Strange Legendaries

Part 8.

Battle for Hope

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Ash, Misty, and Lewis were waiting in the waiting room inside Indigo Plateau. Lance, the Elite Four, and most of the Johto, and Kanto Gym Leaders were there. Only Surge, and Whitney were not there. They were debating on whether the menace of Giovanni and Mendcross was really a threat. Some talk was also heard of locking up Lewis. They say the apple never falls far from the tree.

“Why don’t they listen to me! Team Rocket is gathering its forces and there is more then enough evidence to support it. I should just go and take care of it myself. Why did I ever come here,” Lewis said with rage.

“Cause you said it yourself, not one person can beat all of Team Rocket and Mendcross at the same time,” Ash quoted.

Lewis stopped ranting, “True,” he said. “But they are just sitting on their bottoms doing nothing!”

After a few more minutes of this Lance stepped out followed by Bruno. Everyone took a deep breath to see what would be decided.

“We have decided not to heed the rumors of a child, and further more you will be put in Indigo Plateau Prison for you yourself could be conducted of treason,” Lance said looking at Lewis.

Lewis stumbled back. Bruno grabbed him and shoved him to the wall. Ash and Misty tried to stop him put were pushed back by Lance.

Lewis could barely breathe when he choked out two words. They were, “Let’s battle.”

Lance was unable to resist and agreed.

They went to the stadium and with Lance was almost certain he would win. The battle would be a three on three with one Pokemon at a time.

“Go Charizard!” Lance yelled throwing his Pokeball that was in his hand.

“Warturtle come on out!” Lewis yelled and summoned his water turtle Pokemon.

“Dragon Rage!” Lance yelled as his Charizard flew into the air preparing to attack.

“Dodge and use Hydro Pump!” Lewis yelled as his Warturtle spun out of the way and hit Charizard with a powerful water attack.

Charizard was down and Lance was surprised. “No matter,” he then said. “I choose Dragonite!”

His Dragonite was towered among Lewis’s Warturtle and a gave a smirk of determination.

“Blizzard!” Lewis yelled knowing type advantage very well.

“Thunder!” Lance also yelled using type advantage.

They hit and the middle and the Thunder overtook the Blizzard. It hit Warturtle and he went down collapsing after a good fight. Lewis returned Warturtle then thought for which Pokemon to use. He grinned and choose Umbreon.

“Use the move! First Double Team then Agility!” Lewis yelled with Umbreon now jumping everywhere not having any recognizable patter to be seen.

Dragonite couldn’t tell which was which and was soon pummeled by an Extreme Speed. After the assualt was finished Dragonite could barely stand. Lance was forced to return him.

“Alright enough games! Go Dragonite!” Lance yelled throwing out his strongest Pokemon. Dragonite roared and the whole stadium shook.

“Umbreon return! Finish him Charmander,” Lewis said his voice cool as ice.

“Charmander, Char,” ( sure thing ) Charmander said and leaped into the arena with Umbreon leaping out.

“Let’s finish him with one move! Physic Fire Blast!” Lewis yelled.

Charmander began to glow and the fire on his tail expanded. Charmander opened his mouth and sent a firey rage of physic and fire power straight at Dragonite. Dragonite tried to retalliate with a Hyper Beam but it did little to slow the rage. Dragonite was down and Lance had loss.

“Now will you listen to me Lance?” Lewis asked his attitude to normal.

After some evidence was shown the right people were called everyone was ready. A group of some of the Gym Leaders and three of the Elite Four would help distract the gaurds while Lance, Misty, Ash, Katherine, {she’s from the Gold/Silver/Crystal Elite Four, right before you battle Lance and uses Dark type Pokemon} Lewis, and their Pokemon. At first Lewis only wanted Ash, Misty, Thundy, Charmander, and Pikachu but it was a compromise.

They began on the early morn of the next Thursday.


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