Christmas In July




Ash was busy decorating the house for Christmas. He strung lights up and placed a mistletoe here and there. He set up a tree and with some help from Pikachu and Thundy decorated the tree and made Christmas snacks. Then Misty walked in.

“Ummm, Ash? Why is your house decorated for Christmas?” Misty asked. She checked the calendar. It was July.

“Because it’s Christmas in July! Geez didn’t you read the title? Charmander and Pichu asked me to decorate for Christmas, and Pikachu and Thundy here are helping,” Ash said looking confused.

“Well why are you having this anyways?” Misty asked still perplexed.

“So that we can show the true meaning of Christmas!” Ash said happily, with him and the two Pikachu’s throwing there arms into the sky.

“Isn’t it giving and receiving presents?” Misty asked, still confused.

Ash, Pikachu, and Thundy stared at Misty like she was insane. Then Ash got an idea.

“Come on guys. We need to show Misty the true meaning of Christmas. In song!” Ash shouted and was abruptly stopped by the two Pikachus, with a Thundershock.

“Ok no song. How about a story! With a song!” Ash shouted and was shocked again.

“Alright just a story, no song,” Ash said and the two Pikachus nodded in approval.

“So how are you going to show me the true meaning of Christmas?” Misty asked.

“Through the wonders of scene change!” Thundy shouted. And now Misty was watching, it seemed to be very cold and snowy here, but she felt as she was still in the living room of the Ketchum House.

“Come Misty! We are in the North Pole! We’re off to see Santa!” Ash shouted and they all trudged till they came across this huge house.

“(We can just walk through everything! The wonders of imagination)!” Pikachu shouted and walked straight through a door. Everyone followed.

“As you can see all the Jynks are busy making presents. Even though it’s July, they still have to work so all the kids can get what they want. Now let’s walk down this hallway some more and see the big guy himself,” Ash said and they walked down the hallway and saw Santa. He was also busying making toys.

“Why is Santa making toys as well?” Misty asked.

“The True Meaning of Christmas: First Lesson. Joy. Joy is part of the True Meaning of Christmas,” Thundy said. Suddenly Brock appeared.

“You mean like Nurse Joy?” Brock asked hopefully. Everyone shook their head and Brock left the same way he came.

“I’m still not entirely sure what you mean,” Misty said.

“You see part of Christmas is the joy of giving and receiving presents. And of course Santa loves to make joy. He feels that every toy he makes brings joy to another person,” Ash explained.

“I think I get it now,” Misty said, “So what’s the second lesson?” Suddenly the scene shifted. It showed a bunch of little boys and girls in line to see Santa.

“As you know this is not the real Santa. But these kids believe it is,” Ash said.

“(The second meaning is Faith),” Pikachu said.

“Right. They have faith that Santa will bring them toys since they were good. They believe that Santa exists. It’s the unbridled mind of a child,” Thundy said.

“How many more lessons are there?” Misty asked.

“(As many as we need),” Pikachu answered.

“Next lesson!” Ash shouted and the scene shifted again. It was snowy and one person was trying to get his ca started again. It was in a hardly used road and he was stuck. Then another car came by. The second car stopped. Another man hopped out and gave the first guy’s car a jump, and they both drove off, away from the storm.

“The third lesson is Goodwill. Being good towards others and not expecting anything in turn,” Ash explained. Misty nodded and the screen changed again.

“These two people are usually worst enemies,” Thundy said motioning towards two girls, both holding Pokeballs high in the air, staring each other down.

“But since Christmas is coming they both have decided to give each other another chance,” Thundy explained.

“(They ended up being the best of friends),” Pikachu said.

“So the fourth lesson in Peace. Many great things come from peace, and Christmas is a time where peace can spread a little more easy,” Ash told Misty. Misty nodded again getting it.

“And now the last lesson. This one is my favorite!” Thundy shouted. Pikachu blushed some.

“What’s the last lesson?” Misty asked.

“Love. The love of your fellow man, love of your family, friends, and anyone who shares the joy of the other lessons,” Ash said and he and the two Pikachus raised their arms like a hug.

“So there are five parts to this. Joy, Faith, Goodwill, Peace, and Love,” Misty said thinking it over.

“(Correct),” Pikachu said nodding.

“Group hug!” Thundy cried and they all hugged, in one bug spirit of Christmas.


A.N. Ahhh, the spirit of Christmas. Even in July it should shine through. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then I hope this has still taught you something. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do if you just use the five lessons I said above, then the world can be a much better place. Remember, Joy, Faith, Goodwill, Peace, and Love.

I do not own Pokemon. Had to put that somewhere.