“Alright one more time,” Ash said. They had tried the Fusion Dance three times already. Gotenks seemed to be on even footing with Garlic Jr. but sooner or later one of them would give.

“Fuuuuu!” Ash and Misty said taking a couple steps closer to each other side by side. Thy also brought their arms around over there head.

“Siiioooon!” They said suddenly snapping their arms back and bringing there knee into the air pointing it at each other.

“Haaaaa!” they finally yelled and brought their fingers together. Suddenly a bright flash of light happened. After the light was over Pikachu was amazed by what he saw.

The Fusion of ash and Misty stood about five foot eight and had red hair like that of Ash’s. The Fusion was a boy and wearing a black shirt and jeans.

“Hey Pikachu. My name’s is Mish,” the fusion said and flew upward toward’s Garlic Jr.

Pikachu was to stunned to answer.

Mish flew upward and pounded Garlic Jr. down into the floor of the Look Out.

“You got the Fusion technique down?” Gotenks asked amazed.

“You might call it luck,” Mish answered and aimed a blast of energy at Garlic Jr. who was flying upwards to them. Mish hit him a couple times but he just kept coming. Garlic Jr. almost got Mish when he just moved to the side dodging his blows.

Suddenly Garlic Jr. fired a blast of energy at Mish which sent him flying downwards. He slammed into the floor of the Look Out and didn’t move.

“(Ash! Misty)!” Pikachu yelled running up to Mish. Pikachu checked. He was still breathing but hurt.

“Get him boys!” Gotenks yelled. About ten small white things that looked like him except with no feet but a wisp thing like the end of Geniis.

They flew towards Garlic Jr. and as soon as they made contact with him they exploded and when the dust cleared Garlic Jr. fell from the sky and slammed into the ground of the Look Out.

“He wasn’t that tough,” Gotenks said as he flew back down and changed back to normal.

“(He’s not dead. He can’t die remember)?” Pikachu said pointing it out.

“Forgot about that. Pikachu watched him for just a minute. I’m going to go get some Sensu Beans,” Gotenks said and jumped off the Look Out. He returned with a bag of green looking beans. Piakchu ate one, it has hard, and he felt much better.

Gotenks put one in Mish’s mouth and Mish crunched it up and ate it. He opened his eyes and felt instantly better.

They put two more in Tails and Amy’s mouth and they were healed. They still had six left.

“What are we going to do with him?” Tails asked eyeing the still form of Garlic Jr.

“Get the Time Matrix and bring him back to the Dead Zone. Then get us back to our worlds,” Mish answered.

“(Mommy! Daddy)!” Togepi suddenly yelled and ran up to Mish.

“Uhhh, hi Togepi,” Mish said patting her on the head.

“Where is the Time Matrix?” Tails asked.

“Right here,” Dende said. He was standing right next to it.

“Garlic. Jr. brought it here with him?” Amy asked.

“Apparently so,” Mr. Popo said walking up.

“Well let’s go,” Mish said and walked towards the Time Matrix.


A.N. Okay. Either I lied and won’t have seven parts for this or I will extend it somehow. Learn next time! Disclaimer see part one.