Strange Legendaries

The Battle of Titans

Part 6.

“Ok guys, we are about to go down a long and dark slide to were we need to be. Besides Ash and Pikachu who have to go to anyone or any of your pokemon not want to go?” Lewis asked them in a quiet whisper.

“Why are you whispering?” Ash asked quite loudly.

“Because if we are being followed or someone beat us here I don’t want them to know we are hear,” he answered back.

“I’m ok! Are you ok with it Togepi?” Misty asked Togepi.

“Togepi! Pi, togepi, togepi, pi?” ( I am ok with that mommy. Why doesn’t daddy and brother get to choose? )

At this everyone except Misty and Ash were on the floor laughing. Misty and Ash both looked as though they would vomit.

“That’s not funny!” Both Ash and Misty yelled, their voices echoing off the walls of the cave.

“MnnHA! Ok lets go!” Lewis said as he pushed an unseen button on the supposedly blank wall of the cave. Instantly a door appeared. It had relics of ancient pokemon with several people in them to. “Through this door.” He opened the door and a long slide that looked as it hasn’t been clean in years was there.

“Ew! Maybe I don’t want to go!” Misty said observing the filthy horror.

“Togepi!” ( me first! ) the small egg pokemon yelled. She leaped from Misty’s arms and jumped onto the slide.

“Pikachu, Pi!” ( I’ll save her! ) Pikachu said and jumped unto the slide.

“Pikachu wait!” Thundy yelled jumping down also.

Umbreon then jumped onto the slide to rescue Thundy, who was then followed by Lewis. After that Charmander jumped muttering about not being responsible. Sensing that they were the only ones up there now Ash and Misty decided to go.

“Pikachu!” Ash yelled and jumped onto the slide.

“Togepi!” Misty then yelled after Ash had gotten some lead.

When they got down the supposedly filthy slide they were surprised to see that they were clean.

“Hey Lewis! Why aren’t we filthy from that slide?” Ash asked Lewis who was sitting on the ground waiting for them.

“No clue. Now to you have your crystal?” Lewis asked holding out his hand.

“Crystal? What crystal?” Ash asked thoroughly confused.

“The crystal you should have received when you first made mind to mind contact with Pikachu,” Lewis answered looking worried.

“Pikachu, Pika chu?” ( you mean like this? ) Pikachu said holding a crystal, shaped like a lightning bolt.

“Exactly like that. Now give it to Ash and you put it in the wall there,” Lewis told Ash pointing to a wall.

“Got it,” Ash answered.

When Ash was walking there he got stopped by a sudden gas coming from everywhere.

“Pidgeot Gust attack!” Lewis yelled as he threw a pokeball.

“Pidgeot, ot, ot, ot!” The large bird pokemon yelled blowing away the gas and several rocks.

“I see you’ve done some training Lewis,” a mysterious voice said.

“Who are you? Show yourself!” Ash cried, his voice echoing off the large rock walls in the cave.

“Charmander get ready,” Lewis told Charmander.

“Gotcha!” Charmander answered back.

“Pidgeot return!” Lewis said as the bird pokemon went back into his poke ball.

“You may know who I am but Lewis here is the only one to see me face to face,” the mysterious man said. Then he came from behind a boulder and revealed himself to be { dom, dom, dom, dommmm } Giovanni!

“So I finally found you son. Now come on home with me,” Giovanni said in an icy voice, cold as the stone around them.

“Never! And as far as I’m concerned I am not your son!” Lewis spat on the ground.

“Well if you won’t come willingly then why don’t we decide this as a pokemon battle,” Giovanni retorted fingering a poke ball.

“Fine. I can easily defeat you now!” Lewis said also fingering a pokeball.

“Go Rhyhorn!” Giovanni cried throwing the pokeball that was in his hands.

“Ivysaur, I choose you!” Lewis also cried throwing his pokeball.

“Takedown.” { for the battle the moves will have either L or G for either Lewis or Giovanni }

L: Doge and use Razor leaf!

Ivysaur jumped out of the way and Rhyhorn went smashing into the far wall with several rocks bounding here and there Charmander stopped them before they could hit anybody.

L: Use Solar Beam!

With the little light in the cave it went pitch dark and the only light source was from the Solar Beam charging, and Charmanders tail flame.

“So Giovanni, which one is Ivysaur?” Lewis said in the dark cave, where you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face.

The two lights were on either Rhyhorn’s right or left. “Go for the one on the right!” Giovanni shouted.

Rhyhorn obeyed and charged now on angry Charmander.

“Do it now Ivysaur!” Lewis yelled.

“IIIIIIIvyyyyyysaur!” Ivysaur yelled and fired the beam directly at Rhyhorn, knocking him out.

The light returned and an unconscious Rhyhorn was in the wall and an Ivysaur was looking triumphant.

“Rhyhorn return! Hmmm. You failed to stop me Lewis,” Giovanni smirked.

‘What do mean? I won this battle,” Lewis said fingering Ivysaur’s pokeball.

“You know the Prophecy as well as me. Figure it out,” He told his son fingering a strange poke ball in his hand.

Lewis looked puzzled then a look of realization came across his face. He uttered one word, “no.”

A blast from the wall behind happened suddenly sending rocks flying everywhere. Charmander and Thundy were quick to react and stopped them from hitting Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Ivysaur, and Lewis.

“I have been beckoned!” yelled a new voice coming from the wall that just exploded. The new voice was strange looking. It was six feet tall, had a long stringy tail, raptor like feet, a body shaped like a Charizard except it was covered in small pointy cones. Its hands were muscular and made like a humans. Even the hand. The head had a long neck and a blade in the back. On top of the neck was a dog like head, filled with sharp teeth and two sinister looking blades pointed forward like cannons on the edges of the top its head. And it was green. All of it except it’s white of it’s eye.

“Finally. Master Ball go!” Giovanni yelled throwing the strange looking pokeball he was handling earlier. The strange pokemon was absorbed and the ball started to shake violently in the air. It stopped and it returned to Giovanni.

“No,” Lewis whispered.

‘Oh yes Lewis. Now, will you come home?” Giovanni smirked showing his new found pokemon in its Masterball.

“Never!” Lewis shouted at the top of his voice, with it echoing off the walls.

“Well then. Go Mendcross!” He tossed the Masterball in the air and the pokemon from earlier came out.

“How may I serve you Master?” it asked when it came out.

“Kill them all. Except that Charmander,” Giovanni said pointing to Charmander. “He may be valuable.”

“Charmander!” ( no you won’t! ) Charmander said. He then fired a powerful Shadow Ball at Mendcross and teleported everyone away.

“Drats! Oh well. Just a minor set back. Come Mendcross, we have a world to enslave,” Giovanni said, then laughed an evil laugh so evil, it scared the cosmos itself.



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