It’s Not What It Looks Like

You can take a whack at guessing how this story is going to turn out but trust me, it not going to be that way.

Disclaimer: Do you think I would write fan fics if I owned the show. You sue me and it’s your loss. I’m as homeless as you can be with a home and a computer.


Ash: 11

Misty: 11

Brock: 15


‘Today is the day’ Ash thought ‘I have to tell Misty I love her before she leaves for her gym’ “Misty, can we go for a walk” asked Ash. Misty said “Ok Ash” ‘This is prefect’ thought Misty ‘I can tell him I love him now, but why did he ask me to go for a walk?’ Ash, Misty, and Brock were at the Pokemon Center at Viridian City. Today Misty and Brock were leaving to there gyms. Ash and Misty walked into the forest at the edge of the city. “Misty” said Ash. “Yes Ash” said Misty. “Nothing” “OK, then I’ll talk. Ash…” Misty said try to figure out how to say the three little words. Misty then said “Ash, how do you tell someone you love them?” Ash with his hopes rising because it might be him asked “why do you ask Misty” “Well there’s a boy and I don’t know how to tell him” “Well Misty I would….” and at that moment a man covered in black grabbed Ash. Lucky Misty grabbed his jacket just in time. Misty thought she heard the man talk to Ash but just then Ash said “Mist let go.” “What?” “I said let go or he will take both of us.” Then Ash whispered “Don’t worry about me” and slipped off his jacket.

Misty just stood there in shock as the man disappeared with Ash into the forest. “Ash, how can I not worry. I love you” and with Ash’s jacket on she run as fast as lighting to the Pokemon Center. It took her some time because she was crying. At the Center she found Brock reading a breeding magazine. “Brock Ash is gone” she said as she cried “A man dragged him into the forest.” Brock said “Misty you stay here. I’ll find Ash” “No Brock I love him and I’ll never leave him.” “I thought you two had something. Lets go.” Brock grabbed his pokemon form the counter. Misty thought she had seen his hand before, but they have been traveling together for a year now so she just grabbed her pokemon and Ash’s and she run after Brock.

The two run into the forest as Misty was trying her hardest to keep up with Brock. Misty trips on her shoe lace and by the time misty had tied it Brock was long gone. “F*ck” Misty sweared. She ran and ran. She was so worried about Ash she ran right into a tree branch. After a minute she got up and saw that ash black t-shirt was hanging on the branch. “Oh please Ash say nothing happened to you please” Misty thought as she took the t-shirt and followed some footprints on the ground. She found Ash on the ground about 100 yards from the shirt. She dropped to the ground and wrapped Ash up in the t-shirt and jacket. ‘No cuts. That’s good’ thought Misty ‘and his breathing but way is he not awake.’ “Ash wake up” said Misty. Nothing happened. “Come on Ash before that man comes back.” Still nothing. Misty cried a full river before saying “Ash you can’t leave me because…. because I love you Ash and I always will.” “I love you too Misty” Rudy came from the shadows. Misty said “You did this didn’t you” “Yes because I love you” Rudy grabbed Misty’s hand and then Misty punched him. Rudy looked shocked. Misty said “You bastard. I love Ash.” “Fine you leave me no choose I have to kill Ash.” Rudy moved to Ash and Misty threw herself in front of Ash. “You will have to get by me.” “Misty do you really want to do this?” “I’ll hurt Ash over my dead body” “That can be arranged.” Rudy get ready to hit Misty as Ash hit him and knocked him out. Misty said “Ash I love you” “Mist I love you too” Brock should up then and the three walk back to the pokemon center with two of them crazy in love.


Hey my readers (If I have any readers) this is my first AAMRN fic and trust me it got a LOT of twist and turns so if you can’t move that well you should see a doctor. WARNING!!! If you can’t stand shock DO NOT read this fic. Also if you can’t say the word “Weirdo” then don’t read this because you are one. Please review and I’ll catch ya later.

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