Hi. This is part two of this series. Enjoy.

Fire Pokemon Kingdom

Part Two

Key: Age

Ash: 13

Tony: 15

Morgan: 11

Pokemon: ???

Key: Writing



~time past~


(writers notes)


Today Ash, Tony and Morgan headed to the U.S. a little after the crack of dawn because someone *cough*Ash*cough* just HAD to sleep in. The trio is just arriving at the U.S. “So where first” asked Ash. Tony replied “we go find out info for the tournament.” “No shut Sherlock. Where do we do that” asked Ash. Tony argued “Well, big shot, a Pokemon Master should be able to find that out.” “Come on guys the last train to Michigan is leaving” said Morgan. When they got off the train there where flyer everywhere. They said “Fire Frenzy. Annual Pokemon tournament tomorrow starting at 12 pm. To sign up go to Pokemon Officials Office.” Tony said “can you find where now hot shot.” The trio want to the office. Ash said “I would like some info on this ‘Fire Frenzy.’” The person said “The Fire Frenzy tournament is a tournament for fire pokemon only. It is a tournament that will test your wits. Are you here to sign up?” Ash replied “Yes” and sign his name on a piece of paper. The office person said “here is your number.” Ash said “11.” A boy with brown messed up hair came up to Ash and said “so your number 11. I’m 12. My name Drew by the way.” “Ash” “So how about a practice battle outside” “Ok, your on” Ash followed Drew outside. Drew said “3-3 battle with any type, got it” Ash replied “got it” and Morgan yell “now send out your first pokemon.”


First pokemon battle. Talk about a cliffhanger. I hope no one kills me for this. Wait how could you. You don’t know my name. *whisper* Oh right I put it on the first part of this series my bad. Well please review and I’ll catch ya later.


Fire Pokemon Master