Ash and company finally arrived at Garnet City. “Hey, guys
why don’t you all stay at my place! No charge and its better then sleeping at
the Pokemon Center!” Amanda said excitably. Misty and Brock looked at each other
and nodded, “Sure, sounds good to us!” Misty said smiling. “Alright! I’ll go
get the room ready, there’s only a bunk bed though, so you’ll have to decide
who gets the floor. My house is right on top of that hill.” Amanda said while
pointing to a large two-story home. She then smiled and turned and walked
toward the house.

“I call top bunk!” Brock exclaimed jumping up and down.
Misty then smirked at Ash, “I guess that leaves me and Mr. Pokemon Master to
fight over the bottom bunk. So what’ll it be, Ash? Rock, Paper, Scissors?” Ash
who was staring at the ground mumbled just loud enough for them to hear him,
“It doesn’t matter. Take the bunk if you want it.” Misty and Brock looked at
each almost asking each other if they heard him right. “Umm… Ash… this is the
part where you’re supposed to argue with me…” Misty said easing toward him.
“Pika chupi, Pikapi?” ‘Are you all right, Ash?’ Pikachu asked jumping from
Ash’s shoulder. Ash just looked up at them and sent an obvious fake smile,
“Yeah, I’ve never been better! Why?” Brock stepped up beside Misty; “You
haven’t really been yourself lately.” Misty then smirked, “He’s probably just
scared of going to the gym!” Misty said trying to get some kind of emotion out
of him. “Maybe… I’ll just skip this one.” Misty, Brock, and Pikachu almost fell
over from surprise. Misty was the first one capable of forming words, “W-what…did…you…just…say?”

“I said maybe we should skip this gym this time.” Misty then
grabbed Ash by the collar and shook him roughly, “Who are you and what did you
do with Ash Ketchum???” Pikachu then jumped to Misty’s shoulder “Pika! Pi kapi
kachu!” ‘Yeah! Who the heck are you?’ Ash got free and step back, “I… have my
reasons.” Misty looked at him, her anger growing by the second, “and the
reasons are…” Ash just turned away from her, “Just… trust me for once, will ya?”
Misty glared at him, “Don’t even go there, Ash Ketchum.”

“IS THAT LITTLE ASHLEY?” A voice called in the distance. Ash’s
eyes narrowed, “Please, God, no.” a man in his early twenties came up and put
Ash in a headlock. Other then being taller and more muscular he looked exactly
like Ash. “How’s my baby brother?” the man said. Ash gritted his teeth, “Hello
Mitch.” Mitch then let go of Ash, “I don’t know why you’re going on a pokemon
journey. You’ll never measure up to me. You’re just as much a loser as your
mom. Isn’t that right, Adrian?”   style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Ash’s balled his fists, “JUST, SHUT UP!” Ash
yelled. “MY NAME IS ASH! YOU GOT THAT?” Mitch just smirked, “No your name is
Adrian Ashley Ketchum.” Misty eased behind Brock, she had never seen Ash that
angry. He’s never been this angry even when Team Rocket tried to still Pikachu.
Mitch looked and saw her, “You must be Ashley’s girlfriend, Missy, Ashley’s mom
has told me a lot about you.” He then grabbed Misty’s wrist and pulled her out
from behind Brock and looked her over, “I don’t know, Ashley, she’s awfully scrawny,
but considering how you look, she’s the best you could do.” Misty was about to retaliate
but Ash beat her to the punch.

He stepped in front of her protectively, “Nobody, but NOBODY
TALKS ABOUT MY FRIENDS!!!” Ash then threw a punch. The others just watched in
awe. Brock and Pikachu at Ash’s anger, Misty was a little different. She just
stared at him as he fought his brother. ‘Is Ash… standing up… for me?’ Misty
thought to herself as Ash swung at Mitch’s face. Mitch dodged every blow without
even breaking a sweat. Then Ash finally made contact with Mitch’s lip bring
blood. Mitch glared at Ash, and gave him an extremely hard blow to the chest
causing Ash to double over in pain. Mitch then kicked Ash in the stomach. Ash
hit the ground hard, with blood coming from his mouth. Mitch glared at his
younger brother, “You really didn’t think you could beat a Pokemon Master did
you?” Mitch then kicked Ash in the ribs, causing him to grunt. “I AM YOUR ELDER
BROTHER AND YOU WILL RESPECT ME!” Mitch then winked at the fear-filled face of Misty
and turned to go. Misty shook it off and ran to Ash and kneeling to his side, “Ash!
Please, please be alright, please!”  Ash
slowly got back to his feet but lost balance. He would have fell if it wasn’t for
Misty catching him. Misty looked at him concerned. Brock came and help him
steady himself, “Was that guy really your brother?” Ash looked at him and wiped
the blood from his lip, “Yeah he’s my brother, and he’s a pokemon master.”


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