“Get to that shed and get ready to morph!” Marco said and they walked over. First Pikachu, Tails, Amy and Ax demorphed first because they were fighting ready just demorphing. Then Ash, Misty, and Marco morphed.

“I wish we had more time to train,” Marco said as his facial features melted into that of a gorilla.

Ash just nodded as the stripes erupted from his body and he fell forward on his hands.

Misty gave a look of ‘All right let’s do this!’

<Let’s do this!> Misty yelled to everyone and with Gotenks here with just only minutes to spare in fusion jumped out.

<Thank you for saying that Misty. The mission was almost jinxed!> Marco said.

<She seems to show a remarkable amount of characteristics similar to Rachel> Ax said privately to Marco.

“KAMEEEEE! HAMEEEEEEE! HAMEHA!” Gotenks yelled and fired a big blue beam into the center of advancing Hork Bajir. {Sorry if it is spelled wrong!}

Ash gave a loud roar and descended upon a Taxxon ripping it’s flesh. Then other Taxxon came forth and devoured their brother like the cannibals they were.

<Even though I was warned of that, that is still disgusting!> Ash said bouncing on a Hork Bajir who came up to him wielding his blades. Ash dodged the long neck that thrust itself at him and bit down unto the neck killing the Hork Bajir.

<FEEL MY WRATH!> Misty yelled and tackled a large group.

<Look out Pikachu!> Ax yelled to the furry rodent who turned around and slammed himself into a Taxxon.

“Pika!” (Thanks) Pikachu yelled back and shocked an approaching Taxxon.

Ax jumped and weaved and slice his way to the cages where so many innocent people were being kept.

Marco followed pounding his fist into anyone who stood in his way. That’s when things got bad.

<So you think you can stop me? I am Visser Three! Wielder of the Time Matrix!> a cold and evil voice projected upon everyone.

<Is that Visser Three?> Ash asked. The battle had stopped.

“Give us the Time Matrix you sludge!” Tails yelled up at to where he thought the voice was.

<Why should I when I have friends who can easily wipe you out? Now Andalite Bandits! Prepare for your death!> Visser Three yelled and the ShadowBots came out. They locked onto to Gotenks. Firing, they would have gotten him if he didn’t defuse at exactly the same moment so the laser went in between them.

“Uh oh!” Goten said seeing that they had defused.

“Take that!” Amy yelled bringing her sledgehammer in an overhead arc slamming down onto the ShadowBots head. It crumbled in a heap and the battle continued on.

“I think it’s time to go Super Sayian Goten,” Trunks said smashing some robots up.

“Right. Let’s show what we can do!” Goten agreed and began to power up.

“HHHAAAAAA!” They both yelled and their went sticking up and was yellow now. The aura around them glowed a yellow color and they blew up a couple ShadowBots.

<That was cool!> Ash yelled ripping apart a robot as well making it smash into another.

<Just get out of my way!> Misty yelled and barreled through a large group of bots. No one had noticed that Visser Three’s troops had stood down.

<It’s still hectic to get to these cages! Ax man get me some help!> Marco yelled using his gorilla strength to rip the head of a robot.

<Coming Marco!> Ax yelled back and sliced his way through. Pikachu was on the back of one and finding out that shocking it in different places could make it do something. He was using it to fire on the other ShadowBots.

“We’re going to win!” Trunks yelled.

“That is only if you think you can defeat me,” a new voice said above everyone right then. The ShadowBots froze in their tracks and the heroes paused to look above them. With the exception of Ax whose stalk eyes stayed constantly watching his surroundings. This new voice was cold and hard. Not robotic, but it lacked emotion. No, it had emotion. That was pure evil. And it wasn’t Visser Three.

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