I'm a Beginning Pokemon Trainer!!!

Title: It's above....
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Author: Cookies and Milk
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, Pokemon etc., etc., etc.

Summary from Part 3: Melissa made it to the PokeCenter just in time to save Mudkip! Or at that's what she thought she did.....
She didn't! A mysterious boy named Satoshi found the unconscious Melissa and Mudkip on the wet ground after a Tailow attack and sent them to PetalBurg's Pokemon Center right away noticing how hurt Mudkip was. At the PokemonCenter Melissa was woken up by Satoshi and they talked a little and got to know each other a little better. A while after that Nurse Joy and a Chansey came in and brought Mudkip in. Nurse Joy declares Mudkip will be alright.

Melissa: Mudkip! Your gonna be alright little buddy! I'm so glad!

Mudkip: Mud!

Satoshi: So where are you guys headin' off to next?

Melissa: Were going to the Pokemon Gym in Rustoboro.

Nurse Joy: Why? There's a Pokemon Gym here right in PetalBurg.

Melissa: Really? Wow, I never knew that. I should have checked my map. Well, come on Mudkip. Let's go!

(Walks out the door but stops to ask a question)

Melissa: Ummm....Nurse Joy.....where's the-
Nurse Joy: Right down the street, dear!

Melissa: Thanks again!

(Skips out of the door and down the street)

Satoshi: Wait! *sigh* I was gonna tell her PetalBurg's gym is the, like, 5th gym trainers go to cause Norman's pokemon are at level 40 something.

Nurse Joy: Ooops!

(Statoshi runs to the gym and makes a rough entrance while Melissa and Norman (the gymleader) are having a conversation.
They ignore Satoshi's rude appearance)

Norman: So you see......pokemon trainers who start out in Oldale or Littleroot town usaully mistaken me for the first gym leader because I'm in the first town they get to. I'm really the 5th gym leader 'cause my pokemon are at really high levels. I'm sorry for the confusion. So when you get stronger you can come back here and battle me some day.

Melissa: (disappointed) It's OK I understand...

Satoshi:(frustrated and talking through gritted teeth) That was what I was going to tell you Melissa.

Melissa: Oh, hi Satoshi! Norman and me didn't notice you.

(Satoshi sighs)

Norman: So your heading to Roxanne of Rustoboro City to battle her instead of me, right?

Melissa: Right! I'm so excited! I can't wait!

Satoshi: Hey, Melissa I was wondering.....can I travel with you and help you out and stuff? I already have all of my gymbadges....... and I'm on my way to the Pokemon League but that doesn't start till like in a 8 months or so. You look pretty helpless so I can help you catch some pokemon and show you the directions to all the cities and towns.......

Melissa: Satoshi.....why of course you can! I won't mind. I could use some help too but you have to sleep in your own tent!

Satoshi:(blushes) Don't worry I will....

(Melissa and Satoshi leave Norman's gym together and wave goodbye to him)

Melissa: Bye Norman! See you some day!

Norman: Don't worry I bet you will! Good Luck!

Yeah! Melissa's on her way to Rustoboro City! Finally! Get ready folks 'cause the big adventure is about to start in Part 5 " On my way to Rustoboro!" ~dearly, Cookies and Milk