil wizard, and a scientist who can change people into robots and rid them of their free will!”

“First we need to get them in a safe place,” Ax said staring at them.

“We can bring them the free Hork Bajirr valley,” Marco suggested.

“Maybeeee. But why can’t one of them stay with you and someone can use my scoop for too. Toooooo t, toooo!” Ax said finding a new word to play with.

“Why don’t we just put them in the abandoned house right by the woods?” Marco said. “It was Cassie’s house and it is empty. It looked like it used to except they are gone.”

“Sounds logical,” Ax said.

“Follow us! And keep out of sight!” Marco said heading the way that way behind him.

“So where are you from?” Ash asked Tails as they were walking.

“Mobius. And you?” Tails asked.

“Kanto,” Ash answered.

“Are we just going to walk here or are we going to get to a house! I want a shower!” Misty said producing her mallet of doom which got Amy’s attention.

“You use a mallet?!” Amy said running up to Misty.

“Yeh. Do you have something?” Misty asked.

“I use this!” Amy said producing a sledgehammer.

“Cool,” Misty said whistling.

A.N. Part 2! I hope everyone likes this. Well next part will have more excitement since the introductions over!