Iím a Beginning Pokemon Trainer!!!
                                  Part: 1

Title: Itís right above.....
Writer: Cookies and Milk(I donít want to use my real name)
Part: 1
E-mail Address: RiceBread60@aol.com
Category: 0T(other trainers)

Summary: Young 13-year-old trainer, Melissa Tootli, one of the very rare African-American pokemon trainers youíll ever come across, is starting on her first pokemon journey today. Traveling across the very mysterious Hoen region, she encounters rivals, friends,
gym leaders, and maybe even one day, The Hoen Pokemon League........

Part: 1 Melissa says so long to her family and starts on her way to the first Gym Leader in Rustoboro City.

Mom: Now Melissa, be careful out there. Hoen can be very dangerous. Especially with that dastardly Team Aqua running around causing trouble.

Melissa: Mama, you know I will. I have Mudkip with me and Iíll catch even more pokemon to help protect me. Iíll write to Dad and you and call in every city or town I get to. OK?

Mom: OK.....(cries and hugs her)My poor baby going out there in the wild!!!

Melissa: Oh ma...your embrassing me.

Mom: Sorry hunny. Iím just gonna be worried about you. Iíll be lonely.
Melissa:(gives her mom a hug) Iíll be fine.........

Professor Birch: Now Melissa, do you have your pokedex?

Melissa: Check!

Professor Birch: Potions, Pokeballs, Antidotes, running shoes....

Melissa: I have everything, OK?!?!

Professor: OK, ok...I was just checking.

Melissa: Well then Iím ready to go...(walks toward road and waves back) Bye mom! Bye Professor! See ya!

Mom: Bye hunny! I love you and donít forget to change your......you know what!!

Melissa: Ohhhh mama..............

On the road to Rustoboro!

Melissa: I could have left hours ago. Itís almost sunset.*sigh*
I wonít make it to Rustoboro today. Iíll have to stay at a hotel in Petalburg City(looking at map).

(Something stirs in the bushes)

Melissa:(scared)Huh? Who is it?

(Bushes stir again)

Melissa: Ummmm....well I have to go!(starts running)

(Thing follows her by running through the bushes along the road)

Melissa: AHHHHHHHH!!!!
What will happen to Melissa and what is that thing following her? Keep reading to find out!!!!
I hope my fanic didnít bore you. It might have but itíll get more interesting in the future Parts, so keep reading! I also know that this Part was short so Iíll try to write more in Part 2.
~dearly, Cookies and Milk;)