The next day Alysha and Marlow got up. Alysha was angry at her mom for saying she couldn’t go on adventures anymore but she really didn’t care. She had a date with Rudy tonight. It was after breakfast when she began to get ready. She was in the middle of brushing her teeth when something came over her.

“No! this can’t be right!” she said to herself and pushed the thought away. The Ash part of her was wary and beaten but still there. He decided to keep low.

Marlow was humming to himself while washed his face after Alysha was finished in the bathroom. He mutter that girls always took so long in the bathroom when a thought hit him. He pushed it away with the easiness that Alysha had done to her’s. The Misty in him was also beaten like Ash, but also like Ash still hanging on and hiding low.

At six fifty Marlow leaved to get to the party and May. He was wearing nice black pants, a dark blue shirt, and nice shoes. His orange hair was combed and in order. He waved bye and left.

Alysha was wearing a greenish blue dress that had straps. It hugged her body and she also had nice gloves to go with the dress. She was wearing high heels of the same color and had a purse of also the same color. Her hair was cut to her waist and she had a blue ribbon in her hair. A little before seven Rudy arrived and arm in arm they walked down to Prof. Oaks for the party.

“Everything is going perfectly,” Ms. Ketchum said using her own physic powers to change her appearance, she follow Rudy and Alysha to the party.

“You look great May!” Marlow said looking at May. May had a yellow strapless dress on and was wearing her hair down.

“Thank you! Look it’s Rudy and Alysha! Let’s go say hi! Maybe we can make this a double date,” May said running her hand over his cheek.

Marlow just nodded and they walked down and began talking. Rudy was wearing a green shirt, and nice khaki pants.

Prof. Oak was going around saying hi to everyone. He stopped with a woman who had blonde hair to her shoulders, wearing a green dress for a little longer then most people. Oak said that she was his niece, Connie.

It got later and the boys separated from the girls and they went to different rooms. Surprisingly each group decided to play the same game. Truth or Dare! First the guys.

They spinned a bottle to see who the first victim was. It was Marlow.

“Truth or Dare?” Gary asked.

“Dare!” Marlow said.

“Alright I dare you do…” Gary said thinking, “eat a worm!”

Now even though Misty was now mostly Marlow he still didn’t like bugs.

“You won’t give me another dare would you?” Marlow asked pleading.

“Nope you have to do that!” Gary said a look of evil in his eyes.

“Gulp. Okay,” Marlow said. After some digging through the small garden in the window, swallowing, and brushing of teeth the dare was complete.

The game went kinda like that with one gross or embarrassing dare or embarrassing truth. Now for the girls!

“Truth or Dare?” a girl asked Alysha.

“Dare!” she said loudly, glad it was finally her turn.

“Wait I have an idea!” another girl said jumping up. Doesn’t May and Alysha look alike?”

“You know they do! I never really noticed that,” the girl who was going to give the dare said.

“So if I may can I dare both of them?” the girl asked.

“Certainly,” the first girl said.

“Okay I dare Alysha and May to pretend to be each other for the rest of tonight and tomorrow!” the girl said.

“Fine,” May and Alysha said.

“First thing’s first. Switch clothes!” one girl said speaking up. After some changing and redoing of hair they did indeed look like the other.

“Okay now everyone needs to keep this going! If we’re lucky we can fool their family as well!” the girl who dared Alysha and May said.

Meanwhile right outside of Pallet.

“Great we are trapped out here! We need to get to Ash and Misty for help!” Lewis yelled sliding down against a tree.

“We can’t Ms. Ketchum is a very powerful physic. The only way we may be able to get in is if Sabrina is willing to train us,” Karen said punching a tree and hurting her hand, “ow!”

“That’ll take to long! We need to get in within the next twenty four hours or they will think they have been that way forever and will thank we are crazy,” Lewis said.

“I guess maybe we need to change too,” Karen said smiling evilly.

“Oh no! I’m not doing that!” Lewis said learning of Karen’s plan.

“Well at least we will stay ourselves and this guy is good! I’ve known him for years!” Karen said, “Besides they need to be saved and this is the only way how. And maybe it will get your fear of girls gone.”

“I know this is the only way to save them but isn’t there anything else we can do?” Lewis protested.

“Not that I can think of,” Karen said.

“I guess it’s our only choice,” Lewis said and they teleported to where they needed to be.

“Mr. Warren? Are you here? Lewis and I need your help!” Karen yelled through the door of a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

“Yes I know! Come in!” a man’s voice said and the door opened wide.

Mr. Warren was a forty year old man who was busy mixing liquids together.

“So you need what your friends Ash and Misty drank only not as strong and evil,” Mr. Warren said bluntly. He got up and took a potion from his shelf he handed it to Karen.

“Now you won’t faint or anything and the timeline will remain the same. But this Ms. Ketchum will think you are different people even if go up to her and admit who you are. Now this will wear off when Alysha’s and Marlow’s does, or if you come here defeated and want to return to normal. You see I’m a nice guy,” Mr. Warren said.

“Bottoms up,” Karen said and drank half the potion an handed it to Lewis. He gulped uneasily and also drank half. Karen soon became a boy and to Lewis’s great displeasure, he became a girl. Mr. Warren said they wouldn’t faint but Lewis almost did when he saw himself. His hair was still dark brown but it was longer and went about six inches past his shoulders. He was wearing a pink shirt and tight blue jeans. He would have fainted if Karen didn’t stop him. She had her brown hair the same color but it was in the way that Lewis had it. She was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.

“How about your name be Louise,” Mr. Warren said rather then suggested to Lewis, “And yours is Kareem.” he added to Karen. {Actual names! I looked them up!}

“Well don’t you have friends to save?” Mr. Warren said and pushed them out the door. Charmander and Umbra were shocked to see their trainers.

“You need to get something else to wear if we are going to a party Lewis,” Kareem said looking at Lewis turned Louise.

“Like what?” Lewis asked.

“I have this dress for you to wear!” Karen said and going to her backpack she pulled out a strapless pink dress.

“Does it have to be pink?” Lewis asked worried.

“We aren’t advanced enough to change things so yes,” Karen said and handed Lewis the dress. She then went to Lewis’s bag and pulled out a green checkered polo and some khaki pants. After Charmander and Umbra did some concealing they changed and teleported to Pallet, only a five minute walk to Oak’s house.

“What is our story going to be?” Lewis asked nervously getting closer.

“We are going to be trainers that he started off a couple years ago and invited us. We can make him believe that,” Karen whispered and knocked on the door.

Oak opened it and saw Louise and Kareem.

“How nice to see you two! The best behaved siblings I’ve ever seen! Sorry you came late. The girls are on the right and the boys on the left. I believe they are playing Truth or Dare,” Oak said and Lewis and Karen went their separate ways.

“Hi?” Lewis asked nervously as he entered. Everyone looked up and those who were “supposed” to know him said hi back. He or really she sat down in an empty spot next to Alysha.

“Hello Alysha!” Louise said cheerfully.

“That’s May! This is Alysha!” one girl said pointing to was actually May.

“Never try to fool a physic,” Louise said.

“I forgot you were physic Louise. Well this is a dare so you can’t tell anyone ok?” Alysha asked.

“I won’t,” Louise said but she physically told Karen.

“I’ve been thinking things over and talking to Mr. Warren mind to mind. You may not believe this but the way to break this is for Ash and Misty to kiss. That means we have to get Ash and Misty in control and they need to kiss. The last part should be easy enough, it’s the first thing I’m worried about,” Karen told Lewis mind to mind. Lewis just nodded slightly.

“Let’s do something other then Truth or Dare,” how about we play hide an go seek?” May suggested getting up.

“Okay! But we can’t play that in our nice dresses!” Alysha said.

“I have plenty of clothes you girls can borrow!” May said and opened her closet. Lewis got a khaki skirt and a tight pink top.

“Errrr, do you have anything else I could borrow for this game?” Lewis asked uneasily.

“No I don’t just barely had enough for everyone,” May said. Lewis excused himself and got changed in the bathroom. {Back pervs! Back!}

With the boys.

“Truth or dare is getting boring. Let’s play video games!” Gary yelled and ran over to his entertainment system. He had four Tvs and all the systems.

“Super Smash tournament!” Someone yelled and the tournament commenced. They had teams on which they battled and with a stroke of luck Karen got paired with Marlow.

“So Marlow how are things going?” Karen asked wondering how to get Misty back in control.

“Good!” Marlow answered and picked up his controller. He chosed Young Link and Karen chosed Link.

Karen and Marlow won but not before where Karen almost went into his mind to drag Misty back into control. That may be a good idea but first they needed to get Marlow and Alysha back together.


A.N. At first I was going to call this Gender Confusion but decided not to. I will call it A Potion is Worth a Thousand Genes. Haha! Well only a few parts left so hang in there!