First Battle of this series. Hope you like it. It took awhile cause I need to plan the battle and all but I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Fire Pokemon Kingdom

Part Three

Key: Age

Ash: 13

Tony: 15

Morgan: 11

Drew: 13

Pokemon: ???

Key: Writing



~time past~


(writers notes)


“Ok let’s do this” said drew “Go Elekid.” Ash then does his ‘I choose you’ move and calls out Heracross. Morgan yells “Elekid VS. Heracross Battle Start.”

Drew: “Elekid use Thunderpunch”

Ash: “Block with Horn Attack”

Drew: “Switch to Quick attack now”

Ash: “Use a Counter attack now”

Elekid gets fling back from the counter.

Morgan: “Elekid had fainted.”

Drew: “Good job Elekid. Return.

Ash: “Nice Heracross”

Drew: “Good job Ash, but your bug is about to be juiced.”

Drew: “Get out here Venusaur.”

Ash: “Heracross use Megahorn”

Drew: “Use Endure”

Heracross hits and Venusaur started glowing.

Drew: “Thanks Ash, you activated my Venusaur’s Overgrowth ability. Now Venusaur use Solarbeam.

Ash: “Heracross dodge”

Drew: “Too late”

Solarbeam hits Heracross.

Morgan: “Heracross has fainted.”

Ash: “Nice try Heracross. Return.”

Ash: “I choose you, Milotic”

Ash: “There’s one bad thing that your overgrow ability does. It leaves your Venusaur weak.”

Ash: “Use Ice Beam Milotic.”

Drew: “No Venusaur dodge it.”

Ash: “Your Venusaur may be strong but it’s too slow.”

The ice beam hit Venusaur dead on and Venusaur fainted.

Morgan: “Venusaur is out of the battle.”

Drew: “Return. Ash you will not stop my last pokemon. Come on out Torch.”

A Charizard came out.

Ash: “HAHA. You should know Charizard is weak compared to Milotic.”

Drew: “Ashy-boy. You should know Charizard is one of the strongest pokemon on the planet.”

Drew: “Charizard, show Ash how we do it here in the States. Use Earthquake.”

The Earthquake sucked Milotic into the earth.

Ash: “Milotic Return.”

Morgan: “Milotic is defeated.”

Ash: “One attack and Milotic was gone. How can I win.”

Little did Ash know his Charizard was watching to whole thing. Charizard had seen that Brock and Misty where back at there gyms. So Charizard decided to watch Ash in cause he got into trouble. He did not trust Tony. He had a bad run-in with him when he was a Charmander. Tony was always mad at Ash for not teaching him to battle. Charmander was almost kidnapped from Ash by Tony. Tony had told him “it is not me who is the evil one here. Ash is.” Something in the layers of Tony’s voice made you believe anything, even that the person how saved him was evil. Ash had found Tony at that point and stopped him. But that is why Charmeleon did not follow Ash’s orders directly. When he evolved into Charizard he did do it for Ash. But he didn’t what Ash to know. But he got back to his friendly state as a Charizard. He was here to protect Ash from Tony.

Drew: “Ash you know you can’t win so give up. It‘s only practice.”

Ash just looked down to the ground. ‘The only pokemon that can beat him is Charizard and he’s in Johto.’ All of a sudden the small crowd that had gathered shouted “Look it’s a bird.” A different person said “no, it’s a plane.” Ash looked up and then he said “no, it’s Charizard.” Drew looked up at this comment. To his disbelief he saw a Charizard come towards them faster then a speeding bullet.(I think Superman’s out of the job) Charizard landed in front of Ash almost knocking him over. “Charizard are you here to battle for me” asked Ash. Charizard nodded. Ash dried his eyes.

Ash: “Ok. Charizard lets do it.”

Drew: “Ok, crybaby. Torch take him out.”

The two Charizards run at the other.

Ash: “Charizard use Flamethrower.”

Drew: “Torch, dodge and use Slash.”

Ash: “Use a Fly attack now.”

Drew: “Get in the air, Torch.”

Ash: “Use Iron Tail.”

Drew: “Use Mega Kick”

The attacks equaled out and sent the Charizards fling back.

Ash: “Charizard Aerial Ace.”

Drew: “Torch Steel Wing.”

Again the attacks threw the pokemon back.

Ash and Drew: “Hyper Beam.”

The two Charizard released there attacks and cause a big explosion. The force knocked Ash and Drew to the ground. It seemed like years before the smoke cleared. Both pokemon where on the ground barely standing.

Drew: “Use Fire Spin”

Ash thought about his options. The next attack would win or would it.

Ash: “Use Endure”

Charizard endure the hit. Torch fainted from the final attack.

Morgan: “Torch has fainted. Ash is the winner.”

Ash: “You were great Charizard. Now rest.”

Drew came up to Ash looking mad. Ash backed up a few steps. Drew balled his and into a fist. Drew said “well Ash……”



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