“Jack? Is that you? And where’s? Oh my,” the principal said as Jack burst through the forest and stopped. Jill was still on his back and barely conscious.

“She, pant, needs to see, pant, a doctor,” Jack said breathing hard. Seker and Levin popped out of the forest then.

“What happened?” the principal asked.

“We were attacked by a Charmeleon. I got him in this Ultra Ball, “Jack said motioning down to the Ultra Ball on his belt.

“What happened?” a new voice asked. It was Lewis.

“Mr. Giovanni! Jill here got attacked by a Charmeleon. She needs to get to a hospital,” the principal said.

“Please call me Lewis. I’ll take her. Jack! Bring her to my car!” Lewis said and they ran to the parking lot.

“Get her in the backseat. Stay back there with her so she doesn’t bump her head or anything,” Lewis instructed and buckled himself in. {Remember kids! Seat belts save lives!}

“How far to the hospital?” Jack asked.

“Ten minutes,” Lewis answered.

“Wait a minute! You’re physic. Can’t you just teleport us there?” Jack asked.

“No. Some places, like the hospitals, have a special device to stop people from teleporting within a certain radius. It’s quicker to drive,” Lewis answered and got on the road.

Jack was talking to Jill as Lewis stopped outside the hospital and opened the car for Jack. Jack got Jill on his back again and they ran up to the emergency room.

“What happened to her?” a nurse asked as they entered.

“She got slashed in her leg by a Charmeleon and hit with a Glare Attack by the same one,” Jack answered.

“Right. Let’s get a stretcher here!” the nurse yelled and Jack placed Jill on the stretcher carefully.

“Mmmm. It doesn’t look to bad. She probably won’t need a cast. Just needs some stitches. The worst that could happen is she may limp for a week or two,” the nurse said reassuring Jack.

“And who are you?” the nurse asked Lewis. “Are you the legal guardian?”

“Oh no! I’m a teacher at the Pokemon Trainers School. But I know who the parents of the girl are,” Lewis said.

“And they are?” the nurse asked.

“The Ketchums,” Lewis answered.

The nurse’s eyes just got wide and she ran off to find a telephone.

“How long do you take it will be for her parents to get here?” Jack asked Lewis.

“With something as minor as this,” Lewis said looking at his watch, “In about 5...4...3...2...1.”

Suddenly the door burst open and a very angry red head stormed through the nurse. She was followed by a man with very messy black hair apologizing to everyone.

“How’d they get here this quickly?” Jack asked amazed.

“I think it’s a trick you get when you’re a parent. Being able to appear wherever your child needs you or something,” Lewis answered shrugging.

Misty and Ash suddenly saw Lewis and ran up to him.

“Lewis is she going to be alright!” Misty asked shaking Lewis franticly.

“Yes,” Lewis said after the shaking stopped.

“Do you know the worst case?” Ash asked.

“Just some limping for a week or two. The nurse was telling the truth,” Lewis answered.

“Right,” Misty said and looked down at Jack, “Who’s he?”

“This is Jack. He’s the one who brought Jill out of the woods and helped me bring her here,” Lewis answered. Jack was suddenly hugged by Misty.

“You’re welcome,” Jack said after being released from the hug and taking a deep breath.

“Lewis you can fill us in in all the details,” Ash said and they went to the waiting room to talk.

Jack suddenly remembered the other reason why he was trying to get back.

“Wait! Lewis! I need to tell you something,” Jack said and sped into the waiting room.

“What is it?” Lewis asked.

“I overheard in the forest that Team Rocket was going to try and steal all the Pokemon in the school!” Jack said.

“And who did you overhear this from?” Lewis asked.

“Joe and Bow,” Jack said.

“Right. Well Ash and Misty it’s been nice to see you again but I have a school to save,” Lewis said and hurried out of the waiting room with Jack behind him. They got back to school soon.

“When did they say it was going to happen?” Lewis asked Jack.

“During dinner,” Jack answered.

“Right. Jack! Let me see that Ultra Ball,” Lewis said holding out his hand. Jack gave him the Ultra Ball and Lewis concentrated on it and a purple aura flashed around it.

“There. Now you can use the Charmeleon,” Lewis told Jack.

“(Jack! It’s you)!” Seker said and ran up to his trainer.

“Where’s Levin?” Jack asked.

“(She’s with Bill and Liz),” Charmander answered.

“We only have about thirty minutes till dinner. Jack! You go get Brock. I’m going to find the principal and tell him. Charmander!” Lewis said and his Charmander appeared in front of him.

“Charmander I want you to look around the school. Find anyone suspicious and report it to me,” Lewis said.

“(Aye, aye captitan)!” Charmander said. He gave a brief salute and disappeared.

“Go now!” Lewis said and pushed Jack in the right direction.

“He’s in his classroom right?” Jack asked.

“Yes! Now hurry!” Lewis said and teleported somewhere.

Jack ran down the halls and got to Brock’s classroom. He saw Brock going over some papers.

“Mr. Slate! Lewis said I needed to find you,” Jack said. Jack told Brock everything and they hurried off to the cafeteria.


O.T.N.E. Brock and Lewis get caught up fighting Team Rocket Elites and Jack gets some problems of his own. With only three Pokemon able to fight he’s in trouble when he meets up with this mysterious woman. Liz and Bill come to help but not even their combined forces stop her.

A.N. I think what I’m trying to do is have Team Rocket disband, have a period of quiet, and whoever is in charge says that trainers can now go and travel and such to collect Gym badges. At least that’s my plan so far. And some other twists as well. I do not own Pokemon. Ahh, five words to stop me from getting sued. Not that I have anything worth suing for mind you.