Heehee… A *very* short LoI (Lair of Insanity) fic involving Kerrigan, her one love and a very confused Nwacha. Enjoy ;)




Kerrigan’s One True Love



Nwacha was wandering along the fourth floor of The Lair of Insanity, intending to go into Fortree since it was Market day there. Passing Kerrigan’s room, he stopped upon hearing a muttering voice.


“You’re so beautiful…”


Nwacha’s eyes widened so much they nearly fell out of his head; he put his ear by the door and listened.


“Your fur is so soft, so silky…”


Nwacha contemplated running to get Sparky, but he just couldn’t prize himself away from the door.


“So perfect…”


Nwacha found it hard to recognize the voice as Kerrigan’s. It was unlike the Absol’s normal voice, reduced to a very low whisper.




Nwacha was really scared now.


“Just looking at your beautiful face sends shivers up my spine…”


Nwacha could hardly bear it; he HAD to know who it was that Kerri adored so much.


“You are so gorgeous… so wonderful…”


Nwacha was pulling one of his paws away from the doorhandle with the other.


“I love you.”


Nwacha couldn’t help it. He wrenched open the door and practically rushed into the room.


Nwacha blinked.


Kerrigan was looking in her mirror.