After the strange event that happened yesterday the group found themselves in the town of Slateport in Hoenn. They were going there because the then Misty had wanted to see the beach. And of course everyone was wearing the exact same thing as yesterday in the true Japanese anime form.

“So are you going to call your mom and Prof. Oak?” Tracey asked Alysha.

“I did say I’d call them when I got here…” Alysha said and everyone headed off to the Pokemon Center. After the calls were given everyone except Lewis decided to go to the beach. {If you read Strange Legendaries you’ll find out that Lewis is scared of almost all girls because of Preschool were the girls abused him by putting milk in his hair, spaghetti down his shirt and things like that.}

Getting dressed Alysha wasn’t entirely sure about his one and only bathing suit. It was to his outmost horror, a bikini. Karen said it was okay and they got to the beach with Alysha’s eye twitching slightly.

“Woho!” Marlow yelled and jumped into the water with her water pokemon swimming around him. Alysha released Squirtle, Totodile, and Kingler which she brought so they could enjoy the beach.

Thundy, Pikachu, and Umbra were making sand castles. Tracey’s Marill had joined the other water Pokemon. Togepi wandered about and finally settled down with the Pikachus and helped make sand castles.

“Come on in Alysha! The water’s fine!” Marlow called out. Alysha swam out to Marlow.

“So Ash, why are you wearing that?” Marlow said snickering at Alysha’s bikini. “It’s pink!”

“It was the only bathing suit I had,” Alysha said and then, “You shouldn’t call me Ash. Even if no one can hear us. We don’t want to slip up in public do we?”

“I guess you’re right,” Marlow said and dived under with Alysha following. Beckoning Alysha to follow him they went to this underground cave which had air.

“Oh wow! This is neat!” Alysha said looking around.

“Yah I know,” Marlow said smiling proudly that he found this place.

“What’s leads that way?” Alysha yelled toward a dark part of the cave which seemed to be endless.

“I’m not sure but we may want to get some of our Pokemon if we are going to explore it,” Marlow answered peering in.

“And something other then bathing suits to wear,” Alysha said.

“But you look so cute!” Marlow teased and grabbed her hand. He threw her lightly into the water and dived down to go back to the surface. Alysha followed.

After they had gotten Pikachu, Thundy, Squirtle and Staryu they also got an air tight bag with spare clothes and food and got back down to the cave. After some turning around and Pikachu guarding Alysha and Marlow were dressed back into their normal clothes and with their Pikachu’s using Flash they explored far into the cave. They stopped when they suddenly saw a huge cavern just open up, and inside was vast amounts of technology and scientists were running around everywhere, getting ready to do whatever it was they were going to do.

“Hey! You two!” a guard yelled and chased after the now running people and Pokemon. Marlow dived into a natural ditch and hid himself but Alysha wasn’t so lucky. She was roughly grabbed and dragged back screaming and kicking. The Pokemon were hiding with Marlow, unsure of what to do.

“We need to rescue Alysha!” Thundy said jumping up to the edge of the ditch. She wandered a few steps and was captured by a security robot who brought her down the same path the guard brought Alysha.

“(Oh no! Not Thundy too!)” Pikachu whined and was about to charge forward when Marlow grabbed his tail.

“Listen I want to rescue them too but we need to find another way to other then charge forward,” Marlow told Pikachu. Pikachu understood and they waited for what seemed like hours until the place shut down and everything was plunged into darkness.

“(Should I use Flash?)” Pikachu asked.

“No that would attract attention,” Marlow said and got up out of the ditch. He squinted in the darkness and after a few minutes he could see better. He and Pikachu wondered about until he found some goggles. A few small ones and some larger ones. He put one of the larger ones on and gave a smaller pair to Pikachu. They were night vision goggles which helped immensely. Marlow grabbed two more for Alysha and Thundy when they found them.

They wandered around some more until they found an elevator. They decided to risk it and went in. They went to the lowest floor. At the lowest floor there was light so they turned the goggled off and put them on their forehead. They heard voices in one door that was slightly ajar. It sounded like laughter.

“Did yah guys hear about the girl they captured? She, a boy and two Pikachus were seen running from here. They also got one of the Pikachus which I heard talks English. The other Pikachu and the boy haven’t been seen yet though. Probably ran like a chicken not giving his girlfriend a second thought,” One voice said followed by laughter. Marlow felt his blood boil. {Not literally!}

“(Let’s go!)” Pikachu whispered and tugged Marlow’s sleeve. They crawled past the door and got up and walk some more. Then they heard more voices. One of which was Alysha.

“Now tell us what you’re doing here! Did Team Aqua, Team Magma or Team Rocket send you?” a deep voice said. Marlow peeked into a window on the door and saw Alysha, so far not hurt and a large burly man with something in his hand.

“I told you already! My friend found this place and we wanted to look around. We’re just Pokemon trainers!” Alysha yelled.

“Very unlikely. Now admit you are with them!” the large man said holing up the object in his hand. Then a new voice, which came from a corner which they could not see said, “Don’t hurt her! She’s telling the truth!” it was Thundy.

“Shut up you stupid Pokemon!” the large man yelled at Thundy loudly. She went quiet.

“We have to do something!” Marlow said and stood up. Alysha saw him through the window but tried not to look happy. The large man was facing the opposite way so he did not see him.

“Thunderbolt Pikachu!” Marlow yelled rushing through the door with Pikachu right behind him sparks coming from his electric sacs.

The large man calmly turned around, knock Marlow unconscious with the tasor he was holding and lightly reaching into his pocket he captured Pikachu in a bubble that was similar to Thundy’s.

“Now you two are in for a treat. We have this experiment we need to get done but it is to dangerous to try on our people. I think you will do nicely,” the large man said. Then he rendered Alysha unconscious with the tasor. They woke up about ten minutes later tied in chairs. In front of them was a purple looking drink. They were tied up.

“Now you see those two cups? You are going to be forced to drink them. We will see if we get the wanted results,” a voice said from the shadows. He stepped forward and picked up one of the cups.

“Now either this will kill you or we get the results we want. Hope for the results we what,” The guy said and made his way to Marlow still holding the cup.

“Now should it be lady’s first or will you be the gentleman and drink it first?” the guy said laughing. Marlow just stared at him cold and said he would drink it first.

“Why is Misty drinking it first? And what are the results they want?” Alysha thought seeing the liquid go down Marlow’s throat.

“You next pretty girl,” the guy said and poured the liquid down her throat. It tasted really tangy and awful.

Suddenly Alysha and Marlow began to have convulsions and fainted. The next thing they knew they were in a cell. They were different now.

Both of them were older. Young twenties they both thought. Alysha’s hair was much longer, almost to her knees. Marlow’s hair was still short. Apparently they were given a cut and clothed with fitting clothes. They had also gotten their nails and such cut. I fact besides the obvious difference in age the only thing different was their clothes and Alysha’s hair length. Alysha was dressed in a tight, one piece black jump suit. Marlow had black sweat pants and a black shirt with long sleeves.

“Is this what they wanted to get done?” Alysha said staring at her hands.

“Yes more or less,” a new voice said. This one was different then the man earlier. In fact it was a woman. She was sitting outside their cell reading a book. She was wearing the same type of jumpsuit that Alysha was wearing.

“Who are you people? Where are Pikachu and Thundy? What did you do to us!” Marlow yelled grabbing the bars.

“We are Team Join. We are members of the other major teams who decided it would be better if we got together. So we started a new team. Your Pokemon are safe, and what we did was elevated your aging process until you became to your peak in physical condition. Then it slows the aging process so ten years is like one until about twenty-six or so when the aging process becomes normal,” the woman answered getting up peering at them. “We gave you the outfits that everyone here except the guards and scientist use and cut your nails and such. Really the only side effect.”

“You didn’t cut down my hair,” Alysha said.

“Oh don’t worry. Long hair is the latest fashion craze!” the girl said smiling and sat back down continuing to read.

“What is going to happen to us?” Alysha asked.

“You will be given a choice. Either join us or die. I’d join us,” the girl said. “Oh my name is Amy! I already know your names so don’t worry about that.”

After about ten minutes of waiting two people came in. One was a man wearing the same outfit that Marlow was wearing but it was light blue. Another was a woman wearing the same outfit Alysha was wearing but it was light blue like the man’s.

“You can either join us, or die,” the woman said stepping forward. Alysha and Marlow looked at each. And said in unison, “We’ll join you.”

“Good. Now you need to know something. The uniform you are wearing is the same type as everyone’s else. But it is black while ours is light blue. Black means you are a Grunt and can be ordered by anyone other then another Grunt. A green uniform means you’re a Grunt but a cut above the rest. They’re four of them and only a few people become those. A Red uniform means you are the next level up from Grunt. Anyone other then your equals, grunts, or low level scientists can tell you what to do. They are the main source of our army. A dark blue uniform means you are one of the Elite members. Only People in light blue uniforms like ourselves or the three highest scientists can boss you around. And finally there is light blue. there are only five light blues at a time. Hey are the leaders of this team and they answer to no one but each other when big decisions come to play. Now every Grunt is given a chance to pass by going through a training session then a virtual program to get a Red uniform. Your training starts tomorrow and…” the man said when an explosion was heard. And then in a faint voice called, “Alysha! Marlow!” It was Lewis.


A.N. A new twist! They are now older and Lewis, and Karen are here to rescue them! Hopefully they can get back to normal! I do not own pokemon and this goes for all parts of this fic.