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“Flame thrower!” Jack yelled pointing his finger at Arbok, who was in front of them. Unfortunely Jill’s bike was in the middle of the Flame Thrower so it was burned to a crisp. {familiar anyone?}

“My bike!” Jill yelled.

“Sorry?” Jack said.

“Why I should!” Jill began when the Arbok just disappeared.

“I got him!” Bill yelled running up to the still Pokeball on the ground in front of him.

“You, but, I, we, got,” Jack stammered.

“Not my fault you didn’t think of it,” Bill said sticking out his tongue.

“Hmmph, well Arbok is a poison type and I only catch fire types,” Jack said.

“YOU OWE ME A BIKE!” Jill screamed at Jack holding a her mom’s old mallet.

“MAD GIRL!” Jack yelled and ran for it.

“COME BACK HERE!” Jill yelled following Jack and Bill behind her.

Seker and Levin were still there and ran off to catch up. Everyone finally stopped running and laid down panting right when they reached the city limits of Viridian.

“I-should-kill-you-now-but-I-am-out-of-breath,” Jill said on the ground breathing hard.

“It’s the school!” Bill said excitedly getting up and seeing the building right by the woods.

“Yay!” Jack and Jill yelled and got up.

“Let’s go get enrolled and you can give me my money for a new bike,” Jill said narrowing her eyes at Jack.

“I’m kinda broke right now,” Jack said walking slowly to the school.

“Well then I guess I’ll have to keep track of you until you pay up,” Jill said with her Pichu now on her shoulder.

“I guess. Hi Seker!” Jack said to his Charmander who was by his side glaring evilly at Levin.

“Are you people coming or are you going to just sit there?” Bill asked.

“Let’s go!” Jack said following Bill.

All of them stayed together until they got to the front. There they identified themselves and a gate swung open to reveal the school in all its glory. It had a park with playground equipment and a large field. Over to the left and a little out of the way was a battle field and in the center of it all was the building. At the right it had some dorms set off for the students and in the center was the main building where the classes took place. Finally on the left their were some smaller buildings next to the battle field. Probably teacher buildings. They walked up to the front of the white washed building and entered. In they found a front office with one lady at a desk looking over some papers.

“Welcome Jack, Jill, and Bill to the Kanto Pokemon Trainers School. We just need you to answer some questions. It is a good thing you came early because the rush is tomorrow,” the lady said looking at them behind her glasses.

“Excuse me for not introducing myself I am Ms. Getry. I will be your counselor,” she said handing them some papers. The papers had such questions as what kind of classes you wanted to take, birthdate and such.

They all went together and found they all pretty much wanted the same thing with the exception of Jack who instead of taking normal battling he got specific type battling. They also got Pokemon Grooming, Pokemon Breeding, Capturing Lessons, Gym Training, Type 101, and Advanced Battling. {With different places and environments}

Ms. Getry took the papers and handed them keys to their dorms. Jack shared one with Bill and Jill didn’t know her roommate yet. They went to the rooms to unpack and rest. Two days from now the school would begin and they would become official trainers.


A.N. I don’t know yet if Jill’s roommate will be important or not. I hope you people like this. Strange Legendaries will be having a bigger effect on this sooner or later. Wait till you see some of the teachers I have planned.