Oake-Won, Brock, Traco, and Toge-2 made it to the city, at least after Brock stopped for about six dozen mirages.

Finally they pulled up to the city limits where two storm troopers were busy interrogating anyone coming through, when our heroes reached the white fiends, one asked in a high squeaky voice, “Are these the two droids we’re looking for?”

In which Brock replied, “What droids? There’s no droids! You weren’t there you can’t prove anything!”

Saving the day Oake-Won decided to use his Jedi Mind powers. “These are not the droids we’re looking for,” he said passing his hand over the Storm Troopers face. The Storm Trooper repeated it.

“And I will buy you smoothies!” Brock shrieked gleefully, waving his hand over the Storm Troopers face. The Storm Troopers just looked at him like he was insane and let them through.

“We need to find a spaceship,” Oake-Won told Brock as they pulled into a sleazy space bar.

“Ok. Shouldn’t we go to the Space Ships R Us?” Brock asked.

“We also need a pilot,” Oake-Won answered as they entered the sleazy space bar.


Inside they were met with flashing neon lights, loud music, and dancing alien floozies, which Brock immediately began to hit on.

“You must learn to control yourself young Padawan,” Oake-Won said to Brock after he sat down red in the face from the slapping he had received.

“Hey buddy. Do you want to hear about this great new offer from MegaHads? We have a special where-,” the alien said but was cut short because Brock had pulled out his lightsaber and chopped him up screaming, “TELEMARKETER!!!” The crowd burst into cheers.

Oake-Won ignored him and asked the bar tender where they could find a pilot. The bar tender merely pointed one of his many tentacles towards a man and a large yellow mouse in the corner, which was in a dark and mysterious corner.

“Oooh,” cooed Brock, “Dark and mysterious. Just like in the cartoons!”

Meanwhile outside the droids where having trouble selling the car.

“Only one thousand digits of whatever we use for money!” Traco yelled flagging down a passerby. He was knocked backwards.

“Beep, whirl beep,” [Watch the pro.] Toge-2 clinked.

“Oh sure. They can’t even understand you!” Traco barked back.

“Whirl beep clunk clink ching!” [Buy this car I’ll throw in the droid!] Toge-2 said. The car was bought by the next passer-by.

“What?! This wasn’t part of the plan!” Traco screamed as he jumped from the moving vehicle, got smashed by another, and finally made it back in almost one piece.

“Beep whirl clink?” [Where’s your arm?] Toge-2 asked.

Traco merely reached into his ear with his good arm and pulled out his other arm. “You don’t even want to know how it got in there,” Traco sighed and sat down.

Meanwhile, back in the bar, Oake-Won and Brock were approaching the two figures who could hopefully fly them off the desert planet.

“Excuse me,” Oake-Won said to the figures, “but are you the man and large yellow mouse sitting in a corner that the bar keeper pointed out to me, that were pilots?”

The man shook his head, “No,” he answered the old Jedi, “other corner.”

Not entirely sure Brock checked the script seeing only blank pages and games of tic-tac-toe, he threw it away.

They turned around and sure enough they saw the dark mysterious man and the dark mysterious large yellow mouse.

“Are you the man and large yellow mouse who can fly us off this desert planet?” Oake-Won asked. The man nodded.

“Fifty units take it or leave it!” Brock suddenly yelled. Everyone just stared at him.

“Alright One hundred units!” Brock yelled once again attempting to deal which so far was unnecessary.

“Brock. We need to find out his price first,” Oake-Won said calming him down.

“It’s one thousand units,” the man said, sipping some sort of liquid.

“Brock. You go check if the droids have sold the car. I’ll deal with the pilot,” Oake-Won said and Brock exited the bar, squinting in the bright sunlight.

Brock stumbled around a little bit and tripped across Traco who was sitting on the ground.

“Did you find a pilot?” Traco asked getting up. Toge-2 had repaired his arm.

“Yes. Did you sell the car?” Brock asked even though the car was clearly not there.

“Beep whirl,” [Maybe.] Toge-2 answered hiding the credits behind her back, an amazing feat without any arms.

“For one thousand units,” Traco said ruining Toge-2’s fun.

“Great! Let’s get smoothies!” Brock yelled.

“Don’t you need to hire a pilot first?” Traco questioned.

“You just had to ruin it didn’t you?” Brock grumbled and re-entered the bar with the units in hand.

“I got him all the way down to two thousand units!” Oake-Won proclaimed happily.

“Isn’t that higher then one thousand?” Brock asked giving a brief moment of sanity.

“Wait! You’re right!” Oake-Won said and turned towards the man.

“Alright. If you give me the one thousand units now I’ll fly you to where you need to go. Which is where exactly?” the man asked sensing danger.

“To the heart of the proto-type Death Star to rescue a Princess and save the galaxy from almost certain destruction,” Oake-Won said clenching his fist to bring the point across.

“Right. You see I’m going to have to charge extra for that,” the man said looking down at his partner, the big yellow mouse.

“But if you help us the Princess will be sure to reward you with vast treasure!” Brock said and had a fleeting picture of huge amounts of gold, which in this galaxy was a common metal and thus worthless.

“Alright,” the man relented, “I’ll fly you there.”

“Pikachu pi ka?” [Are you sure this is sane?] the large yellow mouse asked his partner.

“Nope. And since when have I been sane?” the man answered.

“My name is Brock!” Brock proclaimed dancing some.

“My name is Oake-Won-Kenobe, call me Oake-Won,” Oake-Won said and shook the mans hand.

“My name is Ash Solo. This is ChuPika, my partner,” the man said shaking Oake-Won’s hand.

They exited the bar and picked up the two droids who apparently had gotten into a fight with a parking meter and had been defeated mercilessly.

“My ship is in dock five hundred,” Ash said as they got to the docks. Brock read the sign on one of the doors. It said ‘Dock One’.

After they trudged all the way to dock five hundred they opened the door and almost made it to the ship when Storm Troopers entered the dock and began to fire at them.

Brock pulled out his light saber and charged them only to run into a pole and knock himself out. Traco and Toge-2 pulled him into the ship while Ash, ChuPika, and Oake-Won held off the Storm Troopers who were shouting stuff like, “apprehend the droid infidels! All for one and one for all! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Free internet service for the first two months!”

Our heroes got inside and took off, leaving the Storm Troopers extra crispy.

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