C. Cowboy: howdy, this is just a short little AU AAMR four, five chapters at the most. Anyway, I could tell you all what this is about, but it’s based on the movie Graystroke: The Legend of Tarzan. That’s all you really needs to know for now, read, review, and enjoy! I know it’s a little short but it’s just the Prologue. More’s one the way if you like it.









“Red.” Daria Ketchum said from her helicopter seat next to her husband, “You sure this is safe?” Red just looked at her and their infant son, Ash in her arms. “Don’t worry, I checked over this copter myself before we left, and the weather is bright and clear for the rest of the week, so don’t worry, baby.” Red said soothingly while adjusting the course deeper into the Safari Zone. “Beside Dar, when was the last time I got to show off to you and my boy there? I gotta get show him how to start catching and training Pokémon!” Red said with a smirk. Daria just rolled her eyes, “Don’t you think he’s just a little too young?” Red looked at her shocked, “Too young? Ya never too young to start training Pokémon!” Daria just shook her head, and gave little Ash his bottle.



About an hour later, Red was gripping his safari ball with Daria and little Ash watching him happily. Then all of the sudden a rustle was heard in the bushes, Red listened closely, then his eyes went wide, “Daria.” He said firmly. “What is it, Red?” She asked gripping her son. “Get back to the copter, now.” Daria started to argue, but Red turned to tell her again when a wild Rydon jumped and attacked him.



Daria screamed loudly as she turned and started to run toward the helicopter. She knew her husband was gone when she heard the Rydon catching up to her. She knew there was no way for her to make it back to the helicopter in time, and even if she did, she had no idea how to fly it. She was doomed, but there was a chance to save her son.


She then turned and cut through the bushes and thorns, cutting her clothing and skin. She then saw that this was the best opportunity she had. She looked lovingly at her son, “Goodbye Ash, I’ll always love you.” She then pulled off her locket Red had made for her earlier that week, with a family picture inside it. She placed it around her son’s neck, and kissed his forehead. “Me and your Father will always be with you. Please don’t forget us.” She said as she laid him in an opening rooted tree.



She looked at him one last time before dashing into the woods, hoping to lead the Rydon away from Ash. Her plan was successful. She then turned and bravely glared at the Pokémon.



Several hours later…



A small family of Pikachus and Pichus walked through the woods, looking for food. Then the oldest female Pikachu heard a sound, and fallowed it to a rooted tree. None of group had heard anything remotely like this before. The oldest female Pikachu slowly eased into the hole and in a moment shot back out and signaled for the others to fallow. The Human baby was crying out at the top of his lungs, and this frightened all but the oldest female.



She finally walked over to the child and set by his side and gently stroked his cheek while singing a soft pikachu lullaby. Ash then looked up at the Pikachu and smiled lovingly, and the pikachu returned the smile.



The child in one day, lost one family, but also gained a new one.