Kerrigan’s One True Love 2

By Dannichu


It was a typical day in the Lair of Insanity. Loanlee was barricaded in her room, Luke was making pies, Sianne was chucking pies… but Kerrigan was just trying to get upstairs, along with someone else, without getting seen. She didn’t want her friends to see her, since they would probably tease her for days.


She took a quick glance at the only one who knew she was there, the one Kerrigan wanted nobody to see, the one Kerrigan loved with all her heart. The recipient of her love smiled back at her.


“Come on” she whispered urgently. “Nearly there.”


Kerrigan took a quick look to see if there was anyone around and, seeing none, dashed into her room, her loved one in tow.


Running over to her desk, the quickly re-applied her makeup while her love waited patiently. Once she was finished, she grinned, one which her love returned.


“Oh, I love you so much…” Kerrigan whispered; looking into her love’s ruby eyes and her love gazed back with equal love and affection.


Kerrigan sighed.


“I’d better go downstairs now.” Kerrigan said, her voice full of regret. “Luke’ll be making lunch.” Her love looked as depressed at having to part, even temporarily, as Kerrigan did.


She said giving her love a quick kiss. “I won’t be too long, I promise.”


With that, Kerrigan put her new mirror down on the desk and skipped downstairs for some food.




A/N: Well, since I’m guessing you’ve all read the original, the ending didn’t come as a big surprise. But I think it was better. What do you think? Oh, I’m going to have to dedicate this to Emerald Milotic for doing an amazing ficpic of the first one. Thanks ^.^