Fire Pokemon Kingdom

Part 4

Disclaimer: Pokemon is copyright of some company that no one really cares about. They just care about the show, games, or in some stupid cases, the cards. Just don’t sew (or shot) me.

Key: I think you know this by now.


Ash closed his eyes so he didn’t have to see himself get beat up. Even though the crowd was cheering and booing at the top of there lungs, all Ash could hear is a voice in his yelling “mommy.” His heart was racing.

Drew playfully punched Ash on the shoulder. Ash opened his eyes and said “That’s it.” Drew said “What. Did you think I was going to hit you? I never hit stronger trainers because I need tips.” “ Oh O.K.” said Ash well sweat dripped down his face.

Afterwards Ash, Tony, Morgan, and Drew got some dinner and went to the local Pokemon Center. At the center Ash got two rooms. He and Drew shared and before bed Ash asked “So Drew what’s your life like?” Drew replied “What do you mean?” “You know, outside your training.” “ Well my family never had much money. Heck that’s a understatement we were living on the street.” “I’m Sorry” said Ash. “It’s ok. When I was 5 some rich guy dropped some of his money. Man, that guy was as rich as bill gates.” Drew said. Ash asked “Who?” “Bill Gates. Anyway that little bit of money was how much we need to get a proper life. But once I got into public places everyone called me Street Trash. It was like that for 5 more years. Intell one day when I was in the park alone a dog came by and I followed it to a house to return it. A girl came out and took the dog. After that we talked a bit and got to know each other and become best friends. But a little while later she started her pokemon journey. After my mom saw how much that hurt she got me my first pokemon, Torch.” Ash said “oh that’s sad. Sorry.” Drew said “No problem. I just don’t talk about it. I try not to look back.” Well Ash and Drew talked Morgan and Tony were outside having a battle.

Morgan: 1-1 of course

Tony: Got it

Morgan: Come on out Blaze

Tony: Your turn Charmeleon
Morgan: Blaze Battle Style Defense

Tony: Battle Style. HAHA

Morgan: We’ll see who’s laughing after the battle

Tony: I’ll be. Charmeleon Head Butt

Morgan: Dodge

Tony: Slash

Morgan: Dodge and wait for your chance

Tony: You won’t dodge this. Quick Attack

Morgan: Iron Defense

Tony: How the heck…!

Morgan: TM

Tony: Oh. O.K. Charmeleon Disable

Morgan: NO

Tony: Yes and for better measure use Sand Attack

Morgan: BLAZE

Tony: Now Metal Claw


Tony: Too Slow

Blaze faints.

Morgan: Return. You did your best

After the battle Morgan says “Man Tony you got WAY better.” Tony replies “Thanks. I’ve been practicing, but what’s with the whole ‘Battle Style’ thing. LAME.” “Hey. No dissing the Battle Style.”