"Come on out, Snorunt, Skitty! Let's show them what we've got!"
I wagged my tail excitedly and opened my eyes. Kiko and I stood on a grassy battlefield. On the other side was a tough-looking pair: an Arcanine and a Persian, side by side, ready to battle to the end.

"Ready for this, Jasi?" asked Kiko, hopping back and forth energetically, getting ready for what was sure to be a hot fight.

"Whenever you are, my icy friend!" I replied.

"Good luck, guys!" came Heidi's voice. I turned and grinned at my best friend, Heidi the Charmander, standing beside our trainer, Kari, and looking as if she would rather be in the battle.

"Alright, Jasi! Let's start this off right!" called Kari.

"Nah nah!" I responded, glad to be starting things off.

"Let's use Assist!" Kari shouted, pointing at the Persian.

"Nah! Na naa!" A circle of white light encircled my front right paw. From it shot an impressive Overheat attack.

"That's my attack!" I heard Heidi say excitedly. Overheat knocked Persian backwards.

"Purrr! Sian, sian per!" Persian cried. It leapt up to its feet.

"Kiko! Use Blizzard!"

I leapt out of the way as Kiko unleashed a powerful Blizzard attack.

"Persian, jump onto Arcanine! Arcanine, use Flamethrower!" the other trainer commanded. Arcanine, as a fire Pokemon, wasn't effected by Blizzard at all. Persian, riding on its back, wasn't effected either. Through the snow and wind came a sudden blast of flame.

"Quick, Skitty! Counter it with your Thunderbolt!"

"Na nah! I'm on it!" I cried. I felt the odd tingling sensation, and a great burst of electrical energy shot towards the Flamethrower. They were equally powerful, and if I stopped using Thunderbolt, then Kiko would be KOed by that power.

"Hurry, Kiko! Use headbutt on Arcanine!"

Kiko leapt away, and I held my Thunderbolt. If I stopped now, then I would be hit by Flamethrower, and anyways, Arcanine had no way to dodge Headbutt when it was locked in combat with me. And then, through the fading snow, I saw Kiko slam into Arcanine's side. It fire vanished, and I urged my Thunderbolt forward as Kiko returned to my side. It shocked Arcanine into fainting, but where was Persian?

"Jasi, watch out!" Kari shouted. "Doubleslap!"

Wildly confused, I slapped my tail furiously, and looking around, saw that I had just destroyed a Shadow Ball. I faced the Persian, which was behind me. It looked tired.

"Finish it, Skitty! Solarbeam!"

"Cool!" I said, as I charged up my tail.

"Water Pulse, Persian!" shouted the other trainer in a last attempt, but it was too late; my Solarbeam shot from my tail and easily knocked Persian out like a rag doll.

"Nah! Nah na nah!" I cheered.

"Sno! Sno runt runt runt runt!"

"Char! Char char char char! Mander char!"

A couple hours later, I came out of my pokeball alongside Kiko and Heidi, as well as our trainer's other Pokemon, a Tropius named Flag, a Vaporeon named Glint, and a Dragonair named Ralaina.

"Hey guys. What're we doing?" I yawned. Then I noticed that Heidi was looking terrified and Kiko was sweating. I turned, scared by my friends's faces, and saw a large truck driving away.

"Uh, where's Kari?" I asked. Ralaina, easily Kari's favorite and strongest Pokemon, gulped and said, "A bunch of people kidnapped her."

"What?!?" I exclaimed. "You guys didn't do anything?"

I looked again. They all looked injured, and I realized that whatever sort of fight they'd gotten into, they sure hadn't won. I turned and said, "Ralaina, hurry, you're fast. Give me a lift and I'll take them down myself."