“Oh cool! It’s a Chikorita!” Jill said and pulled out one of her Pokeballs.

“Go Butterfree!” Jill yelled and her Pokemon appeared from it’s Pokeball.

“Use Gust attack now!” Jill said and Butterfree hit Chikorita with the wind technique.

“Now use Confusion!” Jill said and Butterfree hit Chikorita hard.

“Quick use your Pokeball!” Jack said.

“Right. Pokeball go!” Jill yelled and her Pokeball flew through the air and hit Chikorita. The Pokeball shook violently and then it stopped.

“I got Chikorita!” Jill said and did her peace sign.

“That means we each have four Pokemon,” Jack said.

“Right. Let’s catch some more!” Jill answered and grabbed Jack’s hand bringing him deeper into the woods.

Suddenly they heard a Pokemon. It was a Charmeleon but they didn’t see it.

Suddenly a Charemleon rushed out of nowhere and attacked Jill. It slashed her leg and would have gotten the other if Levin and Seker didn’t both tackle him.

“Are you okay Jill?” Jack asked kneeling down.

“My leg hurts. That’s all,” Jill answered and tried to get up. She fell back down.

“Your leg might be broken. Here let me help you,” Jack said and lower his hand to help her up.

“No I can do,” Jill said and grunting her teeth she stood up for a full five seconds and fell right back down. Jack got some cloth from his backpack and wrapped it tightly around Jill’s wounds.

“Where’d you learn first-aid?” Jill asked.

“When you live near an active volcano it’s a good skill to have,” Jack answered.

“Come on,” Jack said and helped Jill up. He put his arm over her shoulder to help her walk.

“Charmeleon char, meleon, char char, leo!” they heard and the Charmander appeared in front of them.

“Uh oh,” Jack said and put Jill on his back and ran the opposite way.

“Careful!” Jill said as Jack jumped over a vine with the Charemeleon in pursuit. Levin was on his shoulder and Charmander right behind him.

“Alright! That’s enough running!” Jack suddenly said and stopped.

“Go Eevee! Use Tackle!” Jack said and his Eevee appeared from her Pokeball and tackled Charmeleon.

“Good now use Sand Attack!” jack said and Eevee hit Charmeleon with sand. Charmeleon hit Eevee with a powerful Skull bash attack and Eevee fainted.

“Return Eevee! Go Cyndaquil!” Jack yelled and with his free hand he threw the Pokeball. Cyndaquil popped out and his flames burst out from his back and he growled at Charmeleon.

“Use Ember!” Jack said and Cyndaquil hit Charmeleon with a burst of fire. Charmeleon hit Cyndaquil with a Scary Face and Cyndaquil wouldn’t move.

“Return Cyndaquil! Torchic I choose you!” Jack yelled and his Torchic came out ready to fight.

“Use Peck!” Jack said and Torchic almost got Charmeleon when he was grabbed and thrown into a tree.

“This is not good,” Jack said as he recalled Torchic.

“Let me battle it with my Squirtle I’ll have-,” Jill began but suddenly stopped. She was staring at Charmeleon.

Charmeleon had hit Jill with a Glare Attack so she couldn’t move. Jack put her carefully on the ground.

“Alright that’s it! Seker use Rage!” Jack commanded. Seker eyes glowed briefly with power and he hit Charmeleon over and over again, seeming to gain power from his trainer to keep going.

“Alright now! Ultra Ball go!” Jack yelled and the powerful version of the Pokeball flew through the air and hit Charmeleon. It shook violently and kept going until finally it stopped. Jack slumped down as the Pokeball returned to him and Seker sat down next to him. Levin was looking at Jill who had her eyes closed.

“Don’t worry. Jill will be okay. My uncle said he was hit by a Glare Attack once and came out fine,” Jack said and patted Levin on the head.

“We need to get back to school,” Jack said. He gave Seker a Super Potion and he got Jill on his back.

“You don’t mind carrying the backpacks do you Seker?” jack asked.

“(Not at all),” Seker answered.

“Thanks buddy,” Jack said and they headed off to what they thought was the right direction.

About thirty minutes later Jill was beginning to recover slightly and they still hadn’t found the school.

Levin was talking to Jill, trying to coax her back to consciousness when they saw someone. They got down quickly and heard Joe’s voice. He was talking to Bow.

“Yes I know. We have everything set up. I talked it over with the boss. Team Rocket will get all those Pokemon!” Joe said.

“Right. Is there anyone who could get in our way?” Bow asked.

“Our top agents can take care of any of the students. And most of the teachers. However I’m not sure of Brock and Lewis,” Joe said.

“You don’t think that she could take them?” Bow asked.

“She might but again she might not want to. After all she is-. Wait did you hear something?” Joe asked. Jack silently cursed himself because he had stepped on a twig.

“I don’t see anyone,” Bow answered.

“Anyways it’s going to happen tonight during dinner,” Joe said returning his searching gaze back to Bow.

“Let’s get to work then,” Bow said and they headed off in the opposite direction Jack and Jill were.

“We have to… warn… the… teachers,” Jill mumbled.

“Don’t worry we will,” Jack said.

“Neither of us has a flying Pokemon. Seker do you think you could deliver a note to the school?” Jack asked his faithful companion.

“(Just one problem with that logic. I’m as lost as you are)!” Seker answered.

“Right forgot about that,” Jack answered back.

{For some of you wondering how Jack is understanding Levin, Seker is translating but I’m saving time and what little sanity I have left and just not having the translation things.}

“Which way to go?” Jack asked out loud.

“Jack? Is that you? Where’s Jill?” Jack heard. He looked behind him and saw Bill closely followed by Liz.

“You can’t imagine how glad I am to see you!” Jack yelled.

“What happened to Jill?” Liz asked seeing Jill lying on the ground.

“She was hit by a Glare Attack by a Charmeleon,” jack said and held up the Ultra Ball that held it.

“You captured it?” Bill asked.

“Yah. I figured the best way to stop it from attacking people was to capture it,” Jack answered.

“Well why haven’t you gotten back yet?” Liz asked.

“We got lost,” Jack answered.

“Oh,” Bill and Liz said together.

“Listen. Something bad is going to happen tonight! I need you to tell me which way to get out of here!” Jack said looking over his shoulder.

“It’s back the where we just came,” Bill answered pointing a finger over his shoulder.

“Thanks!” Jack said and put Jill back on his back and started running the right way this time with Seker and Levin right behind him.

“Maybe we should follow them,” Liz said to Bill.

“Nah, they’ll be okay,” Bill said and they started looking for some more Pokemon.

O.T.N.E. Jack finally gets back to the school and goes with Jill and Lewis to the hospital. Jack sees Ash and Misty and remembers the other reason why he was trying to get back to school. With only a hour left he has to warn the school. With Lewis’s help he should be able to do it.

A.N. Did this get a plot twist or what? Wondering what made the Charmeleon attack Jill? You’ll find out on the next part as well! I do not own Pokemon. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can’t sue!