Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Thundy, Charmander, and Umbreon were trying to cheer Lewis up. To him he had failed in his mission and there was nothing they could do.

“Sure there is!” Ash said. “we’ve saved the world four times already!”

“Yeh! Together we can do it again,” Misty said hoping to cheer Lewis up, like Ash was.

“No there isn’t! We can’t defeat Mendcross,” Lewis began “Unless… Charmander bring us back to the cave!”

“Charmander?” ( are you sure? ) Charmander asked.

“Yes! Let’s go!” Lewis said with renewed enthusiasm.

“Char,” ( ok ) he said and teleported everyone back to the cave.

Lewis wasted no time in reading some of the strange language that was depicted one the walls.

“Lets see, something about a fire ablaze on the tail of a lizard, a mouse with the powers of the sky, and one should not but can,” Lewis said deciphering the language.

“The first part is Charmander I am willing to bet, the mouse is probably Pikachu because of his lightning attacks, but the third part seems a little weird. Obviously a Pokemon who can do something they shouldn’t. But what?” Lewis said.

“All this thinking is making my head hurt,” Thundy said.

Lewis stared at Thundy and went wide-eyed. “Thundy! You are the last part! You can speak human but you shouldn’t and you don’t get hurt when you use electrical attacks!”

“I am?” Thundy asked confused.

“She is?” everyone else said.

“Yes I’m certain of it. But who is the person you are connected to?” Lewis sat down and thought.

“Boy this is confusing. I just wanted lunch and I turn out to be the key to saving the world!” Thundy thought.

“What was that?” Misty suddenly said. “I thought I heard something and it sounded like Thundy.”

“I didn’t say anything…” Thundy began.

“Misty are you ok?” Ash asked concerned.

“Yeh I am,” she said. I could have sworn I heard Thundy say something.

“Now I just thought I heard Misty,” Thundy said looking around.

Ash was, amazingly, the first to put it together. “Misty, Thundy! You must be connected!” He said jumping up and down. “You guys keep hearing each other when the other isn’t talking. You must be connecting with your minds!”

“You might be right there!” Lewis said. “Now hold still both of you, I need to be sure.”

Misty and Thundy went rigid and suddenly Misty and Thundy felt something, a poresence in each others mind. Misty felt Thundy’s mind and Thundy felt Misty’s mind.

Lewis sat down afterward. “That is exhausting!” He said.

“So are they?” Ash asked.

“Yes they are. Give me five minutes to rest, and then we need to find Mendcross, and my dad.”


A.N. Not long but I needed something. There should be at least two more parts and a epilogue. Possibly an alternate ending! If there is any of you who are wondering about Lewis’s past, don’t worry. When I finish this I will began one about Lewis in the past. Up to when he met Ash, Misty, and Brock in this one. Please send all reviews to Read Bookworm!