In the early morning when everyone was asleep Lewis awoke and looked around. Darn it! He thought I wasn’t suppose to fall asleep!

He looked around and saw that Alysha was still here, sleeping. He also saw another girl staring at him.

“I know you are Lewis, Louise. I’m am Delia Ketchum and did you think you could really hide from me?” the girl said and got up. A flash came across Lewis’s mind. This was Delia as a teenager. He remembered it from Ash’s house when he was looking at all the pictures on the wall.

“You will pay for your insolence! You did however try to help your friends so you made a sacrifice. Well I don’t think you are going to like this! I shall place the same spell Ash and Misty were placed under! You will not become yourself until they do. Which will become impossible at eight o’ clock tonight! You will become a girl inside and out! But for Karen she will have a much worse punishment. She will return to normal and have to see you become a girl! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Delia yelled evilly. No one seemed to hear it besides Lewis and herself.

“(NOT SO FAST!)” Charmander yelled teleporting to Lewis’s side.

“Charmander! You’re here to help! Well flame thrower!” Lewis yelled pointing to Delia. She simply made it vanish with a flick of her wrist.

She pointed at Lewis and a rainbow of colors swarmed out from her finger and it headed straight for him. Lewis braced for it but was only hit with a small fraction of it because Charmander used a powerful Barrier to block the rest.

“No matter. The bit that hit you will double it’s power every other hour. It’s four now and that was 1/64th. So that means in twelve hours you will be a girl! Now good-bye Lewis, or should I say Louise?” She smiled evilly and disappeared. Where she had been lying now lied Karen, a girl now. Lewis quickly got her up why Charmander reluctantly teleported away.

“Oh my! What happened?” Karen asked.

“Ms. Ketchum paid me a visit. She got me 1/64th girl and it doubles every other hour. I’ll will be full girl in twelve hours. Which is at two o’ clock. So I go before Ash and Misty…” Lewis said trailing off.

“and then it will probably impossible for me to get this done,” Karen finished.

“Right. Should we go with your plan?” Lewis asked.

“No go. I tried getting into Alysha’s mind but Ms. Ketchum stopped me. But I got a glimpse and not much goes through her mind,” Karen said shaking her head. They both stared at the wall and fell asleep until ten A.M.

“Let’s see it’s 10:10 so that means I’m now 1/8th girl on the inside,” Lewis said thinking. “Geez this Louise person seems to only think about her looks or I’m getting the thing in chunks of personality at a time,” Lewis said.

“I think we need to get this done in two hours, because after twelve you stop having the majority and Louise gets it control more,” Karen said. This didn’t really boost Lewis’s confidence.

“We need to get them alone for a while,” Karen said.

“Umm, Karen?” Lewis asked.

“What?” Karen asked.

“Louise isn’t physic. So the more I become her the less physic I become,” Lewis told her.

“Well hopefully you won’t need to use physic powers,” Karen said.

“Hi Karen! Hi Louise! It’s hot out so all the kids are outside having a water fight,” Prof. Oak said sitting at the table.

“Errr, we’d love to join them but we don’t have any bathing suits,” Karen said. “and we need to see Alysha and Marlow.”

“Well they are outside and you don’t go out there if you want to get wet. May is right outside the door so ask her for a bathing suit,” Oak said and began to read the comics.

After they talked with May they went to her room and opened the closet.

“Geez Lewis. You must be the unluckyess boy in the world. She only has bikinis,” Karen said giggling.

“Very funny. Why don’t you get them and bring them in?” Lewis suggested.

“Oh no. I can’t get both of them with Ms. Ketchum watching us,” Karen said and handed him and blue bikini. She got a green one.

After they got changed they went outside and were immediately bombarded with water balloons by the boys.

“I will have my revenge Karen,” Lewis whispered to her.

“Deal,” Karen said and ran to what hopefully was the girl camp.

“How are we going to get them together?” Lewis asked once they were safe. He spied Alysha not to far from them holding a water gun and already soaked.

“Drive them to each other. We separate Marlow from the rest and chase him down to where we will have Alysha waiting because she is going to be told to get there,” Karen told him. Suddenly May walked up and told Alysha she was supposed to go to the big oak in the back for instructions. The land around Oak’s house all had nice soft grass but also had bushes and trees everywhere.

After Alysha had left Lewis glanced at his watch. It was almost noon.

“We have to hurry. It’s almost noon!” Lewis told Karen as they left. Luckily they found Marlow all alone. It made the job that much easier.

Alysha crept slowly to the big oak tree. She had her water gun in hand and a water balloon in the other. When she got to the oak she saw Rudy right by it.

She figured she was supposed to get him, but she also told to get instructions. Maybe Rudy joined us she thought. She stepped out and smiling she saw Rudy wave bye when she fell in a hole. A muddy hole at that. She almost screamed but stopped when Rudy yelled hey! And had to run away from a barrage of water shots. She then saw Louise walk up to the hole. She peered in and lost her footing and fell in too.

“Hi Louise!” Alysha said cheerfully. It was 12: 15 now.

“Hi Alysha! That’s a cute bikini you got on!” Louise said cheerfully.

“You think?” Alysha said happily but something came over Louise suddenly with a shake of her head.

“We need to get out of here,” Louise said looking around at the wall. It was impossible.

“Need some help up?” Karen asked looking down. She held out her hand a Lewis grabbed it. She began to pull him, or her, up. Suddenly she slipped and fell down also.

“Well this is a fine howdy do!” Karen said getting up. “I’ve had enough games now. I’m going to get us out!” Karen began to glow with a purplish aura but it soon diminished. She tried again but to no avail.

“What’s wrong?” Lewis hissed.

“Someone blocking my physic energy. Three guesses who,” Karen said. Suddenly Marlow, Gary, Rudy and some other boys all brought there water guns to bear from above them.

“I loathe Ms. Ketchum,” Karen said as they were all brought up with a rope. They were brought to the boy’s base.

“Are you going to tell us where the girl’s base is or are we going to have to pour mud all over you?” Gary questioned Lewis, Karen, and Alysha.

Lewis was just rocking slightly saying something over and over again, Alysha was horrified at the idea of mud in her hair. Karen was trying to figure out a way to get Marlow in here. It was 12: 40.

“(We need to do something! I suggest we break into Oak’s lab. Free Pikachu and Thundy and force Marlow and Alysha all alone so hopefully they can get back to normal,)” Charmander said to Umbra.

“(Good enough for me. Let’s do it!)” Umbra said and starting running to Oak’s lab and impressive speed. Charmander easily followed.

At the lab.

“Pikachu! I want to get back to our real timeline! I don’t wanna be in this lab for the rest of my life!” Thundy said. Both her and Pikachu were in a electric proof cage. Pikachu and Thundy both tried Iron Tail as well but it barely scratched it.

“(I know neither do I. But at least we aren’t both halfway across the lab from one another),” Pikachu said patting her back.

“(Don’t get to comfortable cause the calvary is here!)” Charmander yelled and rushing the cage he broke a hole with a powerful Rock Smash attack.

“Yah! You’ve come to rescue us!” Thundy yelled and hopped through the hole followed by Pikachu.

“(Come on guys and girl, we have a timeline to restore),” Umbra said. They headed outside and easily found Karen, Lewis, and Alysha. Gary was with them asking them where the girls base was. Alysha was cringing from the threat of mud in her hair, Karen was thinking of something and had a blank expression on her face. Lewis was rocking back and forth muttering something.

“Me and Pikachu will get Marlow why you guys get Gary away from here,” Thundy said. She and Pikachu scurried off and found Marlow. All Charmander and Umbra had to do to scare off Gary was use a Scary Face technique.

It was now 1:00.

“Hello Marlow,” Karen said when he stepped into the small clearing where they were.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened. Two Pikachus seemed to have herded me over here,” Marlow said.

“I believe you. Know do the names Ash and Misty ring a bell?” Karen asked.

“No. No they don’t,” Marlow answered looking puzzled. Karen tried some more, stating memories that wasn’t in this timeline, moments of victory, and all sorts of stuff. She even directed some at Alysha but to no effect as well besides a puzzled look on their face.

“I have an idea!” Thundy said suddenly hopping in front of Karen.

“Thundy! Are you here to rescue me?” Alysha asked sweetly.

“In a way yes,” Thundy said. She took a deep breath, and them all of a sudden started to sing, “Ash and Misty sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Karen joined in as well, “First comes love, then comes marriage! Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!”

Alysha and Marlow started to look at Karen and Thundy like they had gone mad. But then.

“Oh my god! What happened?” Alysha said looking down and around.

“Ash? Misty? That actually worked?” Karen asked bewildered.

“Apparently so,” Marlow said.

“To break the curse you have to kiss!” Karen said quickly.

“We do?” Alysha asked.

“Yes! Now hurry before you lose control!” Karen yelled. It was 1:15 now.

Marlow went over to Alysha because she was tied to a chair. He quickly bent down and after looking in her eyes for a second, they kissed. It wasn’t very long because almost as soon as their lips touch, Ms. Ketchum teleported there. She was screaming.

“You are not going to take my Alysha away from me!” MS. Ketchum roared and all of a sudden a huge wind picked up causing everyone to close their eyes. After the wind died down Lewis was back to normal in his normal clothes. Same for Misty. When they looked over at Ash, he was gone.

A.N. I’m keeping this fic going a little longer. It’s fun to right and I hope it either made you laugh, go “wah?” or heaven forbid, cry. Well see yah next part.