Never Get Between An Angry Child and Her Mother


“Who are you?” Amy called to the sky, where the new evil voice was.

“I am your worst nightmare. But before I introduce myself you in morphs should introduce yourselves,” the evil voice said. Suddenly Marco, Ash, and Misty started to demorph and they became human again.

<They were all humans! Except for that one> Visser Three said.

“Surprise, surprise,” Marco said being surrounded by Hork Bajir and ShadowBots.

“Pikachu!” (Stay away!) Pikachu yelled coming up to Ash and Misty were back and back from advancing baddies.

“Stop!” the evil voice roared and the baddies stopped in their tracks.

“Can we robotizize them?” a new voice asked. Tails and Amy let out a low growl. The baddies herded everyone of them into a circle. Pikachu was sparking and Ax was ready to use his tail. Tails had his fist out if need be punch his way out. Amy’s sledgehammer was on ready and Misty even had her mallet which would do little against blade or metal. Ash, having no other weapons, also had his fists ready like Tails, even though it was hopeless. Marco just stood their looking in the crowd of advancing baddies, hoping he would see someone to help.

<This is my dimension! I say we put Yeerks in their heads!> Visser Three chuckled evilly. He would be promoted to the Council of Thirteen if got these many valuable hosts for the Yeerk Empire.

“None of them seem evil enough for me. Maybe they have a dark secret. I could use that to control them,” another voice said.

Meanwhile back at Erek’s house. {Big change isn’t it? Something is about to happen of course unless I keep rambling on and on and on and on and {two pages later} and on. Wow, a note in a note!}

{No Pokemon translators for now on!}

“Mommy is in trouble!” Togepi suddenly yelled awaking the puppies it was with and waddled a few steps.

“Now lets see. Mommy is there so I just wave my fingers and think teleport really hard I should get to Mommy,” Togepi said and began to wave her fingers.

“What is Togepi doing?” Mr. King {Yes, another Chee for you slow witted people out there} asked.

“I don’t know,” Erek answered watching Togepi wave her little fingers back and forth chanting Toge over and over again. Sudden;y Togepi disappeared in a flash of purple light and the Chee that were watching stared blankly.

Back to the Yeerk Pool.

<Fine. So we’ll split them. I get first choice though!> Visser Three said angry that he could not get them all.

“Do what you want to them, but I want those two,” the voice said. Suddenly Ash and Misty were lifted into the air by physic powers.

“Let my mother go!” Togepi suddenly yelled and they were brought back down to the ground.

“Togepi! How’d you get here?” Misty yelled with Togepi waddling {Such a funny word, waddling} to her. She jumped in Misty’s arms and had a look that said, ‘Bring it on!’

Suddenly the new voice drifted down to reveal himself. It was six feet tall, had a long stringy tail, raptor like feet, a body shaped like a Charizard except it was covered in small pointy cones. Its hands were muscular and made like a humans. Even the hand. The head had a long neck and a blade in the back. On top of the neck was a dog like head, filled with sharp teeth and two sinister looking blades pointed forward like cannons on the edges of the top its head. And it was green. All of it except it’s white of it’s eye.

“I am Mendcross!” the creature roared and it shook the earth. “None can defeat me and you shall all perish!”

“Great. What are we going to do now? Throw a rock at him and hope it hit’s a weak spot?” Marco said.

“That’s exactly what we are going to do!” Ash said getting an idea. “Togepi can you teleport us to the Time Matrix?”

“You mean the big glowy thing of power I saw when I teleported? Sure!” Togepi answered chirping happily.

“Great! Trunks and Goten! Start throwing rocks at this guy to distract him! Togepi! Take the rest of us to the Time Matrix!” ash said excitedly.

Toegpi complied and while Trunks and Goten threw not only rocks, but boulders as well. Trunks went even as far to throw a bull dozer at him that was under in the Yeerk Pool to make it bigger.

When they teleported they found the bad guys in charge. It was to be a battle. Who will win!

A.N. After this probably one more chapter and then an Epilogue. Ax versus Visser Three! Tails versus Robotnik. Pikachu and Togepi versus Bobbidi. And the rest fight whoever else getting in there way to the Time Matrix. I am just tingling with excitement of writing all those battle scenes! Wait. This in on the computer. You can’t hear my sarcasm. Oh well! See yah next part!

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