“I can’t give up Pikachu. He’s my best non human friend. We’ve been through thick and thin and Pikachu has sacrificed plenty for me,” Ash said and got up.

Suddenly a scream was heard and Thundy came running out of the room where the old lady had gone to. She was carrying a purple potion in her mouth and heading for the door when suddenly the house disappeared and everyone was someone where else.

“So you thought to grab and run? Well I no longer want your precious Pikachu! In fact you now have no choice to become a boy! Now drink the potion or your friend Misty gets it,” the old lady’s voice said in the darkness. In front of Ash appeared the brown potion and farther along was the old lady with poison in her hand and Misty tied down.

“You are a monster!” Ash yelled.

“So I may be. Now drink that Alysha,” the old lady said and brought the poison closer to Misty.

“My name is Ash Ketchum and I will have revenge,” Ash said. He grabbed the potion from the table and…

“Interesting choice human. We never would of thought you chosen that!” a strange voice said.

“Yes, very interesting. These humans required more study,” another voice chimed. Then Ash woke up. He was completely normal.


A.N. The ending is based after an Animorphs book. I was thinking of a way to end this and it just came to me. So don’t sue me for using this ending cause I don’t own it and I said that K.A. Applegate used it first. At least as far as I know she used it first. Well I hope you liked this fic. More to come on other fics! See yah!


Charmander and Pichu