“Onwards!” Jack yelled. Jack and Jill were heading off to collect Gym badges. It had been a year since Team Rocket disbanded and it was deemed safe to travel again for younger trainers.

“Onwards would be easier to do if we knew which way to go,” Jill said. They were lost in the woods between Pallet and Viridian.

“True,” Jack said thinking that over. Jack had grown a couple inches and had his hair grow out just a little bit more. Jill had also gotten a little taller and had her hair a little longer. And despite the fact she no longer wore her father’s old cap her hair was still messy.

“(I think we go that way),” Seker said looking at the map. Seker was still a Charmander but had gotten more powerful. Levin however had evolved into a Pikachu. Jack’s Torchic was now a Combusken, his Eevee a Flareon, his Cyndaquil a Quillava, and his Charmeleon was still a Charmeleon. Jill still had her Butterfree, her Chikorita had evolved into a Bayleef, Squirtle into a Warturtle, she had recently captured a Fearow and her Bulbasaur was back at home because Jill had given him to Sam.

“(At least we have plenty of supplies),” Levin said and plopped down on top of Jill’s backpack.

“That way!” Jack suddenly said.

“Why that way?” Jill asked.

“I checked my compass. That way is north and Viridian is north,” Jack answered.

“Oh okay,” Jill said and they began walking that way. After about a couple hours they ran across Viridian and went to find the Pokemon Center.

“Why are we staying at the Pokemon Center when we could stay at Lewis’s house?” Jill asked as they got a room in the Pokemon Center.

“Because we are trainers and need to learn how to stay at Pokemon Centers and not rely on the friends of your parents,” Jack answered.

“Well at least it’s a bed and shower,” Jill said as they opened the door to the Pokemon Center. Jack immediately claimed the bed closest to the TV.

“Why would you watch TV anyways? Pokemon Centers only get local,” Jill said.

“I don’t know. They do have VCR’s though and there’s a movie rental place not that far from here,” Jack said.


“Well I’m going to go take a shower so if you’re going to get a movie wait for me. I don’t want you to pick some movie that’s going to be a flop,” Jill said and entered the bathroom.

“Do you know how girls think?” Jack asked Seker. Seker merely nodded his head no.

“(We think better then boys that’s for sure)!” Levin said and Seker gave her an evil look.

Jack opened a pamphlet he had seen walking into the Pokemon Center. It was about the Elite Four and Jack always wanted to be the first Elite Four Member to use Fire Pokemon.

Jack began to read out loud, “In order to become an Elite Four member you must be a trainer in one type. You do not need badges to become an Elite Four but merely need to have all your Pokemon at Level 60 or above, plus defeat at least one of the members in a six to six Pokemon battle.”

“So you’re going to join the Elite Four?” Jill asked getting out from the bathroom.

“Yup. I want to be the first Elite Four member to use Fire Pokemon,” jack said.

“No one has ever used Fire Pokemon before?” Jill asked.

“Nope. I checked,” Jack answered.

“Well let’s go to that movie rental store now,” Jill said.

“No Pokemon allowed outside their Pokeball while in this store,” Jack said reading the sign.

“Sorry Levin, you have to get in your Pokeball,” Jill said and returned Levin.

“You too Seker,” Jack said and Seker went into his Pokeball.

“Let’s see, horror, scifi, comedy, animation,” Jack said looking at the different types of movies.

“Monty Python and the Quest for Jirachi,” Jill said looking at one of the comedy movies.

“That’s a good one!” Jack said. They rented it. {Yes that’s right. I’m a Monty Python fan. My dad was the one who showed me one. They are funny!}

After they got back to the Pokemon Center and watched the movie they fell asleep. They woke up the next morning and got ready for the next day of traveling.

“Now we need to get through Viridian Forest and get to Pewter,” Jill said after they got to the outskirts of Viridian City.

“Jack? Jill?” they both heard. They turned around and saw Liz. Who looked the same except had gotten taller.

“Liz!” Jill yelled.

“What are you guys doing here?” Liz asked.

“Our Pokemon Trainers journey,” Jack answered.

“Me too!” Liz said.

“Care to join us?” Jill asked.

“Sure! Say I had gotten a call from Bill yesterday. He’s in Pewter and he’s waiting. He thought you guys would already be there by now,” Liz said.

“Well he’s going to have to wait for a few days then,” Jill said.

“Are we going to start now or what?” Jack asked.

“Right!” Jill said. They headed off into the forest.

O.T.N.E. They begin to cross Viridian Forest. They come across a Vulpex but before Jack gets to capture it, Jill does! Tensions flare as they travel through the forest. And they meet two people that they would rather not.

A.N. More to come! I do not own Pokemon. Yet that is! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well I probably never will so why am I laughing evilly?