“Who are you?” Bill asked the new girl who had walked in.

“I’m Liz,” the new girl said. She had brown hair that went down to her shoulder and a headband around her forehead. She was about as tall as Bill. Four feet five inches. “They said this is my room.”

“So you’re my roommate!” Jill said getting up and holding out her hand to shake.

Liz and Jill shook and after introductions were given out it was breakfast time. They all went to the cafeteria and to Liz’s and Jack’s amazement they saw Bill and Jill snarfing down piles of food.

“Have they done this long?” Liz asked Jack whose food was hanging out of his mouth.

He swallowed and answered, “I don’t know. I only met them yesterday.”

When everyone was done they went to the front office and saw about twenty-five kids in line for their first Pokemon and signing up.

“The rush is today,” Bill noticed and headed outside for some fresh air. Everyone else did to. {Not the crowd}

“Want to battle Jack?” Bill asked holding out his Pokeball.

“Sure!” Jack said and they made their way to the field to battle.

“This will be a two on two battle with one Pokemon at a time. Ready? Go!” Jill said at the edge acting as the referee.

“Go Eevee!” Jack yelled throwing out his Eevee.

“Meowth get him!” Bill said with Meowth jumping in the ring.

“Tackle attack Eevee!” Jack yelled.

Eevee rushed Meowth and hit him head on sending Meowth a few feet in the air. Bill told Meowth to use slash and it scratched Eevee with Eevee retreating a little. Eevee then used Quick Attack and Meowth barely dodged. Meowth then finished it with Bite.

“Return Eevee! Go Seker!” Jack yelled with Seker now stepping in.

“I’m going to win this!” Bill yelled then commanding his Meowth to use quick attack.

“Dodge and use Fire Punch!” Jack yelled. Seker easily dodged and took Meowth out.

“Return Meowth! Go Pikachu!” Bill said bringing back Meowth in his Pokeball and having Pikachu come out to battle.



The attacks met in the middle and Seker was able to push in a little more power and hit Pikachu. Pikachu was still up and used another Thunderbolt which Seker dodged and hit Pikachu with a Mega Kick winning the battle.

“And the winner is Jack!” Jill said pointing to him.

“Good battle Bill. I am glad to say that for the first battle I’d ever had that was great,” Jack said going over the Bill.

“Yeh it was! I don’t think that even with all my Pokemon I could have beaten your Charmander. He is tough,” Bill said getting up.


“So Team Rocket wants us to take over the school?”

“Yeh but not in a huge battle. We are supposed to take our time. After all we are going to be students here.”

“Right well lets get our Pokemon.”

Back to our heroes and heroines.

“So what kind of Pokemon do you have Liz?” Bill asked as they made their way to the Pokemon Center on Campus to heal his and Jack’s Pokemon.

“I’m from Hoenn and I started with a Treeko. I also caught a Tailow and a Geodude,” Liz said holding her three Pokeballs up.

“Squirtle!” was heard from the fence and they saw a Squirtle ready to spray them.

“A Squirtle! I always wanted one!” Jill said with Levin coming to her side.

“Thunderbolt!” Jill yelled and Levin shocked Squirtle right after Jill got a face full of water.

“WHY THAT LITTLE!” Jill screamed and threw a Pokeball at it. It hit and captured the Squirtle.

“Cool! I got another Pokemon!” Jill yelled trying to get the Pokeball through the fence.

“Here let me,” Jack said getting a stick and poking the Pokeball a little closer till he got it. He was handing it to Jill when he tripped and fell right on top of Jill!

“Errr, sorry!” Jack said getting up and blushing.

“It’s okay,” Jill said also blushing.

“Jack and Jill sitting in a tree!” Bill began parading to the Center.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” joined Liz.

With that they both got hit with formerly Misty’s but now Jill’s mallet.

“Ouch!” Jack said.

A.N. Part four. I hope you people like it and enjoy the next parts. Much more to come on this!