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I'll Never Let Go (AAMRN)

Against All Odds (TR)

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Heart Of Innocence (JAJRN)

Irresistible (co-authored with Cerulean Shadow and Squirtle'sGurl07) (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -

Summary for I'll Never Let Go: A cyclone is coming. Now their only hope is to go to the back of the cave. But two friends will have to survive this storm... with love, and teamwork.

Summary for Against All Odds: Meowth might have found his home, and how he got abandoned. And he also discovered something worse...

Summary for Heart Of Innocence: What awaits the heart of a loved one, makes her feel more powerful...

Summary for Irresistible: He is full of life. He is mighty and strong. He is sweet as can be. He Is Irresistible.

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