Fire Pokemon Kingdom

Part One

Key: Age

Ash: 13

Tony(me): 15

Morgan: 11

Pokemon: ???

Key: Writing



~time past~


(writers notes)


Today Misty and Brock get a call saying to go back to their gyms for their families. So Ash decided to go back home to Pallet Town to visit some of his old friends and family. When he got there a party was waiting from at his house. He saw his older brother Tony. Tony calls for Ash to come over. Ash does. He said “Hi, Tony.” “Hay man, you use to look good, what happened” Tony teased. “Come on, if you went on a pokemon journey you look like crap too” said Ash. “Oh wait, you already do” “ I have miss you man” said Tony. “ I have miss you too man. Mostly making fun of you though” joked Ash. Just then the doorbell rang. Tony got it. “ Sorry, no trash is aloud in here” “Oh, haha make fun of the youngest,” said someone. Ash came over. “Morgan is that you?” Ash asked. Morgan replied “Ash, what are you doing here?” “I had some time so I came to catch up.” Ash, Tony, and Morgan sat on the couch. “So how is life in the good old U.S. league” asked Tony. “ I’m not sure. I didn’t get to go back to the U.S.” replied Ash. “Well we did” said Morgan “I got a pokemon there” “So you’re a trainer now Morgan?” Ash asked. “Yea, I’ll show you” said Morgan “Come on out Blaze.” Morgan threw a pokeball. A Torchic came out. “A Torchic cool” said Ash. “No pokemon in the house besides Pikachu.” said someone. “Yes Mom.” said Ash and Tony. (someone picks favorites *wink*) Morgan returned Blaze and said “I have a idea. How about we go to that place in the U.S.” Ash said “what place?” Tony replied “There is a special kingdom in Michigan that fire pokemon are at the top of there game. Morgan and I try to find it but it’s hidden.” “Then how are we going to get there” asked Ash. Morgan answered “There is a tournament in the U.S. that has a prize of a map to the kingdom. But me being a beginning trainer I can’t just beat all of America’s top trainers. Tony gave it a try but lost BIG time.” Tony glared at Morgan with disgust and then said “but you are one of the world’s best so you could win.” Ash said “I’m guessing you guys aren’t going to give me a choice, are you?” Tony said “well if you want to give up a challenge that easily it your choice.” Ash got up and said “no way. We’ll go tomorrow so you sleepyheads better be up at the crack of dawn.”

Hi. This my first time writing so I hope you like it. Please review. In the famous words of Gary Oak ‘smell ya later.’

Fire Pokemon Master