I’d like to start off by saying this basic idea for a fic has been in the back of my mind for a while. This fic is kinda, how should I put this? Strange. That’s the word! Well the cast is Ash, Misty, and Tracey. Plus Lewis and Karen from my first timeline of fanfics. This has nothing to do with Strange Legendaries. This fic will stand on it’s own. I decided Tracey instead of Brock cause… well you’ll see.

{Words in brackets} = my notes

(Words in parentheses) = Pokemon translations

Words in italics = telepathic thoughts or normal thoughts

{and for you really dense people} “Words in quotations” = someone talking

Ash and Misty were yelling at each other over who got who lost.

“Geez we’re siblings and we don’t fight as often as they do!” Karen yelled to Lewis over the yells of Ash and Misty. They were really yelling now.

After a while Ash and Misty kept fighting, unaware that they had been ditched for the sanity of others. And also bad was the fact no one knew were the other group was. Did this bother Ash and Misty? No! They just kept fighting.

“You should have let me or Karen use the map! At least us girls know how to read one!” Misty yelled at Ash ready for another challenge.

“Oh yeah?! Boys are much better then girls!” Ash yelled back, they were both blissfully unaware of the fact they were now standing outside a cabin with an old lady who was sweeping outside. The constant yelling kept irritating the old lady till she yelled at the top of her voice, which overpowered Ash and Misty, “WILL YOU TWO PLEASE SHUT UP!!!”

This startled Ash and Misty so much that they stopped and stared at the old lady. Then they realized that the group was gone.

“Well it seems your friends decided to get away from you two. I wouldn’t put it pass them either,” the old lady said. Her voice did not resemble that of an old lady’s. It was more like that of a woman in her older twenties.

“Now it seems to me that you need some magic help. Step into my cabin here and I’ll see what I can do,” the old lady said and had them follow her. They were to dumbstruck to hear the word “magic” clearly.

The inside of the cabin looked normal enough. Ash and Misty sat down in two oak wood chairs while the old lady went into a closet and muttered stuff to herself.

After about five minutes the old lady came back holding a bubbling orange potion.

“Drink this and you will see which one of you is right, and which is wrong,” the old lady said smiling wickedly and hurried into the closet again.

Ash and Misty just stared at the potion.

“You first Ash,” Misty said handing it to him.

“Ummm, only if you try it right after,” Ash said.

“Deal,” Misty agreed and Ash drank half the bottle. He handed it to Misty who drank the next half. After about a minute they began to feel dizzy. They collapsed into the chairs and dreamed a weird dream which told them of what was to come.

Meanwhile with Lewis, Karen, Tracey, and the Pokemon.

“I wonder where Ash and Misty are?” Thundy wondered. {Thundy is in this fic, a Pikachu who can speak English. She and Ash’s Pikachu like each other. ^.^}

“They can’t have gotten too far behind,” Tracey said setting up camp. They had decided to set up camp now and wait for Ash and Misty.

Suddenly Lewis’s and Karen’s and their two Pokemon who were connected to them by mind to mind perked up. The timeline was about to change and bracing themselves physically they were able to pass into the newly created timeline with knowledge of the last one.

Now back to Ash and Misty.

“Oh geez, what happened?” Ash muttered still groggy from being rendered unconscious. He rolled onto his back and his long hair was annoying him from underneath him. Then something in his mind clicked. He never had long hair. He suddenly turned over again to see Misty. She had changed to, but he knew it was her. The only thing was that she was now a guy. And he was a girl. He promptly fainted again.

After about half an hour Ash and Misty got back up with the old lady smiling evilly at the two of them. Ash and Misty looked at each and almost fainted again, but the old lady started talking.

“I can see that you now know what happened to the two of you,” the old lady smiled at the two of them.

“WHY?!” Ash and Misty screamed.

“Because you got me annoyed and I got some revenge?” The old lady asked.

“Huh?,” They answered nodding their heads slowly.

“That’s right. This is a curse,” the old lady said and got up.

“Why!” Misty yelled.

“I already told you,” the old lady said. “Oh and no one will realize the difference except for four others not including me or yourselves. In fact they are wondering how this timeline is any different from the old one. Now you need to know your names for this timeline,” the old lady told them bringing them to the door.

“Let me guess, I’m Ashley,” Ash said rolling his, eerr her, eyes.

“No your name is Alysha {Means, Truth, or Noble!},” the old lady said.

“And I’m?” Misty asked.

“You are Marlow {Means, Someone who lives by the lake on a hill!},” the old lady said and shoved them outside and closed the door. Alysha and Marlow {I’ll start using the new names now} turned around to protest but they found the cabin gone, replaced by forest.

After a bit of looking through the forest for their friends, Alysha complained.

“You know I don’t like being a girl and all but why did I come to wearing a skirt!” Alysha yelled to the sky.

“I think that is the least of your worries,” Marlow said and continued onward.

After a while they found the camp and Karen, Lewis, Charmander {Lewis’s best pokemon who is linked to Lewis}, and Umbra {Karen’s Pikachu who share the same link as Lewis and Charmander do} starting laughing when they saw them. Tracey, thinking this timeline was normal as possible, did not understand the sudden fits of laughter.

“I think we found out who knows the old timeline,” Alysha said whispering to Marlow.

Wiping away a tear of laughter Lewis got up.

“Glad you found us. Are you still fighting?” Lewis said trying to hold back another round of laughter.

“No we aren’t,” Marlow answered. The Misty turned Marlow had short orange hair and was slightly taller then what she, or he, used to be. He was wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue vest, and jeans, on her, eerrr, his head rested Ash’s fabled League hat. He was what most girls would say {At least I think. I’m a boy so this is kinda hard for me to write all this} handsome. The Ash turned Alysha was slightly shorter then he, or she, used to be. She had long jet black hair that went a little past her shoulders and a yellow ribbin in her hair. She had on a light brown shirt and a khaki skirt. She was what most guys would say pretty. {Geez I feel sorry for them}

“Well you guys are back just in time for dinner!” Tracey said still blissfully unaware.

“So do you need some finer points brought out on how to be the opposite sex?” Karen asked evilly.

“Uuuhhhh,” Alysha and Marlow said not sure.

“Here. I’ll read their minds,” Lewis said and after about two minutes he said he was done.

“Well that potion was powerful. The things the opposite sex does should come naturally for you so I’d be careful about your instincts,” Lewis said looking at the charred hotdog that was dinner.

“I think I’ll just have some fruit,” Karen said also looking at the hotdogs.

“Nope, he burned them too,” Alysha said looking at the accompanying bowl of fruit.

“Well I guess we should turn in,” Marlow said heading to the boys tent. He stopped, turned to the girls tent, shook his head and went in the boys tent. Thankfully Tracey was looking the other way or he would have found it odd.


A.N. How do like so far? Strange? Gross? Unbelievable? And as I said earlier I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a while but the final spark that set it into motion was Cyndaquil who wrote a one shot fic in which Ash gets turned into a girl. Funny till the end which becomes an Ash and May romance. Which brings me to the topic of… the founding of PFAAMR! Pokemon Fans Against Ash and May Romance. We haven’t really down anything yet but if you are interested send either me or Bookworm a shout and we will write your screen name {Like mines is Charmander and Pichu} down somewhere and e-mail and we will get back to you!


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