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Emerald Milotic: It was a time of darkness. There was no light. It was black. With no light at all. It was dark.
Bulbasaur: *trembles* I'm not scared.
Emerald Milotic: *flicks on torch*
Bulbasaur: ARGH!
Emerald Milotic: What are you doing here? You're ruining the dramatic effect.
Bulbasaur: Then it's not very effective.
Emerald Milotic: It was... until you came along. What are you doing here anyway?
Bulbasaur: Because of the chocolate!
Emerald Milotic: *takes chocolate from Bulbasaur* What chocolate?
Bulbasaur: *shrugs* I don't know. I don't have any chocolate because you just took it from me.
Emerald Milotic: I don't have any either.
Bulbasaur: That's your fault. *takes torch and runs off*
Emerald Milotic: *in the dark* Bulbasaur; you are really annoying me; did you know that?
Bulbasaur: How did you know I'm Bulbasaur? You can't even see me.
Emerald Milotic: Because it says so in the script.
Bulbasaur: What script? You mean I'm on TV?
Emerald Milotic: No, you're in my fanfic. What--
Bulbasaur: Hi mum! *waves*
Emerald Milotic: *falls over* Erm... WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY FANFIC ANYWAY?!
Bulbasaur: How would I know? It's your fanfic.
Emerald Milotic: Good point. Hey, it is my fanfic! *lights turn on* That's better. Hey, we're in a forest! How did we get here?
Strange voice: Our heroes find themselves in the middle of a strange forest...
Emerald Milotic: I know that, I just said so! And why are we the heroes? And if we are; why aren't I a heroine?
Strange voice: Sorry, I can't see you. My eyes are still getting used to this sudden bright light.
Emerald Milotic: WHY IS EVERYONE AGAINST ME? *turns strange voice off*
Bulbasaur: I'm not against you.
Emerald Milotic: Bulbasaur, you don't count.
Bulbasaur: I'm not Bulbasaur.
Emerald Milotic: ?
Bulbasaur: *unzips costume* I'm Chikorita!
Emerald Milotic: Whhaatt?! Where's Bulbasaur?
Chikorita: *~burp~*
Emerald Milotic: You ATE him?
Chickorita: I was hungry. Anyway, you'd better find some more characters or this will just be a two-man show.
Emerald Milotic: Where are we going to find more characters?
Chikorita: WE? This is your fanfic; YOU find the characters. I'm out of here. *walks off*
Emerald Milotic: What do I do now?
Strange voice: Sorry, I can't answer that. You turned me off.
Emerald Milotic: Then STAY off. And I wasn't talking to you.
Strange voice: Weirdo. That's the first sign of madness; talking to yourself.
Emerald Milotic: *throws shoe at the strange voice*
Strange voice: You've lost your shoe.
Emerald Milotic: No I haven't. I just found it around here.
Misty: What happened to my shoe?
Emerald Milotic: Yay! I've found another character! *jumps around*
Misty: Whatever. Can I have my shoe back?
Strange voice: Here you go. *throws shoe to Misty*
Emerald Milotic: Wait... How can a strange voice throw a shoe?
Strange voice: *shrugs*
Emerald Milotic: How can a strange voice shrug?
Strange voice: No idea.
Emerald Milotic: How can a strange voice say 'No idea'?
Strange voice: Because I'm a voice, you idiot! Voices talk!
Emerald Milotic: They do? *looks suprised*
Misty: You're the weirdest Milotic I've ever seen.
Emerald Milotic: Is that a compliment?
Misty: Hey, you're a water type! I've got to catch you!
Emerald Milotic: WHAT!? This is my fic, and you're just a character. You can't just catch the author!
Misty: Yes I can.
Emerald Milotic: No you can't.
Misty: I can.
Emerald Milotic: Can't.
Misty: Can.
Emerald Milotic: Can't.
Misty: Can't.
Emerald Milotic: Can.
Misty: OK then; I win!
Emerald Milotic: What were we arguing about again?
Misty: *shrugs*
Emerald Milotic: There's too much shrugging in this fanfic.
Misty: What's a fanfic?
Emerald Milotic: Oh boy...
Misty: Hey, I'll catch you!
Emerald Milotic: No you can't.
Misty: I can.
Emerald Milotic: Can't.
Misty: Can.
Emerald Milotic: Can't. Hey- doesn't this sound familiar?
Misty: Probably... But I'll catch you now! Go Togepi!
Togepi: Prriiii!
Emerald Milotic: *prods Togepi*
Togepi: *falls over* Wah!!!!!!
Misty: Um... Go Pikachu!
Emerald Milotic: How come you have Pikachu?
Misty: It was Ash's engagement present to me.
Ash: But I got your mallet, Misty!
Emerald Milotic: Hey... can I borrow that please?
Ash: I suppose...
Emerald Milotic: *hits Pikachu over the head with mallet*
Pikachu: Hey... *rubs head*
Emerald Milotic: *bouncing mallet up and down repeatedly on Pikachu's head* I think this mallet's broken...
Pikachu: *zaps Misty*
Misty: ~*fried*~ Not me, you idiot!
Pikachu: Sorry Misty...
Misty: I'm not Misty.
Pikachu: ?
Emerald Milotic: ?
Ash: ?
Togepi: Why am I last to say "?"?
Emerald Milotic: Because you're the least important.
Togepi: Waaahhh!
Misty: Ah hem!
Togepi: Sorry... why aren't you Misty?
Misty: *unzips costume*
Emerald Milotic: Not you again!
Chikorita: Ta da! I'm thinking of setting up my own act! What do you think?
Pikachu: I think that you're really annoying.
Chikorita: Who asked you?
Pikachu: What happened to Misty anyway?
Chikorita: *~burp~*
Emerald Milotic: *falls over* Not again...
Pikachu: *claps*
Chikorita: I'm STILL really hungry...
Ash: RUN FOR IT!!!
Pikachu: Way ahead of you... ARGH!
Chikorita: *closes in on Emerald Milotic, licks lips*
Emerald Milotic: Er... I just remembered that... I have an appointment with... that tree! *runs off*
Chikorita: Why does everyone run away from me?
Bulbasaur's ghost: Because you're a ruthless- yet hungry- er... pokemon!
Chikorita: What are you doing here?
Bulbasaur's ghost: I don't know. I'm just an eat-and-run victim!
Chickorita: But what are you doing?
Bulbasaur's ghost: Haunting you! Whoo-ooo-ooo!
Emerald Milotic: I've got to get out of this forest!
Pikachu: Over there! An exit!
Emerald Milotic: What are you doing here?
Pikachu: I'm the most popular pokemon!
Emerald Milotic: Er... no you're not. After conducting a survey you were found to be the LEAST popular pokemon.
Pikachu: What? Who won the competion?
Emerald Milotic: *pointing over there somewhere* Him.
Ninetails: Me?
Emerald Milotic: No, you're a her.
Ninetails: Oops ^-^
Emerald Milotic: *rolls eyes*
Ninetails: *rolls them back to her* Here, you might need these.
Emerald Milotic: Thanks! ^-^
Pikachu: Argh! Who is the most popular pokemon?
Emerald Milotic: This one. *drags Tyranitar in front of Pikachu*
Pikachu: *clenches fists and jumps around* You want a piece of me?
Tyranitar: *throws Pikachu against the wall*
Pikachu: owww....
Emerald Milotic: Stop complaining in lower case letters.
Pikachu: OWWWWWW!!!
Emerald Milotic: Not so loud!
Pidgeotto: Whassup over here?
Tyranitar: Well, I have a feeling something interesting is about to happen...
Pikachu: *vanishes*
Tyranitar: See.
Emerald Milotic: Where'd he go, Tyranitar?
Tyranitar: I'm not Tyranitar.
Ninetails: ?
Pidgeotto: ?
Emerald Milotic: Oh boy...
Tyranitar: *unzips costume* Ta da!
Pidgeotto: What's your problem?
Chikorita: *looking hurt* Don't you like my act?
Emerald Milotic: It's just getting a little boring.
Ninetails: How many times has this happened?
Emerald Milotic: Err.... *counts on fingers* Three. In the same day!
Pidgeotto: Where's Tyranitar?
Chikorita: ~*burp*~
Ninetails: You ATE him?
Chikorita: No, I just had a Big Mac meal with a milkshake. Tyranitar's over there somewhere, but I'll eat him sometime soon. By the way, Emerald Milotic, how was the appointment with the tree?
Emerald Milotic: Err... very woody... and I have the splinters to prove it.
Chikorita: -_-;;
Pidgeotto: WOW! How did you make that face?
Chikorita: What, this? -_-;; It's easy- you try it!
Pidgeotto: 0-o
Ninetails: o_-
Chikorita: No, that's not it. Try again.
Emerald Milotic: Oh boy... these people are crazy... -_-;;
Pidgeotto: That's IT!! That's amazing!
Emerald Milotic: I'll just leave you... to make faces at each other... *walks off*
Pikachu: Hi!!!
Emerald Milotic: I thought you disappeared.
Pikachu: I did... But I'm back! And we are going to spend a LOT of fun time together!
Emerald Milotic: *runs away*
Pikachu: :'o(
Random Rattata: Cool nose.
Emerald Milotic: Phew, that was close.
Jigglypuff: Let's sing!
Emerald Milotic: Oh no...
Jigglypuff: Why didn't you say 'Oh boy'?
Emerald Milotic: I felt like a change. Look, you're not going to sing are you?
Jigglypuff: I can't sing, I'm not Jigglypuff.
Emerald Milotic: *looks up to the sky* Why me?
Jigglypuff: *unzips costume* Once again, I, Chikorita, pull off the stunt!
Emerald Milotic: Hey... isn't that a TV crew over there, looking for a stunt pokemon who... eats other pokemon?
Chikorita: *looks round* Where?
Emerald Milotic: *runs off*
Chikorita: Hey, there's no TV crew! Wait, Emerald Milotic, come back! *runs after her*
Pidgeotto: I still haven't figured out how to do that face even though Chikorita left us with this talking guide.
Talking guide: *in a robotic voice* Lower your brow.
Ninetails: *lowers brow*
Pidgeotto: *lowers brow so low it falls off and hits the floor*
Emerald Milotic: *running up to them* HELP! Chikorita is after me!
Ninetails: But it's your fanfic, Emerald Milotic, just---
Emerald Milotic: I'm not Emerald Milotic.
Ninetails: ?
Pidgeotto: ?
Emerald Milotic: *unzips costume* Tell me I'm the greatest.
Ninetails: Nooooooo!
Pidgeotto: I still can't make that face...
Chikorita: *~burp~* I'm still hungry...
Ninetails: Then eat them! *points at you*
Chikorita: That is really lame... but OK!
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