After some really cool battle scenes, awkward moments of explanation and the teleporting away from Team Join they found themselves back in Slateport.

“Where’s Tracey?” Alysha asked looking around.

“He went back to Pallet cause he got an urgent message from Prof. Oak,” Karen answered.

“I think you guys need some new clothes,” Lewis said seeing their all black uniforms.

“Leave that to me!” Karen yelled. She grabbed Lewis and left Alysha and Marlow waiting in the alley they were in. After about an hour Karen finally came back with one shopping bag followed by Lewis carrying quite a few. Charmander and Umbra were right behind them. Karen shifted through some bags while Lewis sat down to recover.

Karen pulled some jeans and a blue shirt and gave it Marlow. She shifted around some more and gave Alysha a blue skirt and a light blue shirt.

After they had gotten dressed with the help of the two physics blocking anyone from seeing or coming Lewis pulled out Ash’s league cap.

“I found this and thought I better get it,” Lewis said holding the hat out. Marlow took it and making it bigger around he put it on his head.

“Great what are we going to do? I’m a girl and I’m twenty something!” Alysha said sitting down on the ground close to tears.

“Well I did get something from the base but I’m not sure it’ll work,” Karen said holding up a green liquid in a vial. “it said it reverses the age process for what you guys took. Lewis may have done all the fighting but I got some info.”

“So let’s take it! It would be better if we were our age,” Marlow said. “God I wish I could be me again.”

“One problem. It’s untested completely. Not even a scan to see if it may do what intended,” Karen said.

“I don’t care!” Alysha said and grabbed the vial. She drank half of it and passed it to Marlow who gratefully drank the other half.

“(Alysha!)” Pikachu yelled and ran up to her. Suddenly something came to him and Thundy. They both turned to Charmander and Umbra. Pikachu and Thundy now remembered the older timeline and knew why they were even more distressed.

After a minute nothing happened.

“Well what are we going to do?” Marlow asked.

“Ummmm,” Karen stammered all of a sudden. Marlow and Alysha were getting smaller and younger. Soon they were their old age. Thankfully Karen full saw this and had their clothes get smaller with them.

“You guys are your old age at least,” Lewis said making sure they were all right.

“What should we do,” Alysha said, “to break this spell?”

“Maybe we should go to Pallet and think it over. You can tell us exactly what happened,” Lewis said. Using Lewis’s and Karen’s physic powers they teleported only half a mile from Alysha’s house.

“Should we have your mom see the old, right timeline or keep her unaware?” Karen asked.

“You guys can do that?” Marlow asked.

“Charmander and Umbra did for Pikachu and Thundy. So I know we can,” Karen answered.

“That’s really Ash’s decision here,” Lewis and looked at Alysha.

“I guess so. Maybe she can help,” Alysha said.

“Right!” Everyone said and walked to Alysha’s house.

“Okay we go in, tell her and have her become of aware of the right timeline. If she gets hysterical we put her back in this timeline. Okay?” Lewis said walking up the front path with everyone else.

They knocked on the door. Ms. Ketchum opened it and after a moment she rested her eyes on Alysha and grabbed her. She hugged her and said it would be alright. Lewis was stunned put saw that Karen was giving her, ‘Oh me? I had nothing to do with it smile’. He glared angrily at his sis and walk in behind Marlow.

As Karen closed the door behind her Ms. Ketchum was talking a lot to Alysha. Apparently she had gotten over the shock her little boy was now her little girl.

“Oh I knew something bad would happen to you! I didn’t want you to go and know I will keep you here so you’ll never get in trouble again!” Ms. Ketchum said and hugged Alysha even more. “You are going to stay here no matter what! No more Pokemon battles, no more traveling and no more leaving Pallet!”

“How are you going to accomplish that?” Marlow asked.

“Why I’ll never let either of you leave Pallet! Just think of what would happen if your sisters knew what happen!” Ms. Ketchum yelled and hugged Marlow as well.

“Okay this is getting out of hand!” Lewis said and he concentrated. Ms. Ketchum kept going on and on about how they were never going to leave Pallet when Charmander, Karen, and Umbra joined Lewis in trying to get Ms. Ketchum into the new timeline. It wasn’t working.

“Oh and don’t try making me unaware again you people! I do have some secrets!” Ms. Ketchum said and she smiled at Karen, Lewis and their pokemon and teleported them away.

“Now for your Pokemon. I’m sure Prof. Oak wouldn’t mind watching them,” Ms. Ketchum smiled sweetly and their Pokemon were gone.

“Now you two look all dirty! Why don’t you go and get cleaned up with a shower and stuff. You have clothes in Alysha’s room. Where the ones that I have out for you. I always wanted a daughter!” Ms. Ketchum told them adding the last part almost like an afterthought.

Marlow and Alysha made no attempt to move but with much physic prodding they went upstairs and got the new clothes. Alysha had a tight, strapless, light blue dress. She also got a light blue ribbon instead of her yellow one. Marlow had a blue shirt and nice blue pants, and instructions to leave his hat up here.

After they got cleaned up and dressed they went downstairs where Ms. Ketchum was waiting.

“You look so nice! But Alysha! Your hair is a mess!” Ms. Ketchum said and got a comb. She instructed her to sit down on a stool. Alysha’s hair was a little past her knees now. “And you got this ribbon all wrong!” After Ms. Ketchum was done Alysha had her hair up some put it was still almost to her knees. Her ribbon kept some of her hair up also.

“There you go! You both look so nice! We have a guest for dinner. His name is Rudy and he came from Orange Islands to see you Alysha! I remember when you told me about him. He seems to have a big crush on you!” Ms. Ketchum said and brought them to the dinner table. Rudy was indeed sitting their, along with May, Gary’s older sister.

“And May also dropped by to check to see how guys were and I invited her for dinner!” Ms. Ketchum said. She had them sitting so that the only available spots were sitting next to May or Rudy. They couldn’t sit next to each other. Ms. Ketchum guided Alysha to sit next to Rudy and Marlow sat down next to May.

After about two minutes of awkward silence Ms. Ketchum came back with a lovely ham in a delicious gravy. After the meal Rudy got up and excused himself for some fresh air. Ms. Ketchum using her physic powers got Alysha up and had her follow him but not before Alysha gave a look of despair to Marlow. Ms, Ketchum then got up to do the dishes leaving Marlow and May alone.

“I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this, but My grandpa, Prof. Oak, is having a party. I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me. You know, as a date,” May said pretending to be shy. Before he could protest he found a yes popping out of his mouth. He heard a slight giggle from the kitchen and realized it was Ms. Ketchum’s doing.

And outside with Alysha and Rudy.

“You know I never could quite figure out how you beat me and left with that Marlow. I always liked you and still do,” Rudy said and took both of her hands. Alysha’s brain was going, “Yes he’s going to kiss me!” but the part that was still Ash was going, “AAHH!!! He’s going to kiss me!”

Alysha said nothing and Rudy went closer to her and asked her if she would go with him to Prof. Oak’s party. The part that was Ash was fighting with the part that was Alysha, but Alysha won and said yes. Ash had to retreat to the back part of his mind as he saw the newly feminine side of him take control. Rudy then tentively gave her a short kiss on the lips and left saying he would she her tomorrow at seven. May then came out smiling and waved goodbye to Alysha as she got on her bike and pedaled away.

Stunned Alysha went in the house and saw Marlow. There the real Ash grabbed control.

“Misty! I just said yes to go with Rudy to the party! I think I’m becoming more of a girl!” Alysha hissed then lost control.

The Misty turned Marlow just looked up and asked, “Who’s Misty?”