I'm a Beginning Pokemon Trainer!!!
Part: 10
                            (Hee....Hee....is the purple burning your eyes?)

(Right before her eyes she saw a sleeping Mudkip, a bandaged Bobby, and Satoshi who was talking with a mysterious boy who WAS tall, was wearing a suit and had gray hair just like the old man at the entrance of the cave said. In his left hand he held a wooden flute. Melissa figured that was were the eerie music was coming from. Melissa cried and laughed. PMS she thought.)

Melissa:(crying in a happy way) BOBBY!!! SATOSHI!!!(she runs over to hug them)

Bobby: OWW!!! OWW!!! I'm happy to see you too Melissa, but do mind hugging me a little bit....looser??? I'm hurt....

Melissa:(letting her grip go a bit) Oh sorry Bobby! I....I just missed you so much. You to Satoshi. I thought you two were....dead!!!

Bobby and Satoshi: Dead!?!

Melissa: Yeah....you know Bobby....you fell off that cliff....and Satoshi....you got ran over by that boulder....(puts a hand on her forehead) I'm confused.....

(Bobby and Satoshi snort and soon it becomes a 15 min. laughing fest)

Bobby:(still laughing)....when I fell off that cliff, I landed on Steven....over there.....he's a good cushion....

(Steven smiles and waves)

Satoshi:(laughs)And that boulder you said I got "ran over" by, that thing....was just a giant plastic balloon filled with air!!! The rumbling sound was a microphone inside of it made by Steven. What a joker!!! It didn't hurt a bit!!!

(Melissa was still a little confused though. She laughed too, but soon she stops too tell Bobby and Satoshi the bad news.)

Melissa:(sad look on her face) Oh, umm....guys....very bad news....Mr. Briney(lets Mr. Briney's cold body slide off her back)....Mr. Briney's dead....

(Everyone goes in complete silence)

Satoshi:(breaking the silence) Come on you guys....let's give him a proper burial place....

Mr. Briney:(suddenly wakes up) HOLD IT RIGHT THERE LAD!!!

(Everyone screams in terror)

Mr. Briney: I ain't dead!!! I'm alive!!! I think I.... fainted....'cause I have the a very bad headache right now....oww....

(Everyone falls down)

Melissa:*sigh* Mr. Briney....

Steven: I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you three....

Bobby: Steven you didn't do this. Don't blame it on yourself.

Steven: Yes I did....I lead your pokemon into the cave by this stupid flute....

Melissa: But then....why are you using it?

Steven: Well first of all, this is no ordinary flute, this is Team Aqua's flute....

(Everyone gasps. Mr. Briney twitches. Bobby nearly passed out at the sound of their horrid gang name.)


Steven: Well, my father is the president of the Devon Corp.

Melissa, Bobby, Satoshi: NA-UH!?!

Steven: Yep!


Steven:*sigh* Yes, siry....I thought you guys would've figured it out by now....(smiles)

Melissa:*sigh* Steven Stone, you were my idol since I was 7....and you still are....and your Dad!!! He gave me my first PokeNav when we were in Rustoboro!!! He's so kind, especially when he gives them out for free!!!

Steven:(chuckles) I'm glad to here that! And yes my father is very generous to young traveling trainers....

Bobby: But still, why are you using the flute???

Steven: Well, the Devon Corp. and the United Police Administration of Hoenn (U.P.A.H) have very strong ties. So just about....5 days ago the police force in Rustboro captured and arrested a member of Team Aqua after finding out that he was using this flute to hypnotize pokemon into coming to there secret hideout so that the hypnotized pokemon can do most of their dirty deeds.

Melissa: That's so inhuman!

Steven: Yes, it is....the police found their temporary hideout on Route 116 by Rusturf Tunnel. You should have seen the look on the pokemon's faces when they saw them....the majority of them were crying and most of them were sick because they were cramped inside those small cages Team Aqua put them in! One policewoman claimed she saw a Wailord in side a water tank 10 times smaller it's size! Team Aqua is so cruel....they won't even care if a baby Skitty was crying for food as a litter of them were at there so called hideout. Well, anyway all the policemen and women managed to take all of the pokemon out of there cages after they arrested the man who did this cruel thing. What the police were still trying to figure out is how Team Aqua managed to get the pokemon to there hideout. A detective that works with the police force found out that they were using this Hypno Flute. The Hypno Flute used to be one of Devon's best selling products, but it was getting so out of hand that we had to take it off the market. And anyone caught still using the flute would be arrested. Unfortunately, the police never found out that Team Aqua was still using the flute and this is how this whole problem started.....after they arrested the man the police gave Devon back the flute. My Dad still wanted to know if it still worked so he sent me to this cave to check. And boy was he right! But I didn't know it was going to hypnotize pokemon outside the cave. It's pretty isolated. But I'm glad the flute only got one pokemon outside the cave....Whew!!! More then that, then I'd have a lot of trouble. Your Mudkip must have very good hearing to hear the music coming from the very depths of the cave!

Melissa: Well, we heard it too so how come we didn't get hypnotized???

Satoshi: It only works on pokemon....

Steven: He's right. Humans can still hear it but they don't get hypnotized.

Bobby: But what was that giant fake boulder have to do with this???

Steven: I just thought it would have confused and scared pokemon that came in the cave so that they would run back outside. But it didn't work *sigh*.....

Mr. Briney: Hmm....that explains everything....

(Mudkip starts to wake up. He runs to Melissa)

Melissa:(hugs Mudkip) MUDKIP!!! I missed you!!! I never thought I'd find you!!!

Mudkip:(happy to see her too) Mud!!!

Mr. Briney: Well, don't you guys think we should be heading back???

Melissa:(stroking Mudkip's soft head) Yeah....but it's gonna be a long way out....

Steven:(laughs) No, it's not!!! I caught this Abra on the way inside the cave. Maybe he knows Teleport.

(Everyone but Melissa gives a sigh of relief. Melissa was gonna ask what an Abra and a teleport was but Mr. Briney covered her mouth with his hand and said, "You'll see lass...." and finished it off with a wink.)

Steven:(throwing Abra's pokeball) GO ABRA!!!

Abra:(comes out of his pokeball) Abra!!!

(Suddenly a little Bagon comes into the cave a runs up to Abra and growls. That was the same Bagon that waked up his mother and made her chase Mr. Briney and Melissa)

Bagon: BAGON!!!

Mr. Briney: Hmm....isn't that the same li'l Bagon we saw before??

Melissa:(points a finger at Bagon) Yeah! Mudkip go! Get rid of him!

Mudkip:(ready for attack) MUDKIP!!! Mud???(Mudkip looked into Bagon's eyes. Mudkip discovered Bagon wanted to talk. Mudkip sat on his hind legs and shook his head "No!", refusing to attack)

Melissa: Hey Mudkip! What are you DOING!?! While your just sitting there, his Mom can be outside the cave right now just waiting to attack us!

(Mudkip started to talk to Bagon. After they were done, Mudkip ran up to Melissa.)

Melissa:(crosses her arms) *sigh* What is it....?

Mudkip:(Mudkip started wagging his tail and gesturing) Mudkip, Mud, Mud, Mud, Mudkip, Mud.....

Melissa: What the heck are you trying to say?

Bobby: I think he's saying that Bagon's mother died. She fell into a deep hole at the very end of the cave....

Melissa: Well, how do you know???

Bobby: Not only do I study Pokemon Breeding, back in Kanto I toke a Pokemon Translating class too. It's a very hard subject to learn. Some say its harder then Calculus....

Melissa: Oh....I feel so bad for the poor little guy....

Bobby:(sad look on his face) Yeah....me too....(Mudkip starts to talk some more) He says that when Bagon looked at you he thought that you were a good, strong, trainer with a lot of determination, his mother had the same personality as yours, and he was wondering, if you could be his Mom, so that anytime he looked at you, you would remind him of his Mother.

Bagon:(nods) Bagon....

Melissa: Aww....that's so sweet....(thinks to herself) Even though I never really thought I had the same characteristics as a pokemon....(stops thinking to herself) OK! Cool! You'll be my third pokemon!(She takes out an empty pokeball from her waist bag and doesn't throw it but keeps it in her hand, facing it towards Bagon. She pushes the button on the front of the pokeball and a bright ray of red light hits Bagon and he goes inside. Melissa puts the wriggling ball on the cold cave floor waiting for it to stop.)

Melissa:(picks up the pokeball) Very good.... I have my third pokemon!!! That was a good decision you made Bagon!(she puts the ball back inside her waist bag) OK, Steven! Were ready to go!


Abra: Abra!!!(Abra uses Teleport)

(Soon they were all going through a portal of swirling colors. Melissa felt sick but before she could(you know what) they were back out side in a nick of time. Melissa was glad to hear the chirping of Pidgeys again)

Mr. Briney:(putting his hands on his hips and taking deep breathes of the nice, cool, air) It's good to see good old Mr. Sunshine again!!!

Bobby: Tell me about it.....

Steven: Well, you guys it's time to head back to the Corp. to ditch this stupid flute for good. It was really nice meeting you guys. I wish you luck on your journey. Maybe someday we'll meet again!(He shakes everyone's hands) Oh, yeah! Here's a gift for you Melissa! It's HM 05 Flash!

Melissa:(confused) Oh, umm....thanks....what is it???

Steven:(surprised) What!?! You don't know!?! *sigh* Well, HM stands for Hidden Machine. Attach it to a pokemon's body and it'll automatically learn it. You can never take away an HM move from a pokemon only if you go to the Move Deleter in Lilycove City but I think you have to pay him. HM's never run out so you don't have to use it wisely like you have to with TM's which stands for Technical Machine. TM's can only be used once. Flash let's you eliminate darkness from caves and other dark places and remember not all pokemon can learn Flash so experiment with it on others.

Melissa: But why is it HM number 5???

Steven: Because, Flash isn't the only HM out there. There are 8 in all. Flash is number 5 'cause it's the 5th HM scientist discovered.

Melissa: Hmm....I never knew that... Oh, OK!!! Thanks! When I use it I'll think of you....

(Steven smiles)

Steven: Cutie pie!(Melissa glares) Well guys! Time to go! OK, Abra! Use your teleport once more!

Abra: ABRA!!!(he uses teleport)

(Everyone waves goodbye before him and Abra disappear)

Mr. Briney:*sigh* He's a good kid. Knew him since he was 10....his father and me are very good friends....

Melissa: Can we go to the Gym now!?! I've been waiting forever!!!

Satoshi: Oh, yeah....I forgot all about that....
Melissa: That's the whole point why we came here! Gee...you guys are forgetful! C'mon! Oh, wait! I wanna teach one of my pokemon Flash. Mudkip I don't wanna teach it to you. Is that okay???

Mudkip: Mudkip!

Melissa: I'll take that as a yes! OK, then I'll teach it to.....Slakoth!(She takes out Slakoth's pokeball and throws it) GO SLAKTOH!!!

Slakoth: Zzzzz.....

Melissa:*sigh* Slakoth, your STILL sleeping???

Slakoth: Zzzzzz.....

Melissa: Can you still teach a pokemon a move if it's a sleep???

Satoshi: Yeah.

Melissa:(gives a sigh of relief) Good!(She attaches the little machine on Slakoth and waits about....2 sec. and takes it off when a little monitor on the machine said in green digital letters, "Congratulations! Your Slakoth learned FLASH!!!" then she returned him to his pokeball) And Mudkip, I wanna teach you....(Searches for the TM in her waist bag) Rock Tomb!

Mudkip: MUDKIP!!!

Bobby: Are you sure, Melissa? Remember, you can only use it once.

Melissa: I'm sure, and I know you can only use it once. Now Mudkip stay still....(she takes out the Rock Tomb TM and quickly attaches it to Mudkip's body. He winces a little bit after he automatically learned it.) OK! All done! Let's go!

Mudkip: Mudkip!!!

(The 4 (plus Mudkip) walk away from the cave and towards the Gym. They go inside)

Melissa: It's pitch black in here! I can't see a thing!

(Bobby bumps into Melissa)

Melissa: Oww! Watch it Satoshi!

Satoshi: What??? I'm over here I didn't do anything!

Bobby: I think it was me....sorry....

Mr. Briney: Why can't someone turn the light on!?!

Satoshi: I remember when I battled Brawley for my Gymbadge, he said he likes to train in the dark. That's why it's so dark in here and that's how I taught Solrock flash so he could light the way. So, Melissa, I suggest you use Flash to or were gonna have a hard time finding Brawley.

Melissa:(throws Slakoth out of his pokeball) OK then!!! GO SLAKOTH!!!

SLAKOTH: Slakoth.....

Melissa: Oh, great! Your awake! OK now! Use Flash!

(A bright light that almost blinded them came out of nowhere, not strongly lighting up the gym)

Melissa: Good job, Slakoth! Return!(he goes back inside his pokeball) Well, it worked a little....

Satoshi: Well, it's better then nothing. Solrock's Flash attack did the same thing. I had to battle several trainer's to make the gym get brighter. But as long as you can see, I guess it's alright. We won't have a hard time looking for Brawly.

(They start their search for Brawly, trying not to bump into want-to-battle trainers. Finally they make it to Brawly at the other end of the Gym, in a record time of 20 min.)

Brawly:(talks in a surfer dudes voice) Hey dudes and dudettes! And, ahh....old man!(Mr. Briney glares) What's up???

Melissa: Were cool....

Brawly: And....

Melissa: *sigh* That's all.... Where just here to battle you, not for to find out how where doing.... Can you dig it!

Brawly: Oh, I love that song! He can dig, she can dig it, they can dig it, I can dig it, everyone can dig it. Oh let's dig it, can you dig it baby???  Rad song dude! Did the Temptations make that song?

Melissa: Stop singing!!! And that's not even how it goes!!! *sigh* Let's just battle, OK????....dude?....

Brawly: Right on, dudette!!! Stand behind that white lin-

Melissa: I know the rules! I've battled a Gymleader once-and won!

Brawly: Uhhh....who was it???

Melissa:(rolls her eyes) Hmm....let's think.... Who do you think it is???

Brawly: Uhhh.....Bugsy??? Boy, I love that little dude! I think its pretty radical how he dyed his hair green....or did he say it was natural???


Brawly: Ohhh....she's one hot dudette!!!

(The Referee comes over and talks to Brawly)

Referee: Uh, Mr. Gymleader, sir....???

Brawly:(shakes the Ref's hand) Hey what's up dude?!?

Referee: I think the trainer wants to start the battle now.....

Brawly: Ohhh....why didn't you tell me little dudette???

Melissa: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Brawly: Hey no need to spaz out, spazo!!!

Referee:(seeing Melissa's anger about to explode) Le....let's just start....trainer you know the rules.

Melissa:(walks towards the white line and stands behind it) Yes I do....and the names Melissa....(glares)

(Ref gulps)

(Before the Ref blew his whistle, Mr. Briney came over to talk to Melissa)

Mr. Briney: Dude-I mean lass! You have an advantage! With the dim-witted personality of this lad, your sure to win! What he lacks in knowledge, I bet he'll make up in stupidity! What a dunce....

Melissa: Uh...thanks for the advice....Mr. Briney....(whatever)

Referee: Are you done old man???

Mr. Briney:(glares) Yes, I am....you can start now....

Referee: OK!!! READY? SET....*whistle blow*

Melissa:(since Mudkip was already out of his pokeball Melissa didn't need to throw him out) OK, Mudkip! Now were battling our 2nd Gymleader! I'm so excited! Are you ready???

Mudkip: Mud!

Brawly:(Brawly throws out his first Pokemon's pokeball) Go, Machop dude!

Melissa: Mudkip, use your Tackle attack!

(Mudkip charged into Machop's hard, worked-out body. Machop just stood there and yawned. The impact between Machop's hard body and Mudkip's delicate skull made him faint easily)

Mudkip:(collapses to the ground) Mud....(faints)
Melissa: WHAT!?!(thinks to herself) Oh, great! He's gonna be harder to beat then I thought!(calls Mudkip back) Good job Mudkip....return....

Brawly: Rad job, dude!(High-fives Machop) 1 down, how many pokemon dudette has left to go!

Melissa: OK!!! I'll use....(searches through her side pouch)....Slakoth!!!(throws Slakoth's pokeball)

Slakoth:(snores and suddenly wakes up) Slak???

Melissa:(kneels down to talk to Slakoth) Slakoth....I beg you....pleaseee stay awake! You don't know how important this is to me!! Now, how 'bout you use your Headbutt attack???

Bobby: Well done Melissa! You knew one of Slakoth's moves right off the bat!

Melissa:(shrugs and turns around to Bobby) I just guessed!!!(turns back to Slakoth) Oh, no! Wait Slakoth! Don't-use that attack....*sigh*....

(To late, Melissa! Headbutt is kind of the same as Tackle except you use your head, not a full body charge like Take Down or Tackle so obviously Slakoth fainted! Ha ha!)

Melissa:(furious) Go away damn Narrator girl! I already knew that! Slakoth RETURN!!!

(Cookies and Milk: Oh....well....)

Melissa:*sigh* Bagon....you're my last pokemon....please try your best....If you try, I'll try....there's no giving up in my party.....go Bagon!(throws out his pokeball)

Bagon:(growls at Machop) Bag....

Bobby:(yells to Melissa and reads from his "Pokemon Attacks" by Professor Elm guide) One attack Bagon could use is Dragonbreath!

Melissa: Hmm....Dragonbreath....sounds like a really bad attack....*sigh* Oh, well....Bagon, use your Dragonbreath!!!

(Bagon widely opens his mouth. A fiery red ball forms inside it. Bagon shoots the ball but when it came out of his mouth it was a long line of fire burning up Machop.)

Melissa: Bobby!?! What book are you reading this from?!?

Bobby: "Pokemon Attacks" by Professor Elm. Why??

Melissa: That "Dragonbreath" attack you call looks more like a Flamethrower!

Bobby: Well, Dragonbreath is basically Flamethrower except it's a Dragon type form of it. And who cares! Machop fainted!

Melissa:(turns around) He did??? YES!!!

Referee: *whistle blow* Machop fainted! Bagon is the winner! Gymleader Brawly and Trainer Melissa please call out your next pokemon!

Brawly: Right on! GO MAKUHITA!

Melissa:(taking out her Pokedex) What in the world....???

Dexter: MAKUHITA: The Guts Pokemon. Makuhita has a tireless spirit-it will never give up hope. It eats a lot of food, gets plenty of sleep, and it trains rigorously. By living that way, this pokemon packs its body with energy.

Brawly: Yep, that sounds like you Makuhita! Except it forgot that your....(start counting down the facts with his fingers) chubby, yellow, you look like a sumo wrestler, you have rosy cheeks....(Makuhita couldn't wait for Brawly to finish describing him so he attacked without command. Makuhita unexpectedly attacked Bagon with a Mega Punch attack. Bagon flies backwards into the hard gym wall, almost making a hole in it)

(Bagon walked back to the arena very slowly, almost as if he was crippled. Melissa say this all. Seeing how determined Bagon was for herself not willing to give up either.)

Melissa:(Her voice is watery)*sniff* Way to go Bagon!

(Bagon made it back to the arena)

Melissa: OK BAGON!!! How 'bout you use Dragonbreath one more time?!?

Bagon: BAGON!!!(Once again he opened his mouth widely and the mysterious fiery ball of the Dragon type pokemon formed inside it. He shot the Dragon type Flamethrower directly at Makuhita but Makuhita disappeared in a blink-of-an-eye! Makuhita appeared again and used a Double Kick attack right in Bagon's back. Bagon fell hard on the ground. His blood seeping fast from his wounds)

Bagon:(trying to get up) Bagon....Bag....

Melissa:(watches Bagon closely) C'mon....Bagon....

(Bagon opened his mouth again. Bobby, Satoshi, Mr. Briney, and Melissa all watched in amazement as a shiny, colorful, ball formed inside Bagon's mouth this time)

Melissa: Huh??? Bagon are you using....Dragonbreath???

(Bagon didn't listen. He shot the attack out of his mouth. A colorful ray of blinding light came out hitting Makuhita hard in the stomach)

Satoshi: Is that Aurora Beam???

Bobby: No! Bagon used Hyper Beam! Wow! I'm amazed!! Usually a Bagon would learn Hyper Beam once it evolves into a Shelgon or at least a Salamence but....not even I can explain....

Melissa:(puts her hands on her hips)*sigh* Whew! Come here Bagon! Let me give you a hug!

(Bagon finally closed his mouth and fainted)

Melissa: Bagon??? Oh, well.... Great Job Bagon.... return....(pats the pokeballs inside her waist bag) You guys did good to! Don't worry! Were gonna go to the PokeCenter soon.

Brawly: Rad job, dudette! That was a totally cool battle! I liked the part when that little Dragon dude shot that light from his mouth! I looked at it then it hurt my eyes so I looked at it some more! Now I feel like I'm going blind, dude! Radical....anyway here's your badge. It's the Knuckle Badge! I'm gonna go look inside a flashlight so the little spots I'm seeing will go away! Here catch! (Brawly threw the badge to Melissa. It was in the shape of a boxing glove. It bounced off Melissa's head and Satoshi caught it and gave it to her) Ooops! You're a bad catcher! Here's something else! Catch it!(He threw a tiny machine to Melissa. This time she caught it.) That's a rad little TM. Its TM 08 Bulk up! It bulks up your pokemon's body to boost its attack AND defense! Totally!

Melissa: Thanks....

Brawly: No problemo dudette! YOU deserve it! See ya! Time to go look at that flashlight! Come on Makuhita!(He drags the unconscious Makuhita into his office and slams the door shut)

Mr. Briney:(crosses his arms and closes his eyes) Hopefully that's the last we'll ever see of him....

Melissa: Well, let's go....I have to go to the PokeCenter to heal Mudkip, Slakoth, and Bagon....and to call Mama....

(The 4 leave the Gym. As the automatic doors closed behind them, the Gym went pitch black again. They walk across the sunlight, golden, sand towards the Pokemon Center and go inside)

(Nurse Joy was snoring away as she rested her head on the counter, escaping the fatigues of the real world and entering the sweet, luscious, realms of Dream Land. A Chansey and a Blissy were at the counter helping out and healing the pokemon of Trainers)

Melissa:(pressing a finger to her finely lip-glossed lips) Shhhh....lets tippytoe to the TV phones....

(When they reached the room were all the TV phones were kept, they saw many Pokemon Trainers and other people seated at the desk, talking on the phone to there beloved ones. Eventually, Melissa found a free phone. Bobby, Satoshi, and Mr. Briney sit down at a nearby couch and talk. Melissa dialed the number of her house with the keyboard, picked up the phone, and listened to the annoying ring tone. Melissa's younger sister, Macy, picked up and her round, childish face appeared on the monitor)

Macy: Hello???

Melissa:*sigh* Macy give the phone to Mama or Pa....

Macy:(evil smirk on her face) Oh, hi....Melissa....

Melissa:(Melissa glared) What are you up too???

Macy:(lying) Nothin'....I'm just SO happy to see you....(calls to her twin) OH, KACY!?! Melissa's on the phone!!! Tell her what you DID!!!

(Kacy, Macy's twin, came into to the room. Kacy was definitely not the sensitive type in the family. So when Melissa saw that her eyes were red from crying she got suspicious)


Melissa:(concerned) What's the matter Kacy....???

Macy:(interrupting Kacy's answer) Well, Kacy and I where playing tag in the living room! And guess what!?! Kacy bumped into the pedestal, Mum's prized vase was standing on! And then, the vase fell and shattered on the floor!(she tries to stifle her giggles but she couldn't, so she rudely laughed at the crying Kacy)

Melissa:(wide-eyed and surprised) You didn't...!?!

Kacy: I DID!!!(she bursted out crying)

Melissa: Well, Kacy....I dunno what to say....Mama had that vase before you guys were born....she won that vase in the National Hoenn Gardening Contest....she's gonna be really mad when she finds out....by the way, were is Mama???

Macy:(yelling over Kacy's loud wails) She went to the supermarket!!!

Melissa: Well, I suggest that you guys find out away to put that vase back together before she comes back.... try some of Dad's SuperGlue. I gotta go, anyway. And just tell me why you were playing tag in the house???

Macy: Because Dad's building YOUR 8-year-old dream tree house on the front lawn and all the lumber and tools are in the back yard! He's building it for US now since your on a "journey"!(she said in a teasing voice) Well, anyway! See ya! I can't wait till he's finished! Right Kacy?(hangs up)

(Melissa didn't hang up. The phone was still to her ear as if she was purposely listening to the dial tone. Melissa's mouth was wide open in surprise and envy. She bit her lip and her mouth began to tremble as a tear ran down her cheek)

Melissa:(thinking to herself) But that tree house was supposed to be for me....I've been dreaming for one since I was 8....Right in the high branches of Ms. Willow....(Ms. Willow is a giant, old, willow tree that Melissa depicts as a "female tree" that lives and shades her backyard every summer. Melissa enjoyed climbing her wide trunk when she was little. She remembered she got her first booboo when she was three, when she fell off Ms. Willow's lowest branch into a pile of crunchy, scratchy, leaves. From Ms. Willow, Melissa learned to love nature and pokemon and to have a better understanding of both of these important things. For Melissa's 6th birthday, Papa promised he would build her a tree house in Ms. Willow. He never did. And this is now he decides too! When she's 13 and traveling! Now do you know how she feels....a CHILD hood dream finally coming true when you're a TEEN???)

(Melissa hangs up and pushes in the chair. She quickly wipes her eyes with her hand before Satoshi, Bobby, and Mr. Briney come over. She didn't want them to know she was crying over something they would have thought was stupid)

Melissa: Hey, guys....where are we off to next???

Bobby: Slateport City!!!

Melissa:*sigh*....Are we going there by boat, Mr. Briney???

Mr. Briney: Yep! Slateport is across the sea, dear....(looks at her suspiciously)

Melissa: Well, OK....let's go then....

(Before they leave the PokeCenter Melissa goes to ask the Blissy and the Chansey at the counter to heal her pokemon. After, they go back to the boat and put their life jackets on. Mr. Briney raises the large mast curtains, brings the anchor back up and they were off again but this time they were going east.)

Bobby:(taking a pack of playing cards out and shuffling them) Melissa, your definitely gonna like Slateport! It's a girl's paradise! They have a lot of seaside shops there.

(When Melissa heard "shops" she felt more cheerful. Shopping to her was always a ridder of the blues and stress. Besides she completely forgot all about the tree house. She was defiantly looking forward to the attractions of Slateport.)



Hey! How's it going??? Did you like this Part??? I did too. I have nothing else to say but I am thinking of making an AAMRN fanic soon. Hmm....I can't wait till I get Pokemon Colosseum! WHOO HOO!!! I'd defiantly waste $50.00 for that! And, please don't e-mail me saying, "HAHA! I did!". As you can tell I'm feeling much more better and confident about my work here at TPT. It doesn't matter how much votes you get for one of the contests, or if your fanics get viewed a lot, or if you get a lot of reviews. Typing my ideas and my imagination is what I do for fun and I love it. I type for passion and entertainment, but passion is MUCH more important....I think before, I failed to understand that....but thanks to you guys I came to realize that!

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