I'm a Beginning Pokemon Trainer
Title: It's above!
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Author: It's me again! Cookies and Milk!

Summary from part: 13-year-old, African-American, Melissa Tootli has embarked in her first pokemon journey as a beginning pokemon trainer but on her way to Petalburg City,
something unexpected happens.......

(It's night. Melissa is still running from the thing that's chasing her)

Melissa: AHHHH!!! Someone please help! What am I saying....there's nothing out here but forest! (Takes out pokeball) Now how do you do this again? Ummm.....let's see.........first you press this little button........then ummm........ummmm.........Oh ya! You throw it!(throws pokeball)

Mudkip: Mudkip!!!

(Melissa stops running to listen)

Melissa: Now where are you?

(Bushes stir)

Melissa: There! Umm... Mudkip use your........your....Watergun!

Mudkip: Mudkip!(a canyon of fast rushing water shoots out of his mouth and shoots into the bushes)
(A furry, brown, racoon- looking pokemon comes out the bushes shaking the water out of it's fur)

Melissa: What's that?(takes out pokedex)

Dexter: Zigzagoon: The Racoon Pokemon. The hair on it's back is bristly. It rubs the hard back hair against trees to leave its territorial markings. This pokemon may pretend to be dead to fool foes in battle. Zigzagoons are known to become aggressive If another pokemon or human enters it territory.

(Melissa looks at the wild Zigzagoon)

Melissa:(smirks) Oh that's why your growling at me! Because I'm in your territory!(turns from Zigzagoon) Oh well, you'll have to deal with it.(turns back to Zigzagoon and takes out an empty pokeball)'Cause you won't be complaining once I catch you!(throws pokeball) POKEBALL GO!!!

(Zigzagoon is inside pokeball. Melissa and Mudkip watch closely as the pokeball wriggles on the ground)

Melissa: Come on.....Come on.........Come on.......

(Zigzagoon gets out of the pokeball growling even more ferociously)

Melissa: NO!!! DANG!!(glares at Zigzagoon) I was so sure I had you to! ARGGGHHH!!! Ohhh.......I see now.....DAMN IT! I can't believe I forgot the first rule before you catch a
pokemon-you have to weaken it first! I SUCK!

Mudkip: Mudkip???

Melissa:(stops pouting) Hey, whats a matter buddy?

(Mudkip points his foot towards the growling Zigzagoon)

(Melissa looks toward Zigzagoon to find out there are over 80 Zigzagoon growling with it at her and Mudkip!)

Melissa: Oh shi.......C'mon Mudkip! Hurry up let's bounce!

(Melissa starts to run. She stops to notice that the Zigzagoon weren't chasing her and Mudkip got left behind)

Melissa:(Running back to get Mudkip) Mudkip! Mudkip!(tries to get the Zigzagoon surrounding away) Shoo! Shoo! Are you alright little buddy??*GASP!*Oh no, Mud your hurt! C'mon buddy we gotta get you to a PokeCenter-fast!

(The Zigzagoon decide to back off since Melissa got off there territory)

Melissa:(holding Mudkip in her arms and running) C'mon Mudkip! We can make it!(Says to herself)...Please don't die little buddy.......

Uh oh! It's seems that Mudkip and Melissa got in some deep trouble! Will Melissa make it to the PetalBurg City's PokeCenter
to save Mudkips life or will Mudkip sadly pass away in Melissa's arms? Read Part 3 to find out!
Ooops! Sorry for the swearing I just wanted to express how mad Melissa was instead of showing it physically. Told ya'll as you read the parts it would get more intresting, right? Anyway keep reading! ~dearly, Cookies and Milk;)

P.S: I forgot to tell you guys this in the first part. Most of you thought Melissa started her journey in LittleRoot Town just like the boy/girl did in Sapphire/Ruby games. Well, she didn't she started out in Odale Town. The next town after LittleRoot.