“Team Rocket disbanded? For good?” Jill asked excitedly.

“Yes. And because of this we have to go to Indigo Plateau and help sort some stuff out. Apparently they’re sending one of the highest members they have to deal with us. Now all of you be good,” Misty said to her daughter. Jack, Jill, Bill, and Liz were all at the Ketchum house due to the episode at the school just a week ago.

“They’ll be fine. I’ll have Charmander stay here to watch them,” Lewis said patting his faithful Pokemon on the head.

“Lewis? Take us out of here,” Ash said to Lewis after everyone said bye. Lewis, Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Thundy teleported to Indigo Plateau.

“Aren’t they going to show the dealing on the news?” Bill asked.

“Yah they are!” Liz said excitedly and they hurried to the TV and turned it on.

“(Why are you all up this morning)?” Seker asked walking up to the gaggle of humans who were clustered around the TV.

“Team Rocket said they’re going to disband and one of their members is going to deal with the Elite Four, some of the Pokemon Masters, and the President,” Jack said to Seker in one breath.

“(Just sit down and watch),” Charmander told Seker after Seker just blinked a couple times, not getting any of what had been said.

And now to the dealing.

“And now the Rocket Agent who will be dealing with us. She has refused to give her name and informed us to call her ‘Rocket’,” the President said.

The members of the Elite Four, Will, Bruno, Erika, and Misty, the Indigo Champion, and holder of title, ‘Best Pokemon Master’, Ash, and the other assembled Pokemon Masters, Lewis being one of them, all leaned forward to the door that the Rocket Agent was supposed to enter. She did enter. She had long brown hair, green eyes, slightly tan skin, and was wearing a black shirt and black pants, a faded red ‘R’ on the front of the shirt.

“That can’t be! Can it?” Lewis thought searching his memory. He knew he had seen this person before.

The terms the Rocket wanted was thus: Let all of the Rockets free on charge and no prejudice against the former Rockets. The terms everyone else wanted were these: All Rocket Agents who were members of the organization from one year prior were to be charged with crimes of their wrong doing, which they would know of from the Rocket papers which held that information.

In the end the terms were thus: All Rocket Agents who were members six month prior would be tried, but from information they had. Only the lower ones, the Grunts, would have the papers telling of their wrong doings. Any Rocket Agent found innocent could not be prejudiced against. They had a long row over what to do with the leader of Team Rocket. He was currently under the custody of Kanto.

In the end they decided to try him like the other Agents, however his trial was going to be publicized, even if both sides didn’t want it. After the talks Lewis, Ash, and Misty began to walk down to the Rocket Agent. Of course Jack, Jill, Bill, or Liz didn’t see this because the station had began talking about the over all thing.

“Hello,” Lewis said to the Rocket Agent. She looked up, froze for a second then relaxed.

“So who are you?” Ash asked bluntly. He got whapped on the back of the hed by Misty’s palm.

“I think Lewis here has a good idea,” the Rocket said and stood up to leave.

“Karen, I need to ask you something,” Lewis said. The Rocket froze and turned around.

“So you did figure it out brother,” the Rocket said and smiled a cruel smile.

“Do you know about her?” Lewis asked Karen.

“Know about who?” Karen asked, honestly confused.

“Your daughter. Do you know she’s alive?” Lewis asked.

Karen just stared at Lewis for a moment, her lower lip quivering. Then she regained her composure.

“She can’t be. I-I saw it myself. And I think you for bringing that up!” Karen halfway shouted angrily. She then began to weep softly.

“Listen I know this sounds hard for you but Team Rocket took her to keep you in Team Rocket. Lucky though because that boss doesn’t believe in killing children. We can so you her if you want,” Misty said.

“No, I couldn’t not yet. I just want to know two things. Does she know about me? And what’s her name?” Karen asked, almost ready to burst out into tears.

“Only from a picture. An old on before you left to go back to Team Rocket. You know, after the Johto tournament,” Lewis said.

“And her name?” Karen asked.

“Her name is Liz,” Ash told her.

Karen then just nodded, and using her own physic powers teleported away.

“I hope she comes back. The only family I’d have left is she doesn’t is Liz. And she doesn’t even know I’m her uncle,” Lewis said softly. Then they to teleported away thanks to Lewis and Charmander.

O.T.N.E. Karen comes to the Ketchum house and Liz learns of her mom and dad. A year later since the threat of Team Rocket is over the Gyms start to reopen and a new quest will begin.

A.N. Hmmm, Jill has importance because of her parents, you now know Karen is Liz’s mom, and I hoped you guessed Bill’s parents. The only one who really doesn’t seem to have to do anything is Jack, but don’t worry, he’ll have some legend behind him sooner or later. I do not own Pokemon however the characters of Lewis, Karen, Jill, Jack, Bill, and Liz are of my creation, so please do not use them without my permission. I doubt anyone will though. ^-^