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On A Winter's Night (AAMRN)

The Arena (Gen.)

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Someone Special (AAMRN)

Once He Used to Smile (Gen.)

Not A Hero (Gen.)

Fire (AAGRN)

Summary for On A Winter's Night: Misty finds herself in a bar one night, with a barman, who looks awfully familiar. They talk, and Misty soon finds out who this barman is...

Summary for The Arena: An organization, who is against Pokemon battles, decided to show skilled trainers just how it's like to fight like a Pokemon. Ash is one of these trainers, and he's about the face the toughest battle of his life.

Summary for Someone Special: Ash won ten bucks! Problem is... he has nothing to do with the money. Brock suggested that he should buy something for someone special. Misty just returned... maybe he should get her something. Not as easy as it sounds...

Summary for Not A Hero: When Ash is forced to sepnd time with the "bad guys", he and his friends have to come in terms with the fact that things are not always as they seem...

Summary for Fire: Love makes the world go round,and as Gary Oak realizes, it can also make the world go mad...

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