What would happen if Misty got three wishes? Or Ash? Brock? Pikachu? Well I believe this would happen, based on my beliefs and the strange way of the world this is what I believe would happen. So sit back and enjoy.




“Oh wow! A Genii! That means I get three wishes right?” Ash asked the Genii.

“Yes. Now could you hurry up with it?” the Genie said leaning against a wall. He did not want to be here.

“Okay. Maybe I should wish to be Pokemon Master. No I should earn that. How about… That’s it! I wish I always knew which of my Pokemon to use in battles!” Ash yelled.

“Done,” the Genii said, “What are your other wishes?” the Genii asked.

“Hold on. I want to test out this wish first,” Ash said and did. The next day he had much more money because he knew which of his Pokemon to use.

“So do you have your second wish?” the Genii asked.

“Yes. I wish I could tell Misty my real feelings to her,” Ash said swallowing.

“Done,” the Genii said picking up a magazine. Ash stared down at his hands and ran out to find Misty and tell her. It then quickly turned into a date and Ash was pacing up and down Misty’s door with the Genii leaning on the wall by him. Did I forget to mention only Ash can see the Genii?

“What’s taking her so long? I must have been waiting twenty minutes already. I wish I knew why girls always took so long,” Ash said and then realized his mistake.

“Done,” the Genii said and in a poof of smoke Ash was somewhere else. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a mirror in front of him and a brush in his hand. The reflection was not his, but Misty’s. He fainted.




“Oh boy! Three wishes! I know my first wish! I wish girls would swarm to me!” Brock yelled.

The Genii just looked at him funny and said, “Done.”

Brock immediately ran outside for his dream come true. He was swarmed with girls but then he noticed something odd. Girl Pokemon were also swarming him. At first Brock didn’t mind because human girls were the abundance.

As the day wore on he manage to get into his hotel room and locked the door without any one getting in.

The door kept getting hit over and over again. Then it was knocked off it’s hinges and Brock saw that their were Pokemon with the human girls. Right before the girls swarmed him again Brock yelled, “I wish that I never wished my first wish!”

Suddenly the girls were gone and he had only one wish left.

“One wish left. What’s it going to be?” the Genii asked the panting Brock.

“Not sure,” Brock said through breathing.

“Well don’t take to long,” the Genii said and turned on the TV.

“I know!” Brock yelled after a commercial for soap, “I wish I could find the perfect girl for me!”

“Done,” the Genii said and vanished. Their was a knock on the door. Brock opened it and saw a Vulpix. He looked around and found out he was a Vulpix too…




“Three wishes. Now what should I wish them for?” Misty said. Then a slight pause and finally, “I wish Ash couldn’t be more then five feet from me!”

“Done, but I would like to know why. Before he gets here,” the Genii said keeping an eye on the door.

“Because whenever we get in fights we go to separate places and can’t find each other to say that we’re sorry,” Misty said.

“Thought it was about… Never mind,” the Genii said as Ash walked through the door and stopped about four feet from Misty.

“Are you coming Misty? We’ve been calling you for a while now,” Ash said and grabbed Misty’s hand and led her back outside with the Genii right behind them, invisible to all but Misty.

The day went well for Ash and Misty but Misty was hoping that she would be able to tell Ash her feelings. She couldn’t. So she made a wish similar to the one Ash would have made if he got three wishes.

It was a week later before Misty made her third wish, much to the Genii’s displeasure. It was made out of spite really.

“Ash pays more attention to Pikachu then to me! Even though we admitted our feelings to each other he still pays more attention to Pikachu! Well I wish Ash paid more attention to me!” Misty said.

“Done,” the Genii said then vanished.

Misty slowly opened her eyes. She was shorter, had longer ears, a tail, and yellow. She was a Pikachu!

“Come on Misty! We need to get going!” Ash said done to her. She immediately jumped on is shoulder.

“You never told me why you named your Pikachu Misty,” Brock asked.

“I’m not really sure. It just sorta popped in my mind,” Ash said and patted Misty on the head. Misty sighed. It wasn’t quite what she wanted but she did get her wish. She decided to just enjoy it.



“(My first wish is that I was a human! A clothed human),” Pikachu said quickly.

“Boy or girl?” the Genii asked.

“(You’re magic! You should know I’m a boy)!” Pikachu said angrily.

“Done,” the Genii said and Pikachu was a human. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about five foot seven. He had khaki pants, and a yellow shirt.

“Cool! Wait till Ash sees me!” Pikachu said and got Ash, told him he just poofed human, not telling him about the Genii and proved he had been Pikachu.

Ash. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu all enjoyed the day.

“Second wish?” the Genii asked.

“Not sure yet,” Pikachu said, then overheard Misty talking to Togepi.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have another girl to talk to? I know you’re a girl Togepi but another human girl,” Misty said to her egg Pokemon.

“I have an inspiration! I wish Misty had another human girl to talk to!’ Pikachu triumphantly.

“Done,” the Genii smiled evilly. Pikachu wondered why this was and looked down at himself. He was now a human girl, instead of a human boy.

“Aaahhh! This isn’t what I wanted!” Pikachu said.

“You should have specified,” the Genii said.

“Well I should! I wish that I would never see you again!” Pikachu yelled angrily then realized what he had just done.

“Done,” the Genii smiled evilly and vanished.


-Before the wishing-

“So you all saw what would happen had you found me individually. Whose wishes will you use?” the Genii asked Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu.

“All of them have bleak endings,” Ash said.

“Then we should choose the lesser of the two, or four actually, evils,” Brock said.

“(Not Misty’s because I cease to exist in hers),” Pikachu said.

“Not mine! No offense Misty but I don’t want to be you for the rest of my life,” Ash said.

“None taken, I wouldn’t want to be you either,” Misty said.

“I don’t want to be a Pokemon!” Brock said.

“(I am not being a different species and a girl)!” Pikachu said.

“How about you use the time tested way of flipping a coin?” the Genii suggested.

“But there is four of us,” Misty said.

“Then pair up. Flip a coin and the “winners” have their wishes done,” the genii said.

“Better than fighting,” Brock said agreeing. {I am really going to flip a coin. I did not decide the rest of this but coin flipping will be involved.}

The pairs were Pikachu and Brock, and Misty and Ash.

“Call it!” Brock yelled flipping the coin.

“(Heads)!” Pikachu yelled.

“Heads!” Brock said relived and showed Pikachu.

“Call it!” Ash yelled.

“Tails!’ Misty said.

“Heads,” Ash said downtrodden.

“You and Pikachu now,” the Genii said.

“Call it,” Ash said.

“(Heads),” Pikachu said.

The coin sailed through the air and Ash grabbed it coming back down. He put it down on the back of his hand and it said Tails.

{Now seriously I used a coin to decide what they called, then what it would be. If you don’t believe it well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.}

“You won Ash,” the Genii said and in a poof they were in the timeline were he had gotten the three wishes, not knowing of the game of “fate” played before.


A.N. Odd? Strange? Weird? Well this is somewhat odd and such. I hope you people like it.

I do not own Pokemon!

Charmander and Pichu