“Seker go!” Jack yelled and his Charmander jumped into the ring.

“Go Torchic!” Joe yelled his Torchic appearing from his Pokeball.

“Mega Kick Seker!” Jack commanded. Seker ran at Torchic who jumped in the air to dodge and came back down with a Tackle.

“Give it Jack! You can’t beat my Torchic!” Joe yelled.

“I beg to differ. Mega Punch!” Jack said and Seker punched Torchic into the wall.

“Ember!” Joe yelled and Torchic fired fire pellets at Seker.

“Dodge them!” Jack yelled and Seker ran to the side narrowly avoiding them.

“Finish it! Use Take Down!” Jack yelled. Seker rammed Torchic and Torchic fainted.

“And Jack is the winner!” the principal yelled. Throughout the tournament Jack, Jill, and Liz powered through their opponents, and now they must face each other.

“The next match is Jill versus Liz!” the principal yelled and the two girls got up, nodded to each other and walked down to the match.

“Who are you routing for?” Bill asked Jack.

“Don’t know,” Jack answered, “But I have a feeling that whoever wins this match goes to the finals.”

“Jill chooses first!” the principal said after using the coin.

“Alright Levin show your stuff!” Jill yelled and her Pichu jumped from her shoulder unto the field.

“Levin won’t stand up to my Geodude!” Liz yelled and brought her Geodude unto the field.

“Just as I thought! Use the attack you learned from your dad! Iron Tail!” Jill yelled. Levin’s tail began to glow and she rushed towards Geodude and jumped into the air, slamming the Iron Tail into Geodude.

“An Iron Tail at that level? How?” Liz wondered out loud as Geodude got back up.

“Levin can use Iron Tail because her dad could!” Jill yelled as Levin dodged a Mud Slap and hit Geodude with another Iron Tail winning the match.


“I didn’t think that your Pichu would have an Iron Tail attack,” Liz said as they watched the rest of the match’s. The semi-finals would be tomorrow as long as the finals. Both Jack and Jill were in it.

“Well her dad could use Iron Tail and the children adopt moves from the father,” Jill answered, “At least that’s what Brock told me.”

“You know Brock Slate?” everyone asked.

“Yah, he’s my mom’s and dad’s friend,” Jill answered.

“Oh,” everyone said.

“I wish Team Rocket wasn’t still around,” Bill suddenly said, “Then we could have traveled around like our parents.”

“(Yah but the cafeteria is great)!” Levin said happily.

“(How true),” Seker answered.

-The finals-

Both Jack and Jill made it to the finals and they were now facing each other.

“Go Seker!” Jack yelled and his Charmander jumped into the ring.

“Go Squir!-” Jill was about to say when Levin stopped her.

“What is it?” Jill asked her Pichu.

“(I want to battle him)!” Levin answered.

“Gotch yah! Go Levin!” Jill yelled and her faithful Pokemon jumped into the arena.

“Jack has chosen his Charmander and Jill her Pichu! Who will win this tournament?” the principal said.

The battle was as stupendous as it could be with beginning Pokemon. Seker had almost won when Levin launched herself at him knocking him out and herself.

“And it’s a tie!” the principal yelled.

“Good match Jill,” Jack said and shook Jill’s hand.

“Same to you,” Jill said and shook his hand as well.

“Since you both won you both get to choose a Pokemon. Who will choose first?” a lady asked them after the match. They were in a room with several Pokeballs.

“Jill can choose first,” Jack said.

“You’re quite a gentleman! Well Jill you have Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Pidgey, Torchic, Totodile, or Tailow to choose from,” the lady told her.

“Bulbasaur!” Jill said and she received her Pokemon.

“Could I have the Torchic please?” Jack asked.

“Certainly,” the lady answered and handed him his Pokemon.

Jack did his ‘I got a Pokemon dance’ while Jill did her peace sign which she learned from her dad.

O.T.N.E. School finally starts but can the gang keep up? Will Team Rocket make a break in or will they continue to lie low? Find out on the next episode! *roll ending theme*

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