Poke Wars: Episode Four

Part 1



A.N. This is Charmander and Pichu {refer to me as C/P } And Bookworm! We coauthoring a story as you can probably tell about Star Wars and Pokemon Crossover. That is if we don’t kill each other first. We do not own Pokemon and never will. And George Lucas… We don’t own Star Wars either. Wish I did though {C/P}.


Luke Skywalker…..Brock (you were expecting Ash?) age 20

Princess Leia………Misty, of course age 16

Han Solo……………Ash age 16

Chupika……………..Pikachu {Chewbacca if you didn’t know}?


C-3-Traco……………Tracy ?

Oake-Won-Kenobe…. Prof. Oak age, you definitely don’t want to know

Darth Vader…………..(annoying singsong voice) We’re not telling!! ?

Evil Emperor…………not telling either!! ?

FYI: Misty, Brock, and Ash will be called by their pokemon names. ALSO, Misty and Brock ARE twins, don’t ask us how or why. Lastly, Ash is Han, not Luke, because Han and Leia have the same relationship Misty and Ash have, and we both want to see them together.


In a Galaxy pretty close-by, but it’ll take a couple lightyears to get there,

In a time not so long ago,

There was desperate need of a hero, to save them from the Evil Empire

They had Brock.

Enough said.


Guardsmen ran down the hallways of the ship, feet pounding. They were on a suicidal mission to protect Princess Misty and her information from falling into the Empire’s cold clutches. Meanwhile, the two droids, R-2-Toge2 and C-3-Traco, were in search of Princess Misty herself.

“R-2! Where are you going?” C-3-Traco was crying after his companion droid who was hurrying to some location only know to her.

“Beep, Beep, whirrr!” [wouldn’t you like to know!} the fussy droid said as she hurried down the main hallway of the ship.

“R-2, I’m glad you’re here!” Princess Misty said as she came out from hiding. “I need you to deliver a message to Oake-Won-Kenobe.”

“Beep!” [Ok!] R-2-Toge2 replied.

“Ok, begin filming! Oake-Won I need your help. The Evil Empire is trying to capture me and get the information on the Death Star from getting into Rebel hands. Plus…”

“Beep, whirrl,” [Recording started] R-2 droned.

“What! You idiot robot! You didn’t start filming when I said so!” Misty screamed with rage as she was about to dismantle R-2 with her mallet, but fortunately for R-2, C-3-Traco stopped her.

“It was just a mistake Princess Misty, calm down,” he said reassuringly.

Steam seemed to be billowing from Misty’s head, but after a few deep breaths she was calm enough to try again. After several tries, with Misty close to going volcano on the two droids, they got it right. However, by that time noises of a battle had come closer, and the trio decided to flee.

During Misty‘s ordeal, the guards had been desperately trying to hold off the storm troopers. It was a fierce battle, with a lot of bloodshed. In the end, the guardsmen managed to, astonishingly, KILL TWO FRICKIN STORM TROOPERS!!!!! Amazing…

As R-2 and C-3-Traco got in an escape pod they saw Princess Misty. Yelling at them as though she was supposed to go with them.

As she was yelling at the window when {Doom!} Darth Vader {enter the doom theme song here} and one of his officers came up and grabbed Misty. She pulled out her mallet and took out the guard, but the it was taken from her when Darth Vader took it with the force. {Whew!}

“Hey!” she yelled when it was pulled out from her grasp.

“You will tell me where the information is or I will have to torture you,” he said while fingering a device of some sort behind his cape.

“No, you don’t mean!” Misty gasped.

“Yes! Tickling!” Darth Vader cried as he pulled out a feather.

“But I thought… Never mind. No not tickling!” she said with fake terror in her voice.

“Actually I was going to give you a truth serum but I found this feather and it is fun to tickle people with!” he said with great enthusiasm.

“Cukoo!” Misty said under her breath.

Several hours later, the tickle torture had been tried, as well as many other horrendous devices, all to no avail. Darth Vader was fuming with fury, his normal drawn out breathing almost to that of a normal person.

Finally, the Admiral ventured a comment, “What about the Device, Vader?”

“The Device, what Device? Oh, wait, …yes….That will work,” mused the masked villain.

He whirled round, “You,” he commanded, “and you, bring out the Device!”

Misty, worn out from dozens of pathetic tortures, merely rolled her eyes. Only, to suddenly find herself face to face with a giant laser cannon.

Gulping, she asked in a timid voice, “Uh, what does that do?”

“Quite simple, my dear,” cackled Darth Vader, “It blows up planets,” for a moment Darth Vader was lost in fantastic daydreams of him blowing up planets.

“Uhh, Vader, you there?” questioned the Admiral.

“What? Oh, yes, of course I am. Now, where were we?”

“At the part where you set me free.” stated Misty, a little bit of fear tingeing her voice.

“I was? That doesn’t sound like me, but ok.” said Darth Vader cheerfully.

“NO VADER!!” shouted the Admiral, his eyes bulging out of his head, “You were about to use the Device!!”

“I was just getting to that art you dimwitted fool!” snapped Darth Vader, obviously embarrassed.

“Was not,” the Admiral said quietly.

“What was that, Admiral?” Darth Vader said with a warning note in his voice.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” the Admiral replied quickly.

“Good. Now, as for you,” he said as he turned around to face Misty, “we’re going to use this to blow up your home planet if you don’t talk.”

Misty’s face turned white with terror, “No,” she squeaked.

“Oh yes,” he replied.

“No,” she said back.




“Yes.” Misty said.

“No.” Vader said.

“Yes!” Misty yelled.

“NO! That is final. I will NOT blow up your planet!” Vader screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Okay then,” Misty said laughing under her breath.

“Sir I believe you have been duped,” the Admiral said tapping Vader’s shoulder.

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing!” Vader said staring daggers at the Admiral. The Admiral was lifted into the air and choked with Vader’s mind powers. {Where is the mind?}

“You!” Vader said pointing to a Captain who had the bad fortune to be there. “You are now the Admiral!”

“Errrr. Yes Sir!” the new Admiral said with a tone of fear in his voice.

“Now where is the Rebel base Misty?” Vader said suddenly sounding serious.

“Uhhhh? Uranus?” she said.

“Uranus? That is in the Milky Way galaxy?” Vader said confused. “Waiiit!”

“It’s on planet Turehtreryywuishsndnnsamzmnciririowerskjdbdwjwowllzmnnchirireeeeskjwfijewri,” Misty said in one breath.

“Right. Blow up her planet anyways!” he said with glee.

They were orbiting planet Cerulean and fired the cannon.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Misty screamed as her planet was destroyed into a million pieces.


A.N. Ohhhhh. Bad note to end on and a cliffhanger! My best yet! {C/P}. What do say Bookworm? Snore…… I’m sorry, what was that?