“Will Bill and Charlene please come down to the stadium. It is your turn to battle!” the principal said over the microphone.

“Good luck Bill!” all his friends said as he hurried down with his Meowth right beside him.

The match was determined so Bill was to choose the first Pokemon.

“Meowth go!” Bill yelled and Meowth jumped into the arena baring his claws.

“Go Kyrouge!” Charlene said throwing her Pokeball out.

“It seems Bill has a disadvantage here but as we all know type doesn’t always matter!” the principal said.

“Pay Day!” Bill yelled.

“Meowth?” Meowth went confused.

“Oh yeh I forgot you can’t use Pay Day,” Bill said his head down.

“Mega Kick!” Charlene commanded and Tyrouge kicked Meowth sending him flying.

“Oh no! Use Fury Swipes!” Bill yelled. Meowth’s claws became bared and Meowth swiped at Tyrouge.

“My Tyrouge! Hit him with Rage!” Charlene commanded.

“Tyrouge!” Tyrouge yelled and began to punch and kick Meowth.

“Meowth can’t take much more this!” the principal said.

“Oh no! I can’t let Meowth get hurt,” Bill said. “Return Meowth!” he said and brought Meowth back forfeiting the match.

“Bill forfeit’s the match! Charlene wins!” the principal said.

“That’s okay Bill. You did your best!” Jack said trying to cheer his friend up.

After a few more matches the day was called and the next half of the beginning round would begin tomorrow at 9:30 A.M. beginning with Jill v. Carl.

“I’m pooped. Goodnight Bill!” Jack said and turned in for the night.

A few hours later Bill slipped from his room and went to the telephones in the lobby. After making a call he slipped back into the room unnoticed and fell asleep.

“Hello and welcome to the ninth match of this tournament! The trainers are Jill from Pallet v. Carl from Vermillion.

Carl was chosen to chose first.

“Go Geodude!” Carl said throwing out the rock Pokemon.

Jill then pulled back the cap she had on her head and brought out a Pokeball. “Go Caterpie!” she yelled and the bug Pokemon came out and did a little dance.

“A bug! Ha! That thing can’t beat my Geodude!” Carl laughed pointing at the small bug Pokemon.

“Oh yeah? Use String Shot!” Jill yelled and her Caterpie happily complied and tangled Geodude in a dense web.

“Geodude!” Geodude yelled thrashing about, unable to see.

“Tackle attack Caterpie!” Jill yelled and Caterpie hurled himself at Geodude which did little damage. It didn’t matter though because Geodude hit the wall attempting to hit Caterpie with Take Down. He knocked himself out.

“I can’t believe this,” Carl said returning his Geodude.

Just then Caterpie danced again and shot some string into the air landing back down on himself. In about a minute Caterpie evolved into Metapod!

“What a stunning match! Caterpie was able to take out Geodude with a powerful String Shot! The victory has gone to Jill!” the principal said into the microphone.

Jill picked up Metapod and did her victory sign she learned from her dad. She went up and joined her friends.

“I’m up after this,” Liz said watching the next match.

“Good luck!” Bill said giving her a thumbs up sign.

“Thanks,” Liz said and watched the match.

A.N. Seven parts. This is the last of my pool of this fic. This is far from finished but so far I hope you people have enjoyed this fic thus far. See yah next part!