“What are you doing up Jack?” Bill asked staring at his new friend from his bed in the room they shared in the Pokemon Trainers School. The room was fairly large. In it were two telephones that only went in the school and were unusable after 9:00 P.M. till 7:30 A.M. when the wake up call was given. They had one TV and a fridge to put some of their own food in there. Their was a shop were kids and teachers could get food, liquids, and other things put they could use. Everyone could eat at the cafeteria for free but some kids might not have wanted too, or didn’t like the menu. The beds were on the far side of the door and a couch close to the door with the TV in front of it. Besides the door and a window between the beds there were no other ways out. Jack was on the couch staring at an off TV with Charmander curled by his feet. Bill checked the clock which was on his side next to the bed and found it to be 6:30.

“I was waiting for you to get up. It is 7:30 in Cinnabar because of time difference and my parent’s asked me to call before 8:00 because they are going to visit some relatives in Hoenn and I thought you would want to call your folks too,” Jack said stretching and getting up to the door.

“Errr, no I don’t want or need to call my parent’s. I am just going to sleep some more. Go ahead and call but remember to wake me for breakfast,” Bill said curling up in his covers with Jack leaving through the door saying he would.

When Jack got to the common room he saw Jill on the phone talking to someone. When he got closer to the phones he heard some words and clips like, jerk, ruined my bike, and you were right. Jack assumed she was talking about him destroying her bike by accident. He put in the change for a call when suddenly he was dragged by Jill to the other phone and told that, “This is the jerk who destroyed my bike!”

“I can pay pack in maybe a couple years?” Jack said embarrassed and trying to get away to make his call. He was so embarrassed he didn’t notice that Jill’s parents were the top Elite Four member and the Indigo League Champion. When he finally got away he made the call and told them of how he got there and was perfectly fine now.

As he made his way back to his dorm with Jill staring daggers in the back of his head he thought about what the first day of school would be like. He would find out tomorrow. He got to his dorm and was happy to close the door on Jill. He got a book out of his backpack and started reading when a knock was heard at the door.

“This is Ms. Getry! I have something for Jack and Bill!” Ms. Getry yelled through the door.

This woke up Bill and Jack opened the door with Ms. Getry satnding there holding two Pokeballs.

“We always give one pokemon to every student even if they have one or more already. It is a tradition and I don’t care if you can’t accept it. It is yours and I hope you become good friends with your Pokemon,” Ms. Getry said holding the two Pokeballs for Jack and Bill.

Jack and Bill took the Pokeballs and tossed them lightly to see what they got. Jack got a Cyndaquil and Bill got a Pikachu.

“Cool! A new fire Pokemon to add to my team!” Jack said petting Cyndaquil.

“I always wanted a Pikachu!” Bill said holding out another Pokeball. “I’m going to bring out Meowth!”

A Meowth came from the Pokeball in Bill’s hand and purred while rubbing against his leg. Their Pokemon instantly became friends. Then they heard a yell from next door.

“Is Jill ok?” Jack and Bill asked rushing out the door with Ms. Getry there wondering what was wrong.

“Bug!” Jill screamed pointing to a Caterpie that was next to an empty Pokeball.

“It’s just a Caterpie!” Jack said picking it up. “It won’t hurt you.” He brought the Caterpie closer to Jill who just hid behind a bed.

“I don’t like bugs,” Jill said peering over the covers.

“Well this guy seems friendly,” Bill said. Seker, Pikachu, Levin, Cyndaquil, and Meowth were talking while this was going on. They were getting to know each other.

“Just give him a chance Jill. You’ll probably like him!” Jack said with Caterpie inching toward her.

“Oh, ok,” Jill submitted and gingerly pat Caterpie on the head. That made Caterpie dance with joy and snuggle next to her.

“I guess it isn’t that bad,” Jill said petting Caterpie again.

“See now what did I tell you,” Jack said smiling.

“Excuse me is this room 23?” a new voice said behind them.

“It is,” Jill said looking up.

A.N. Jill’s roommate. Wait till next part for more action.